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'You know, this gives me an idea. Hold on.'

Nolan walked away from the crowd and distanced himself from everyone else. He began to reapply the domain array on both of his swords as the others calmly enjoyed the party as it began to calm down.

‘Okay, thinking of two swords as one weapon, then shouldn’t I try the same with magic? Instead of having the two domains act separately, maybe they should be together? Huh…’

The prince was pulled away while Delania was silently sitting and listening to Nolan’s thoughts.

‘Oh, and if I can somehow make it to where the two energies aren’t combatting each other. Wait, should I try fusing the two energies as well? Hmmm…’

He had finished up the arrays and began using both lightning and ice magic at the same time, though they were silently cast so as to not scare the others.

‘Well, running electricity like this, I wonder if I can use it on myself to make me stronger? Or for that matter…eh? Ow? What is going on? Wait, ow! Hey, what is this? I can’t control myself!’

Suddenly, a strange aura filled the courtyard. Lightning erupted from around Nolan’s body and he went completely still. Everyone stared in fear, but Delania didn’t move from her spot. She could still hear Nolan’s thoughts, so maybe it would be alright.

‘No, stop moving! Hey, get out of here! I can’t control myself! Delania! Get the others and go!’

“But, everything is alright, right?”

‘No! Leave! Something doesn’t feel right!’

Certainly, Nolan had started moving again, but it was stiff and slow, as if he was under someone else’s control. The lightning had almost dispersed by now, but little tendrils of sparks could be seen emitted by his body every now and then. However, he didn’t even twitch. His eyes looked…empty.

“Is someone controlling you?! Who did this?!”

‘No one! I accidentally shocked myself and then this happened! Run, now! I am heading your way!’

Sure enough, Nolan’s target was Delania. She shivered and held herself, as the two other girls stepped in front of her. Nolan’s expression was vacant, not bored. It was as if he had fallen asleep with his eyes wide open.


Delania started crying, unsure of what to do. The other girls looked with concerned gazes but didn’t really know what was going on. However, a couple of shadows appeared and stood in front of the girls.

One was a large wolf man, with fur the same color as Ilya’s. The other was a familiar demon with scaly dragon-like wings and horns.


“Stand back, girls. Something feels dangerous.”

The Beast King waved his hand, unsheathing his claws from his fingertips like a superhero.

“But dad, Nolan wouldn’t hurt us.”

“Ilya…that can’t be him right now. He hurt himself with magic, who knows if this is some sort of strange self-defense mode?”

The Demon King said nothing and approached the boy. He merely held his hand up and said some words that were hard to understand. Then, the floor around the boy began to creak and break. Nolan fell to one knee, a pained expression flashing across his face.

“Father, stop! You’re hurting him!”

“Enough, Gina!”

Just like Gina, Ilya’s father was her guardian. That was how she hadn’t been bothered much. But now, both of these kings were facing Nolan with strong intent. Then, the boy vanished. Little purple sparks arced across the ground here and there.

“Above you!”

Several of the players had already started wondering how Nolan had done this, but since most knew of magnets and polarities, they could somewhat expect certain outcomes. The one who spoke was actually Bucco.

When the two kings looked up, they spotted Nolan, hair standing on end, floating in the air. Little lines of electricity could be seen darting from him to the ground or the surrounding palace or trees.

Only Delania knew how much pain he was in. Nolan wasn’t controlling his body, and it was overexerting itself. His screams filled her head as her screams got louder as well. It would seem that she was trying to drown out the cries, but in reality, more than words were being expressed to her. Images, emotions…pain…she felt it all.

She was practically feeling exactly what Nolan felt.

Not being in control.

Out of the sky, the air shook. A flash of light struck downwards and the area where the kings stood was enveloped in a terrible attack from the heavens.


However, they were just fine.

“Thanks, kid. You are Emeril, correct?”

“Yes sir, your majesty. Now please, I need to show my friend the error of his ways.”

The Emerald Knight had jumped forward, protecting the two with a massive shield that seemed to sprout from his arms. It then shrunk to the size of regular vambraces, just enough to protect his arms.

Meanwhile, the other players also stood up. Bucco carried a large smithy hammer instead of his ax and in the other hand, he carried a small buckler.

“Dammit, I didn’t want to rely on this stupid old thing.”

Abigail shrouded herself in flames to counteract the freezing snow that started to fall, melting the area and making it easier to move around.

Yidris was absentmindedly looking at Nolan with awe, but didn’t stop pulling out her favorite bow and applying some magic to it.

Bailey and Tetra were helping people evacuate, so they weren’t involved in the fight.

Even Zack did his best by pulling out potions for the others to drink. He also had several strange bottles that had weird symbols on them. He flicked his finger and a small flame caught on the fuse to one of these bottles. He threw it forward and it exploded right in front of Nolan!

However, a static field blocked the sticky pink liquid. It quickly disintegrated.

“Drat, if it had hit, then he would be stuck and desire some good loving. Would have been easy to capture.”

The other nearby people all looked at Zack with suspicious eyes, and all silently agreed to confiscate this potion from Zack later.

But this catalyzed Nolan to attack again, this time aiming for Zack. Bucco knocked him over and brought up his buckler, protecting them both from the massive lightning strike. Not even a scorch mark was left on the shield.

“Che, I guess I will have to thank grandfather for this Orichalcum Buckler. Dammit.”

Emeril and Bucco defended against the long range attacks from Nolan, while Zack, Yidris, and Abigail tried lobbing potions, shooting arrows, and sending fireballs his way. However, the two kings were joined by a solitary man.

“As a Sword Saint, I can’t just let my son’s friend go on like this. Let me help, Emeril.”

“Thanks, dad!”

The title of Prime Minister was misleading, for those outside of the kingdom. For in actual meaning and purpose, the king was actually the prime minister and Emeril’s father was more along the lines of commander in chief. He led the military forces. He usually dealt with foreign dignitaries only when they were being tense.

But now…he was fighting Nolan.

At this point, three powerful men surrounded Nolan as he stood there silently in the sky, his clothes rippling and swaying.


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