Yeesh. While waiting for mom and dad to wake up, the day was heading towards afternoon. I spent time with my family and explained that Delania is a close friend of mine that wasn’t able to be invited. The entire time my parents apologized, but Delania actually looked embarrassed and shy.

Mmm, cute. She actually looked her age.

Wait, is she really 12? What if she is like those clichéd lolis that are immortal murderers?

“I haven’t killed anyone, though. I just left my family because of how they treated me. By the way, thanks.”

For what? And are you saying that the rumor of you having killed 16 people is fake?

“Not telling them about my mind reading. And yes. It was for keeping suitors away.”

I thought that was hereditary.

“Kind of. But it is rare. My family wanted to use it in order to learn of people lying, but then it became hard for me to interact with people because I kept saying their secrets or calling them out for their lies.”


“But that is why I thank you. You don’t desire to use me, even in your unconscious thoughts and you aren’t repulsed by me for invading your privacy.”

I am used to having my everything known. In my past life, the government kept close tabs on everyone’s actions.


All for the sake of ‘freedom.’

Damn, she looks so fragile right now. Like a glass doll. I want to hold her.

“You can.”

But…my image…

“Pooh. Fine then.”

Ah, wait! Alright!

Mmm…warm…soft…nice lap pillow.

“Why, though? I find this uncomfortable.”

I don’t.

You know, I could use you. If you speak for me, I wouldn’t have to talk anymore. Speaking can be so tiring.

“You lazy good for nothing.”

Hey, don't sound so harsh while you're smiling. What can you tell me about the Doomfist family?

“They…they are supreme. Things like wars between kingdoms are like matches of chess to them. I am surprised your parents hadn’t told you earlier, though I bet they wouldn’t have expected to see a Doomfist in their entire lifetime.”

So running through the Doomfist’s bloodline is the power of this ancient race? And they wanted to use you to further their desires.

“Yes, but my parents can do anything, regardless if someone is lying to them. Their intel is probably watching us from this very moment.”

Yikes, will they attack me or my family?

“Only if they want me. But if they wanted me back, then they just would have taken me. Otherwise, they might be waiting or not caring.”

But…a parent that doesn’t care about their kid…

“Yeah, they’re assholes.”

Well…are my parents nice?

“Ha! Too nice. I want them…”



Shut up.

“Hehehe. Thanks again.”

Ow, flat chest. Ow, strong fist.


“So, young master, young lady Doomfist shall be staying in her own room tonight, is that fine?”

“Hm? Yeah?”

“Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to know your relationship.”

“Oh? Is my butler worried about me?”

“Yes, and no. I wanted to know if I could brag that my master is planning on marrying a Doomfist.”

“Haha, no. not yet, at least. But even then, her family may not accept or might even disown her.”

“That…that is unfortunate.”

“In that case, I just have to prove myself.”

“You are correct, young master! Okay, rest easy, I will take care of the minor things.”

“And the major ones, too.”

“Yes, sir.”


The house is quiet. I can’t sleep. No, it’s not from Delania’s conversation, but it does have to do with her.

I was woken up by the covers rustling and feeling a strange warmth next to me suddenly. Delania, go to bed.

“I am.”

In your room.

“This can be my room, right? I don’t think your family would mind.”

…Why? We have only known each other for a month.

“So? I like you.”

Eh? Then in this case, I can expect Ilya’s confession shortly, too?

“What is that supposed to mean? Am I not the first? That demon girl.”

Don’t get mad, she was leaving to get ready, but I may have forced her to confess.

“You’re terrible.”

My apologies.

“It’s alright. Now then, let’s sleep.”

I can’t. Go to a different bed.


…I need to fart.

“Let me squeeze it out of you.”

Well, thanks for the hug, but now I am too warm to be comfortable. Please go to bed.

“Please…don’t send me away.”

Dammit, don’t do that. Fine.

“Yay~! Thanks, Nolan boy!”

Whatever. What is the worst that can happen?


“Sorry, mom, dad…nothing like that happened, though.”

“It doesn’t matter! You have done something so intimate, she can no longer look another man in the eyes the same! And I know, because I almost left your father!”


“Sorry, but you were being…rude. But when you became a father, you changed!”

Ugh. Well, is this what you wanted?

“I don’t mind. If we have to get married because of this, I would actually be very happy, being with the one who is so casual with me, even after knowing what my background is.”

“Son! Stop being disrespectful!”

“Yes, dad!”

“No, don’t be! I like Nolan the way he is!”

Drat. And dad finally had good advice.

“Okay, at least no one knows you are a Doomfist. With this, we can keep things under wraps.”

“Uh, dad? You may want to check your maids and butlers again. Judge in particular likes to gloat. It would be best to not spread this around.”

“Of course! You, get to it!”

That day, everyone spent way too much time getting ready and prepared for the ball. In the game, Zack was never invited, and I think there was a way to get there, but it meant going for a specific route. One that was incredibly political.

Also, in the game, Delania said her full name, but that was alone at night. She never spoke of her past and no one related to her ever showed up. But if I think about the game’s circumstances, then Delania wouldn’t trust someone who didn’t have thoughts. Why would she truly become infatuated with Zack?

However, in this world, with my modern know how, I can understand her regardless of the different traits people have.

Racism is not okay. Modern people like me are definitely able to be nice to everyone.

“Actually, all of the other players thought about using my ability to read minds to locate other players. They were thinking of using me for stuff like that.”

Zack too?

“No, he just wanted to know what the girls wanted so he could quickly increase their affection.”

Typical. Ah, that’s actually a good idea.

“Are you perhaps actually just an idiot?”


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