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After recuperating and training for another couple of months or so, Nolan was going back to normal. The girls would constantly visit, but sometimes, it was Emeril or the players who came to knock some sense into him. But they went easy after hearing him promise and vow to do his best to be careful from now on. If not for himself, but for the girls.

Surprisingly, Nolan found that his magic had leveled up once more to level nine. Even his swordplay had leveled up twice to eight. He learned how to perfect his dual swords and combined it with his magic. In the end, that was probably the best application of his accumulated knowledge up til now.

After those large fight, his body had used tremendous amounts of magic and incredibly fast swordplay, though it was simple. Because of this, his body was conforming to the usage of powerful magic and strength.

But what probably pushed his magical knowledge was combining it with the science and modern knowledge from his old life. Over time, he had realized this world was as important as his old life. He completely felt like Nolan, not like his old self. Nolan had become whole.

The knowledge of the game world was practically unnecessary now, as most of the people had completely changed. Hector had shown off his own amazing swordplay at the Senior Ball, so he was taken under Emeril’s father to learn more about swords. Lily was ‘adopted’ by the church and brought in to learn even greater magic.

They were about to graduate, the year was about to pass. If Nolan had any regrets besides hurting the girls, it was missing his second chance as a freshman. But, it was pretty boring, wasn’t it?

Thankfully, he made it for the largest events of the year. One, the election for the student council. Another, the tournament. And nobody can forget the cross-continental school rumble. One was essentially a popularity contest, while the other two were power rankings.

The school tournament was to prove yourself throughout the entire school, including the upper classes. The cross-continental school rumble was to see who was the strongest in each grade out of all of the schools.

Basically, a rematch of the ball.

Nolan hadn’t interacted with the juniors, but they were always secretive and known as the enemies of Nolan’s…uh, Zack’s grade. In the final year, the freshmen would be the next enemies.

But for now, Nolan would be able to stabilize quickly and get back into the swing of things.


In a crowded hall, many students gathered to vote. However, on the stage, several students sat quietly and waited. Suddenly, the voice of the previous president called out.

“Thank you all for coming, and so we come together today to listen to our candidates for Student Council President! The first Candidate is Zachariah!”

The young man in question jumped to the podium and brought the megaphone-like recording stone to his face.

“Heyo! If I get elected, the girls’ dress code will be adjusted! Short skirts and low cut blouses! Vote for me and let’s have a fun next year!”

Most of the men cheered, but one certain elemental woman lobbed a fireball at him. He didn’t stay on stage and quickly left after making his speech. Three more people remained...two guys and one girl.

The girl went up and started.

“Good morning, my fellow classmates. I am Princess Ophia Cortez. My aim as President will be to alleviate the difficulties we all face and add rules so as to give those who are bullied an easier chance. I will not stand for unfairness!”

Her words were kind of boring, but several people were happy. Especially the guy who stepped up after her.

“I, Emeril, renounce my candidacy. I will vote for Princess Ophia!”

And that was it. Finally, the last man stood up. Emeril went to stand behind Ophia like a guard, but he nodded at Nolan as he went up.

His clothes were the school uniform, but his figure was depressing. He had pale skin and thin limbs. He looked like a wreck.

“As you know, this is my first day back. If you don’t know who I am, then sorry, but I don’t have time to tell you that much.”

His words were quiet, but the entire hall heard him. It was like being in a graveyard.

“I have unfortunately made a mistake in my pursuit of gaining strength. I was not careful and hurt those close to me. I nearly ruined my entire life. For one little mistake that didn’t seem even remotely bad, I stained my life. If I become President, I will set up a program to hire professionals to come to the school so as to personally give guidance to us students, so we do not ruin our lives by accident. If need be, I will personally use my own earnings to make this happen.”

The room remained silent.

“That is all.”

And then Nolan turned around, heading towards his seat. Then, several people whistled and called out. Even Princess Ophia had a surprised expression. It was a good idea, but Nolan had just arrived, he didn’t even set up posters or gather sponsors. He just joined at the last moment!

“Alright, that is all for the last speeches, let’s begin the voting!”

Of course, Ophia won. However, several people voted for Nolan, making him a surprising second and showing their willingness for knowledge. Of course, some people still voted for Emeril, but it was still more than what Zach got.

“Thank you, my fellow classmates. As thanks, I will bring Nolan into my board as head of the Treasury. Emeril will be head of the Disciplinary Committee while Yidris will be my Vice President. Representative of the current year shall be…”

“Ooh! Me!”

The last place person was jumping up and down close by. He dodged insults as he shamelessly garnered attention.



People laughed and cheered, and the election passed without a problem.


However, the second years were all sitting around a large building by themselves, talking up a storm. Regardless of how lax they had been regarding the freshmen, they were definitely just as prideful since they were also noble children from all sorts of nearby countries.

It was an unspoken rule that the people from different grades did not involve themselves with the others. Otherwise, internal strife would increase, tearing down the academy from within.

But, not a single one of them tried running for student council.

That position was only open when a previous member of the council was kicked out or about to graduate. Essentially, when the senior class would graduate. This meant that the juniors could have entered, but they decided not to.


It was to take advantage of their position and hold the council in their grasp while also not having to be responsible for any damages incurred.

But they didn’t know that Nolan was extremely prepared.

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