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After clearing the misunderstanding with embarrassed expressions, Cecily guided Abigail through the house. She saw the library, the cellar, a small secluded alcove, and when she was shown the small and quiet garden that Cecily had made herself, Abigail realized these were all Cecily’s hiding spots.


She spent the rest of the day with Cecily who was only a year younger and helped her calm down.


But that night, at the dinner table, the tension was pretty bad. Bucco only spoke to Abigail and Cecily, outright ignoring his parents who were constantly apologizing for the smallest of things. Bucco would sneer and turn away, refusing to acknowledge their presence. Because of what he believed to be a selfish decision, Bucco hated his parents.


However, it appeared that the parents were deeply sorry and even Cecily wasn’t that upset with them after a while, though there would probably be an enormous gap between them from now on.


While the parents had made what seemed to be a noble and honorable decision, from the eyes of a ten-year-old girl, it was a nightmare.


Before the incident, she claimed she was going to help her family create the best ship, but now she found it difficult to even look at a worker or servant. It didn’t help that the person who kidnapped her was actually a servant who snuck in. Her trust in humans had lowered, but that wasn’t as big of a change as her fear towards men.


The more Bucco saw the state she was in, the more upset he became, to the point that even Abigail had to calm him down. And that was done by forcing him to create several dozens of items in one night.


Most of the items were those that helped induce a frenzy state upon the wearer while also receiving affinity to the fire element. Normally, the Frenzy State was a condition that nobody really wanted, but that was the case for normal people.


Soldiers, hunters, and even assassins would definitely want to buy these items and keep them hidden up their sleeves.


After a couple of days, Cecily finally worked up the courage to hold a conversation with Bucco.


“Why…why did you come back?”


“Che. An idiot at school got me thinking about getting stronger.”




“I came back to reaffirm my purpose.”


With those words, he left. Abigail managed to get a hug out of Cecily who whispered something in her ear. The elemental’s fire surged for a split second, but she nodded and regained control.


On the way back to the ship, Bucco felt an incredible warmth on his back as two soft things pushed forward.


“Your sister wanted to give you a hug, so I am her proxy.”


However, no reply came. When Abigail looked over to see his face, she couldn’t help but try to hold back her laughter. Sometimes, he still felt like an actual kid, which made her happy.


Everyone else got younger bodies, while she got her original, pretty much. She never had to think about it before, but she was glad she was good looking before in her previous life.


She had heard a lot from the others, but their past lives seemed completely different from how they were currently. She felt the same as always.


For example, Nolan was a single guy who lived to be an adult. However, he was one of the most childish players. Plus, he was no doubt a popular guy. He would talk about how it was so hard for him to talk to a girl, let alone ask her out.


Now look at him!


She wanted to know if she had changed, but apparently, she hadn’t. She was a lady who would rather read wonderful stories, alone in her bookstore. As a business owner herself, she was quite capable of knowing what a company needed and ended up being much more mature compared to everyone around her. She was the one who had the most responsibilities in their past life, so she often became a pillar for the people around her.


Even now, Bucco was relying on her.


Of course, anyone would be relying on the person who was keeping them from falling to their death.


“What the hell is that thing?!”


Bucco was barely hanging from the edge of the ship after it had been rammed by what appeared to be a massive scaly whale.


“A Gigan Drake! To your stations, men!”


The real captain of the ship bellowed out orders as some of the men carted out heavy magic cannons and launchers. They tried their best, but it was of no use. That is, until Bucco and Abigail came to help.


The average for normal people was somewhere around level 3 or 4. Level 1 was the starting point, while just powering through could probably garner someone the next two levels.


Thus, to Abigail and Bucco, even they wouldn’t be held back by these guys in true combat. However, they were now using siege tactics on a large beast. The thing itself could probably give Nolan a hard time!


So, Bucco nodded at Abigail and stood behind her, putting gloves on his hands. He then took a stance like a catcher standing at home base. Abigail turned towards the beast and pulled out what could only be called a gun. Of course, none of the people here knew what it was, but to the players, it was a vital tool.


However, this one specifically boosted the power of magic to a terrifying degree.


She put her fire into the chamber and began chanting the spell, several floating runes aligning with the barrel of the gun. She had to use both her hands to stabilize the weapon and nodded without turning around. She nearly jumped when Bucco’s hands grabbed onto her sides, but she continued chanting.


Just as the large monster was making another round, she fired, a loud explosion filling the air. Instead of a large ball of flame, it was better to call it a pinpoint of absolute heat. The marble sized sphere flew with a dangerous speed and came into contact with the creature. But, the only sound that could be heard was a slight ripping sound before a huge ball of flame appeared far behind the colossal thing. It was soon followed by a deafening explosion.


Then, its body began to catch fire from a small hole in its chest.


The bullet had pierced the beast and kept going! The flame was so bad, it didn’t stop burning even in this thin atmosphere! Of course, it still died out, but that was only after it consumed the body of the drake.


As the sailors exclaimed with surprise and awe, they turned to see two people collapsed on the ground next to the railing. Abigail was unconscious from the overuse of her magic while Bucco had flown backwards from the recoil and smacked himself out cold against the railing.


Her fire wasn’t burning him, so the sailors left the two sleeping together. When they awoke, it got pretty hectic.

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