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It was a calm evening and the sun was falling below the horizon. Several carriages were waiting in line to be checked in and the party was just about to start.

The ball took place in a massive palace specifically meant for meetings such as this. It was gigantic, as several amazing and prestigious academies from the three regions were meeting.

As one of the famous Trinity Academies, the school Nolan and the others attended, or Westbolt Academy, was a very important and powerful entity. It was essentially the representative of the West Region, or the mixed kingdoms.

There was the North Region, or the Magic Region as it held many races suitable for magic like elves, dwarves, and elementals. The other was the Human Region, or the place where many uppity and racist fools lived. They still lived in the old days of when everyone was striving to survive.

Humans were the ones who bred the quickest, so their numbers exploded. Now, times have changed and races like demons and elves can reproduce safely, showing off their abilities once more.

But that was only on the surface. The masses of that region believed all nonhumans were lower than humans, so that meant the demons, elementals, and other such races thrived in the Western and Northern regions. The nobility liked to keep this charade since if they ever needed to go to war, it would be done without the ire of the civilians.

The other reason the nobility were not that racist towards the other races was that they were…perverted. Many times, a Human Prince would propose to a demon lady and astound the masses, but then she would be labeled a concubine, and many disliked the idea of being wed to these assholes.

So, many of the female members would invite a personal guard to protect them from these undesirables. In fact, if not for her father, Gina would have already been surrounded by these disgusting fellows. Even Ilya got pestered, but Bailey would kick the snot out of them either way. However, it seemed someone else was guarding her today.

But then several people looked up when a person’s name being called.

“Nolan Deckard, son of Duke Deckard and Duchess Emily brings his guest, Delania.”

Standing at the entrance of this huge room were two children of exceptional appearance. One had strange pink hair cut straight and short to her shoulders. On her back was a long staff. However, what attracted people’s gazes was her black dress. No shoulders or straps, no upper back, and it had a frilly short skirt that bunched outwards almost a foot. She looked like a ballerina to some of the people there. Others had no idea what a ballerina was.

But underneath were black shorts and knee high stockings with pumps. The last and final addition was the black rose in her hair. To most, it was a strange display, but to the players, they recognized a startling visage.

For this ‘costume’ was a concept art from when the designers were thinking of her initial character style. It attracted a lot of attention to the players, no matter the world, but in the game, she never wore the outfit.

Zack actually clapped before embarrassingly walking away to the buffet table.

The young man next to the pink haired girl was a boy with a bland looking expression. However, his handsomeness could not be denied. He appeared to be a bored genius who looked at people as if they were ants. He appeared to be constantly disappointed in the world and the people in it. For some reason, this appearance was quite popular with the girls. It just meant they were likely to be rejected, so no one approached him, much to his dismay.

Nolan was dressed in a white suit and a black undershirt. He had two flowers, one light blue, and one a striking purple. They looked weird, but most people ignored those. For on his wrists were strange metal bands that had a strange design in them. Hanging from each one was a small thing that looked like a beast fang. To some, they recognized the fang from the labyrinth at the holiday festival and shivered.

It was unknown what kind of weapons those were, but if someone didn’t know it, they would probably be pierced by a blade without knowing what even hit them. The two made their way to Ophia, the family of the host of this ball, and made their greetings. Emeril was standing by her side and Josine was standing a little bit away with a depressed expression.

Nolan nodded in passing to the other players, but he headed right for the girl closest to him, the one scarfing food down at the buffet next to Zack.

Nolan’s eyes shifted ever so slightly and so did his lips.

“Don’t worry, she’s actually thinking how much better your food is. She wants to eat your meat.”

Nolan turned slightly and tilted an eyebrow at Delania’s words.

“Yes, I know we talked about this. She even remembered the conversation as well. Look.”

Indeed, Ilya had turned red and stuffed food even faster down her throat.

She was very easy to tease, huh?

Nolan approached her, but a large beast kin man stopped him. Nolan waved him aside and walked forward, sending the man to the ground on one knee by using wind. Hearing the sound and feeling the change, Ilya stopped eating and looked up.

“Nolan! It’s not what you think! I was just trying their food out! I like yours the best! I swear!”

Nolan laughed, and the corner of his mouth raised. He reached into his chest pocket and pulled out the light blue flower. He placed it in her hair, much to many of the young men’s anger.

“Hey, leave her alone!”

A young man had stepped out and confronted Nolan, but the trio had ignored him.

“Nolan, thanks! It’s pretty! But why this color?”

“It matches your eyes.”

Indeed it did. And if one looked closer, even Delania’s eyes were black. Following behind him, both of the girls walked towards Gina. Her father was a little tense, but Nolan quickly greeted him.

“Good evening, your majesty. I take it you are Gina’s personal guest?”

“Of course! Since I don’t live here, and I wasn’t personally invited, I had to…explain to Gina why my presence here was necessary!”

“Uh huh. So, Gina, how did he beg?”

“Oh, I quickly gave in, but I had him allow you to come visit in the future.”

Gina couldn’t look at Nolan straight, as it seemed she was remembering the other night. Nolan chuckled and pulled out the last rose. He walked up to her and slowly grabbed her hand. The two’s eyes connected and Nolan quietly applied the flower to her hair.

And then a loud laughter erupted from the crowd.

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