Four amazing figures were darting around the courtyard, trading blows. It had come to the point that Emeril, the players, and the girls could do nothing to interfere.

At one point, Emeril blocked an attack that was about to hit Gina but got hit himself. He was lying on the floor in deep pain until someone helped him up. He was filled with an amazing feeling as he stared at the face of an angel.

A crying angel, that is.

“Oh! Emeril, I thought you were going to dieeee!”

Josine was very…emotional right now. Emeril patted her head and she buried her face in his shoulder. Ophia looked on with a concerned expression, but she didn’t say anything. She wasn’t capable of helping him out right now and had to temporarily give up her spot next to his side. She felt upset, but she had to look out for the two as the fight continued.

Delania was now a mess, as she was being consoled by Gina and Ilya. The demon princess had thanked Emeril, but now she was more worried about her friend. She wasn’t making any sort of coherent thought, she just kept crying and screaming. Ilya was hugging her head tightly while Gina was holding her hands.

“Look at what you are doing, Nolan! You are making my daughter cry!”

The demon king called out, hoping for a change, but only a single tear fell from Nolan’s eye. His expression, however, still appeared…dead.

He was pushing himself immensely, as his body was covered in blood even though none of the three had actually touched him. He was faster than anything they had ever fought before. His sword strikes and attacks were predictable, but it still didn’t get rid of the fact that it held a lot of strength.

By now, his magic had caused changes in the weather. The cold caused a thick ceiling of fog to descend and the static discharge caused it to sprout pillars of lightning every now and then that attacked the ground. It looked a scene of disaster and fear.

The three really strong men could easily come up with ways to kill Nolan, but they all knew this boy had a large future ahead of him and he had the ability to make their children’s futures great as well. They couldn’t let their kids’ hearts break from this.

However, it was difficult. He defended on instinct, but if left alone, he targeted the girls. As he currently was, the air around him made it hard for others to breathe. This was nothing like the domain array, this was a true magic domain, controlled directly by Nolan. The area surrounding him was impossible to get out of unscathed unless they were a powerful existence.

The other party goers had been evacuated, but most of the students at the West Academy stayed behind to watch. This was a monumental discovery that people could get this strong, but they all knew that taking shortcuts would result in accidents.

It was getting scary, as Nolan’s domain seemed to be increasing with each moment. Just as the three were about to cut their losses reluctantly, an aged voice called out.

“Young man, should I take this as disrespectful conduct? You are in need of punishment, young man.”

Behind the old man were two familiar people. They were Nolan’s parents!

“Nolan, please! Stop this!”

No answer, but the old man nodded with a light smile.

“I am glad you are so ambitious, but you need to do these kinds of things in the comfort of a controlled environment. Here, come along, child.”

And with one word, the entire battle stopped.


It was a basic spell. One that many people could learn at the beginning of their time as a magician. But to have it be this effective on a rampaging monster, his power was well known.

The field quieted down, and the whole courtyard felt a strange sense of fear towards this old man.

“Principal Aguilar! Thanks for your help!”

All three men bowed and showed reverence. The surrounding people also bowed, not out of thanks or respect, but fear. This was one of the most powerful mages in all of the kingdoms, no, maybe in the entire continent! His power was impossible to fathom.

Right now, anyway.

The fight was over, but it looked like Nolan would be asleep for a while. The principal had gone over and did something to the boy’s head and walked away, waving at Nolan’s crying parents.

Delania had fallen unconscious as well, but Gina and Ilya carried her over to Nolan to cry and hug him. Emeril was standing off to the side, both Princess Ophia and Saintess Josine on each of his arms. Their eyes were red, but they stood calmly. The players all had pained expressions, aware that they were not safe from mistakes in this world. It wasn’t like some game where the main character could be safe in his experiments and breakthroughs.

This was a world where they would have to be cautious and careful.

After that, Nolan was placed on temporary leave and the others tried to go back to their normal routine.

The pain was unavoidable and many people were wondering if Nolan was going to survive at all.

But after a while, they soon forgot about him. Only the players and those close to him visited him many times. However, after a couple of months, they had to focus on other things.

Like school work. Projects. Events. Even though they didn’t want it to, life went on.

Nolan was being left behind.

A note from Evil Ginger

This marks the end of the second volume, but since the recuperation takes a couple months, in between here and volume 3 will be some character development of side characters and more world building.


How convenient, right? Meh. I will have to rewrite what I already have as I rushed it a little before and now need it to fit the current story. So, the side chapters will also act as a sort of buffer for me. However, there will still be a gap of absence between the end of the side chapters and the third volume.


Alright. For those of you wondering, our body is made up of electrical signals that send information to our brain. I didn't want to short out our MC's brain, just rewrite it. Otherwise, the story would have immediately taken a dark turn.


So! Don't do things that could be harmful to your body without proper teaching or understanding! Martial Arts, surgery, and even just normal exercising requires critical awareness of yourself. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself. Please, be careful.

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