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Rise to Prominence.

Needless to say, it had a cult following in the worlds it was released in. Those who found themselves tired of their useless lives and those that were always alone both found solace in this game.

Well, that is a game created by gods, so it would have to be amazing.

Yes, a game created by celestials, those that govern entire worlds or races. Their powers are weak outside of those of the same level since they have managed to rise above mortality completely.

They have reached a level that makes it impossible to interact with the lower realms. Thus, they created this game. By reaching out to the many worlds, they can find good seeds to join their sides. So, the world of Rise to Prominence is merely a game world created by the many gods in order to not only scout for possible members, but also as entertainment.

Deidrick, the god who welcomed Nolan and the other players in his grade level, was happily sitting down on a strangely shaped tree that matched the contours of his body perfectly. In his hands was a bag of candied nuts that he popped into his mouth from time to time.

“Hahaha! This is so cool! Being the winner of the last round, I was worried that my life would become difficult after obtaining the right to become a god as well! This is fun!”

Deidrick realized his bag was empty and tossed it aside, letting it disappear into thin air as he got up. The tree stood up straight and tall, almost as if it was never bent in the first place.

“Well, watching up to here should be enough. I can guess who would be the winner this time. Anyway, it feels weird that so many people are here this time. Are the others doing their jobs correctly? I only had 8 players for the first years. Why are there going to be so many second years? Oh well, not my problem.”

Thus, Deidrick left the room he was in while the image on the screen displayed Nolan standing in an open piece of land, surrounded by what looked like enemies.

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