Nolan turned around to see Emeril holding his sides.

“Hahaha! I can’t take it anymore! You’re too cool! Stop it and hurry over here! I can’t believe you would let these three be more important than me, your best friend!”

“Because you’re a guy.”

They bickered, but they clasped hands and started talking in a quieter tone. However, it wasn’t that hard to hear them.

“So, I want to fight you.”

“Sure, let’s go outside. I wanted to try something I learned at the festival.”

“Me too! Hahaha!”

Many people were interested, and all of the ones from Westbolt Academy arrived to watch. The two were standing in a dirt circle set aside for these kinds of disputes. It was pretty much normal to see two uppity young nobles get angry at each other over some petty nonsense or a woman.

But this time, the two fighting were best friends and had been known to go all out on each other. The air became heavy and people held their breaths to see the first strike. Just as they were about to collide, rushing right into each other, Emeril slipped on an ice puddle! He collapsed to the ground, letting Nolan finish the fight in an instant.

“Ah, dammit, you win again.”

“Well, we can’t afford to waste our energy here, right?”

Nolan looked over at the girls and realization came to Emeril.

“Right! Let’s go! We can redo this later!”

“My thoughts exactly. Come on.”

Everyone was silent. A few people chuckled to themselves and left the field, but others were upset and wanted to see a major fight.

The other people were all from different schools and thought the two were actually weaker than they initially believed. Thus, several tried to start problems. By then, Ilya’s guard had arrived and silently stood next to her.

Delania walked up to Nolan and started talking.

“You are fine, just go fight. I know you want to.”

Nolan said nothing but ended up smirking.

“Don’t you want to practice your new techniques? Go. I don’t mind.”

Now his brows furrowed. It seemed he was debating heavily with himself.

“I don’t even understand, why do you want me to fight?”

At that, Nolan looked the other way and his face loosened. Delania was shocked, but her face started to turn red.

“Ah…then I will make sure to look really good today…”

Her words were nearly a whisper, but Nolan had barely smiled in return. Delania had pulled out her rod and flicked it, letting the blades extend.

“I am fighting for myself. Who dares to try and beat me?”

One young man from the south scowled and walked out.

“You dress strange, you are but a guest, why even bother? No one even wants you.”

At that, something small hit the guy in the chest and he flew. Everyone looked over to see several men with angry faces picking up stones off the gravel path. The one in the lead was Nolan, creating little earth balls with magic.

However, while that previous guy was just spouting off, her cuteness was definitely apparent. Several guys went forward to prove how cool they were. But they were all nearly killed by Delania’s quick movements. The men who were just chasing after her a second ago all disappeared.

However, while Nolan was watching Delania, someone approached Gina.

“If I may, I am Prince Lenhart, and, not to brag, but I am the strongest at my school.”

Gina scoffed, but when she noticed her father wasn’t around, she felt weird. She looked, but then saw him talking to an elderly man.

“Oh, your father is speaking to my grandfather. He’s a cool guy, you should get to know him. Hey, let me show you something.”

He pulled out a strange magical item, and when it activated, a gust of wind came out, spreading a wonderful smell around. Something purple flashed by and Gina realized it was the rose Nolan gave her! She rushed off to get it, but found her arm was being held.

“What is wrong? Is there something about this thing you don’t like?”

The boy had a hurt expression, but he didn’t seem to notice the flower.

“No, my flower.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I can get you many more just like it.”

However, the conversation was interrupted.

“Oh really? You see, I infused this flower with the power of Lightning. Good luck trying to duplicate that.”

The prince’s eyes widened and his eyebrows caved inwards. He looked at Nolan with some apprehension and anger.

“You need to move, I was speaking to her first.”

“Ah, but I was just returning to her what belongs to her. It has nothing to do with you.”

In his hand was the purple rose. He once again placed it in her hair and the two shared a pink moment.

The prince was fuming, as he felt he was being humiliated. He reached for Nolan and was about to turn him around. However, he grabbed nothing.

“Eh? Why is a guy trying to grab me? You aren’t…that, are you?”

His voice took on a particular tone and Gina stifled a laugh, but the prince caught it. He was now beyond mad.

“I challenge you!”

However, the two were gone, practically teleported to a spot several yards away.

“Ilya, you need to be more mindful of your surroundings.”

Nolan was standing in between the wolf princess and several hungry looking men. However, they weren’t looking at the food. The southern nobles did their homework and knew beast kin royalty had the rule regarding losing and winning. But to have this guy who hadn’t even fought her be so close, they were confused.

“Why don’t you just beat her and take her?” One stupid guy asked.

“Why should I?”

For some reason, Ilya seemed hurt.

“I will court her however I want. And if I want to court her like I court the demon princess, who is to complain?”

Then her mood brightened considerably. Even Gina couldn’t help but fidget.

“Wait, you’re courting me?”

“Hmm…maybe I should issue a challenge. It would seem she isn’t as intuitive as I thought.”

Nolan facepalmed and Gina laughed. Ilya stood there with a confused expression, while Delania was dancing around and fighting idiots still.

That night, Nolan infuriated a lot of foreign nobles.

A note from Evil Ginger

I haven't done the Affection Chart, huh? Don't worry. At the end of the volume I will. Or rather, at the beginning of the third volume. If I do it in between like here, the values wouldn't change all that much, if at all. these kinds of things only raise a point or two, though the roses were a nice touch and garnered him about three points each, just so you know.

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