A young youth lazily walked down the hall, his messy brown hair covering his forehead. He walked over to a strange door that had a gap at the bottom and a small window with bars on it. Inside, there was a young boy the same age as the youth hiding in the corner.

“Yo, Nolan, it’s me, Zack. I came to visit again.”


Nolan didn’t turn to look at Zack, he just remained there staring at the corner. Zack chuckled and put his hands through the bars and leaned against the door.

“You know, those girls are going to throw a fit after hearing how you woke up after only a week and you spent the month or so in here.”

“…whatever. I didn’t want to hurt them.”

“Haha, I am more worried about you getting hurt! They have been training for this, you know. In fact, we all have. Don’t get left behind, you cocky brat.”

“Spiritually, I think you are younger than I am.”

“Whatever. You know, it would be cool if you could switch that mode on and off.”

“It doesn’t work like that…”

“I figured. I just thought you would have some sort of like, defense mechanism like in the games, with the special mode. Beep, executing command...eliminate.”

The last sentence was said in a monotone and bizarre tone, but the players would have claimed it was robotic.

“Look, if something like that existed, the program would be…wait…No, that’s it! Zack, you know what this means?!”

Nolan had run towards the door and grasped Zack’s hands. He could feel the feeble strength of the boy, but having a boy hold his hands caused him to frown. However, he looked at Nolan’s face.

“Not one bit.”

“Huh, well, thank you! I must get to work.”

Nolan released Zack and went back to his corner.

“Haha! Whatever, see you at school.”

“I’m not going.”

“That’s not your decision anymore. Those girls are on their way here.”

Zack removed himself from the door and tapped on the bars before leaving, whistling a tune as he left. When he exited the building, several servants escorted him to the carriage. That was when he saw three beautiful girls walk by.

“Don’t hurt him too bad, okay? Haha!”

Zack couldn’t keep it in as he boarded the wagon and left. The girls merely nodded, not saying a word. The servants were sweating buckets from the dangerous aura these three girls were expressing, so they gave way. When they were led to the door Zack was at earlier, a boy could be seen in the corner of the room with his back to the door.

The brown haired girl with fuzzy ears stood in front of the door, taking a stance. Her arms and legs seemed to expand slightly, as a strange light surrounded her. Then, she punched outwards, sending the large metal door crashing into the wall. The boy called out in a scared voice.

“Wait, no! Get away! I am trying to fix this! Don’t!”

The girl with purple hair spoke up.

“Too late, Nolan, you had almost three months. Now it’s our turn.”

The wolf girl had walked in, stepping over the wreckage she made. She stood in front of the entrance as the purple haired girl with large, leathery wings and a pink haired girl with a black dress walked in. The dress looked familiar, and it was only after he noticed did he realize it was the outfit he had made for her.

“Girls, no, think about this! I am dangerous right now!”

His eyes were as wide as saucers, scared for the safety of those he cared about. His concentration wavered, and he 'slipped.'

Suddenly, he jerked upright. The girls silently adopted fighting stances as he walked towards Ilya, the closest one. However, as his hand was outstretched, she moved so fast, he didn’t know where she went. Not until her arms came from behind him, that is. He was restricted and his actions stopped.

‘Huh? Why am I not…what’s going on?’

Unfortunately, his answers weren’t being answered. That’s when his hands moved abruptly, working their way behind Ilya and groping her butt. Then, he felt a sharp pain in his head from a hand chop.

‘Ow?! Hey, I am not controlling myself, still!’

But, that strike set in motion his defensive maneuvers and Nolan was now fighting to protect himself. He was about to shove off and retreat using the power of electricity, but a black haze surrounded him, making him feel sluggish and weak. Then, an ear piercing screech filled the building as Gina let loose a primal roar, knocking him down to the ground. However, even with that, he was still capable of fighting. He got back up and targeted Delania, who was weakening him. But, fuzzy ears blocked his vision. He struck outwards, using the quick reflexes of his instincts to hit her, though she barely dodged. He could feel her hair brush past his knuckles.

He cried out in fear and pain as he watched himself fighting the people he cared about.

But, a fist blocked his sight and he flew backward. He had been hit, even when the three powerhouses from before couldn’t even touch him!

Delania’s magic must be pretty strong…no, Ilya must have perfected her small movements, so as to minimize her stamina output. She could also make room for counters and quick attacks when opponents wouldn’t be expecting it. He had to give her some credit.

He was too slow, too weak, and Ilya was too quick and too aware. Unlike Nolan, she could also use her knowledge and predict his movements. He, on the other hand, only moved to defend himself or get rid of his attacker.

It was no problem for the three girls to overpower the weakened and cursed Nolan to this point. However, something was changing.

One of the small mantis blades was glowing an electric purple. All this time, the arrays had gathered power, waiting to be unleashed. Now, Nolan had unconsciously activated it! A force field of lightning appeared, pushing the trio against the wall. Nolan’s hair was straight up, his clothes in tatters. However, he was now wielding a single sword and seemed to be taking up a stance as well.

“He has resolved himself. He wants to try and take control so as to knock us out. He will be going all out, now. Be ready.”

Delania, the person who could read his mind, was the commander of the group. She was the person to fill in the blanks of a supporter, long range magic user, or close range melee fighter. With Gina’s support magic, it was clear that the three wouldn’t be in immediate danger. However…


The black aura surrounding Nolan shattered! He suddenly flashed, and flew out of the room! The three followed after him, catching him outside. His face was constantly contorting between pain and vacancy, but it showed that Nolan had gotten mentally stronger over the weeks regarding this strange…mode.

But now it was time for the girls to go all out, too.

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