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The other players all felt a strange feeling the next day at school when Nolan was nowhere to be found. In fact, most of the people closest to Nolan decided to take a small absence from school. Nolan was still in a coma and the Principal had said that the rest period could take up to an entire year. The girls were obviously upset and traumatized, while the guys felt they needed to get stronger.

“I’m going to see my family.”

The RtP club was constantly filled with a gloomy air, but a week after the ball, Bucco was the first to respond within the group. Outside of the group, it was actually the girls followed by Emeril.

“Let me go as well.”


Bucco was surprised that Abigail wanted to go with him, but then he just snarled and snorted.

“Let me guess, you want to continue teaching me how to smith.”


Bucco shook his head but he allowed her to follow. Much different than what everyone was expecting, they didn’t head towards the ocean. Instead, the boat came for them!

As Abigail was only the adopted daughter of a local Lord and Lady who were too old to have children, she didn’t have a very prominent position. But by being with Bucco, she was able to pretty much go wherever she pleased.

Looking at the flying ship gave her a strange thrill. Unbeknownst to her, her flames began to grow lively. Many of the sailors looked on in fear and awe, but Bucco stood close by and completely ignored the heat. Instead, he was also admiring the ship.

“Hoh, it seems you guys managed to fix the sails perfectly. They can now gather much more wind.”

“Yes, sir! Your instructions were sound and precise! We couldn’t mess up even if we wanted to!”

A nearby soldier looked at the 12-year-old muscle head and grinned before winking at him, gesturing silently towards Abigail.

Bucco glared, scaring the soldier away. But, when he turned to look at Abigail, she was suddenly in strange clothes with a weird triangular hat.

“Umm…Miss Fortune?”

“I’m sorry?”

Abigail turned back around and noticed her attire. Her outer appearance was based on how her soul felt, so a broken heart was the most dangerous thing for an elemental. Also, the scariest thing was an angry elemental. But her current appearance was a seductive seafaring woman with a low cut blouse and frills. She had knee high boots and her fire had started to sprout from her hat like feathers.

She looked the part of a swashbuckling pirate.

And Bucco actually smiled. Abigail was caught off guard because she thought he would look like a villain, but just like in the game, he was handsome. It was a good thing she was covered in flames because she felt her cheeks warm up.

“Don’t say a word of this to anyone.”

Bucco coughed and turned towards the crew that had finally come to the deck.

“Alright, men! Captain Abby here wants us to set sail for home!”

“Oh? Yarrr!”

The men realized he was joking and played along, and as they all laughed, Abigail’s hat flame shot into the air like a volcano while she fumed silently.

But when Bucco turned away, his smile was wiped and he returned to a dark expression as he thought of his home.

In the game, Bucco was a proper gentleman who desired to protect his friends and family. It was a strong conviction that stemmed from the loss of his younger sister. The people who kidnapped her wanted the plans for the airship the crew was currently sailing.

While Bucco was away at training, his parents had made the decision to ignore their child’s situation in favor of their kingdom’s future. They were sad and despondent but had made the decision with a heavy heart.

However, now that Bucco had taken over, he constantly hated his parents for throwing away family. Instead of wanting to protect things, he decided to pursue a strength that was so strong, he could get rid of any enemy in his way.

Only with power could he protect the ones he loved.

Though he managed to save her life, his sister nearly killed herself from the humiliation and pain she had suffered thanks to the kidnappers. She was a tainted woman now and even though she was only a year younger than Bucco, her future was already finished in the eyes of others.

After coming to the academy and discovering everything was crazy, he was scared his sister would be in trouble should she appear. So, originally, he wanted to ‘fix’ the setting so his sister could live a peaceful life he could control.

Because of all of the unknown factors, he was sure that something would endanger his sister’s life yet he would be unable to properly react in time. His frustration got out of hand so he began to challenge the others in a desperate attempt to display his dominance. It failed.

However, now he made some connections with not only the Princess’ attendant Yidris, but he also personally knew Nolan. Through him, he came to know Emeril as well.

With these people on his side, surely his sister would have an easy time at school. If not, then he would just have to bust some heads.

Meanwhile, Abigail distracted herself by pretending to be a sky pirate, standing at the prow of the ship and pointing towards the horizon when she thought no one was looking.

She was wrong, much to the sailors’ delight.


At Bucco’s place, there were many servants and people walking all over the place. Abigail was from a small noble family, so she was kind of surprised. Was Nolan’s house like this?

But what shocked her more than that was his reaction upon seeing a girl around his age.

“Haha! Cecily!”


Though she didn’t rush in for a hug, she held her hand out softly and timidly, to which Bucco gently grasped it and held himself there for a moment before releasing. Cecily shivered for a moment before nodding somewhat enthusiastically. But, she looked like she wanted to ask something.

“What is it, sis?”

“Brother, is this your girlfriend?”

A note from Evil Ginger

Hehehe, Bucco is just a siscon who doesn't realize he is a siscon. Actually, he didn't originally have this backstory. But now, he reminds me of this one MC who's sister was a vampire, I believe. I don't remember reading but one or two chapters of the manga, but meh. He's that kind of character.

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