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While Nolan was busy making the foreign students enraged, Delania was getting enraged, too.

“Dammit, these people are getting in the way of Nolan watching me be awesome! Fine, I will finish this now so he can fight and I can watch. Goodbye.”

Her opponent was thrown off the stage by the strange ax. Delania had used her dark magic to curse herself. It was one of her many types of attacks, but all it did was lower the damage output.

For example, if someone were to slash down onto a tree with a greatsword at full strength. It would still move fast and heavily, it would just not do that much damage. It was like swinging a pool noodle that was the same length and weight. The sharpness didn’t matter, as all it would essentially do would be scratching the enemy.

This way, her enemies were all slammed out of the ring by the weight of her swings. Though the weapon itself was light, momentum still carried on. The opponent just wouldn’t take damage from the impact.

She walked off the ring and heard Nolan’s thoughts.

‘Dammit, I missed her beautiful dance! You lazy assholes, that does it! If you hadn’t picked on Ilya and Gina, I would have enjoyed the show!’

Nolan looked over to see Delania walk towards him and handed him a box. Most of everyone’s eyes were on the two, as were some belonging to an elderly man and woman who had just walked outside.

“Oh? A gift? Where were you hiding this?”

‘It can’t be her chest…’

And with that, Delania smacked him on the side of his head. However, she didn’t walk away and waited patiently for him to open the gift. Inside was a small book.

‘Oops, I forgot about the diary.’

“Wait, what? You weren’t looking for it?”

‘Of course not. I can’t focus on something boring like writing my life. After that last night, I completely forgot. Plus, the festival happened. By the way, now that I think about it, how did your tea shop work out?’

“Relatively good. Someone caught me earlier for a second and told me we made a substantial profit, but not in the top five.”

‘Aw. Oh well.’


The two talked, and the surrounding men were seething. Nolan chuckled at the small talk and walked onto the ring. He pulled at the two fangs and they grew in size, startling many of the would-be attackers. He had used magic earlier, so now that he was using a sword, many people were confused.

But one stupid brave soul walked up. He was the very same prince who was propositioning Gina earlier.

“Allow me!”

Nolan looked unenthused so he just tapped the swords and spoke.

“The night is short. You would have a better chance if you all attack at once.”

But to Delania…

‘Hehehe, I always wanted to say something like that. Come at me, you assholes!’

However, nobody moved forward.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Does it matter?”

“I am royalty.”

“And? There is a lot of royalty here. I am surprised so many people showed up since this would make it easier to assassinate people.”

Then a murmur went through the crowd. Some shady people even disappeared never to return. It would seem now that their targets were apprehensive, they wouldn’t get a safe chance to assassinate them.

But, the prince remained haughty.

“You are just some low leveled noble with no actual authority! It is obvious why you are trying to get them!”

“Because I like them?”

‘Because I like them?’

To Delania, she already knew that Nolan never cared for authority. He was actually a lazy person and didn’t mind others working for him, but he was gifted enough to take on an entire project by himself if need be. Well, he was also stimulated by the things he wanted to do. Desk work? You would probably never catch him doing that. Stomping idiots into the ground? Sign him up.

And stomping idiots was about to happen, so Delania knew Nolan was excited behind that calm and sleepy-looking face.

She looked at Ilya, who was dressed in a yellow dress that matched well with a child, but there were bits of food here and there. Her guard was holding a napkin beside her unsure of how to get her to clean up.

On the other hand, Gina was dressed in a red gown that was almost pink. It felt like it clashed with her skin, but she made it work in many ways. Her cold demeanor and her imposing stance made her seem like an ice beauty. Delania thought that maybe an icy blue which was nearly white would have worked better.

However, both of the two were watching Nolan with apt attention, ignoring the people beside them. But unbeknownst to them, several guys were ogling them and having terrible thoughts of taking the girls hostage. So, she stood behind them in order to protect them. The men all walked away with angry expressions.

Meanwhile, the fight was about to begin.

The prince had taken out a sword and shield, looking like a soldier or a hero. However, his angry face looked almost like a demon’s. He had waited, keeping a close eye on his surroundings. He didn’t want to be taken by surprise. Those dumb gimmicks wouldn’t work on him!

But this entire time, Nolan had been waving his hands, placing little strips of paper everywhere. The prince was about to move when someone called out,

“Above you!”

The prince raised his shield and sword to block an attack from above, but all he felt was a large mass of water falling on his head. He nearly toppled over from the unexpected downpour, but he righted himself and called out to Nolan. He felt a breeze assailing his face, and couldn’t help but yell.

“You sneaky trickster! Do you not know shame? Fight me!”

“Oh, but I use magic. I use what I have at my disposal. When you go to war, do you fight the enemy all by yourself? No, you have soldiers and allies. When you go into a duel, do you just use your hands? Obviously not, you use a sword and shield. I am merely using what I have at my disposal. Go ahead, you can, too.”

Being treated like a little child that has yet to experience the world, the prince shouted out and stepped forward, accidentally stepping on one of the slips of paper. It had been blown in front of him by the breeze!

Suddenly, he collapsed while twitching. Several seconds later, he screamed out in fear. Then, he started thrashing about.

“Is that the first time you have been electrocuted? Shame. Well, you lost.”

These little slips of paper were an inspiration from something he saw in his old world. They could be activated by channeling magic energy into them, or they could be written to explode upon contact.

These were set with a weight limit. If something of a certain weight or more stepped on it, it would activate.

By being dowsed in water, the electricity affected him even more. It was the work of science and magic.

But now more people were willing to fight. No one liked to have a trickster win, anyway.


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