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Ahhh...I messed up. Yesterday, as I went to start my second playthrough, I selected New Game instead of Load Game and deleted my cleared file. Now I have to do it all over again...I feel abnormally demotivated. Everything I did was in vain...But here is a chapter for you guys. And another one is on its way, so don't join me in my depression.

“Young master, please, it is time to get up.”

“Huh…whoizzit? Wait…Judge?”

“Yes, it is I, your humble servant.”

Ah, I haven’t seen this guy in over a month. Huh, it feels longer than that for some reason…

“Ow…I feel sore all over.”

“You were sleeping on the ground, young master.”

“So I was. Where is everyone?”

What happened? I see Delania, but she is dressed differently and no one else is here.

“They are all getting ready for the Royal Ball. It is being hosted by the Royal Family of this kingdom, so we waited for the festival to end before going.”

“Delania, why aren’t you going?”

“I don’t have the necessary prestige to appear. I didn’t even know about it until Judge told me. In fact, I think we all forgot about it thanks to the festival.”

“That’s nonsense!”

Well, I did forget, but I was upset that Delania didn’t have an invitation.

“Young master, you are allowed one guest.”

Oh? It seems Judge is still able to understand what I mean without my explanations. How nice. Less time talking. Ah.

“Wait, then who else is still here?”

“No one you are related to. Bucco took Zack and Abigail took Yidris. I heard Emeril took Hector and the Princess took Lily.”

“Oh, then what about…no, Ilya and Gina should have left to get ready…Oh! So that’s why she left! Why did she have to be so weird about it?! I completely forgot!”

Yikes, how embarrassing. Anyways, I guess I better go get ready, too.

“Judge, bring Delania along. Since I am taking her as my guest, we can provide for her attire and such.”

“As you wish, young master. Right this way.”

It sucks that I don’t get to practice the dance with the girls, but I guess we really need to go. I never went to the ball in my first year since I never knew anyone who would take me. Most of the time, the men would bring a woman and the women would bring women. These kinds of parties were mainly for women to talk anyway, and any man that needs to be there will be invited personally.

Shame, Bucco brought Zack. That might be a big nono, as he is a commoner.

Oh well.

I feel a lot better after realizing I get to see Gina again. I was afraid she was somehow going to leave me forever. But duh, nothing major has happened to have Gina take off. I guess she is dealing with some complex feelings…I will need to fix that, huh?

On the way home from the academy, riding in the carriage Judge was driving, Delania was talking nonstop.

“By the way, your butler is actually cool with being your personal servant and was upset he didn’t get to go to school with you.”

“Absolutely not. He is a pervert who likes little girls.”

“So I could tell. His first thoughts towards me were all indecent, but then they ceased when he realized you and I were together.”

Huh. How do you feel regarding those lewd thoughts?

“I don’t really care. I have dealt with them for a while now, and I just pass it off as something guys normally do. However, when you think dirty about me, I can’t help but pay attention.”

But I don’t think dirty thoughts of you.

“I know. So get started. They’re all of Gina and Ilya. Where’s mine?”

When you’re not around. Ah, shit. Don’t smile so pervertedly.


“Wow, you certainly are the son of a Duke.”

“Yes, yes I am. Now then, please follow the maid. She will help you get ready for tonight.”

“The party isn’t until tomorrow though.”

“Huh? It is?”

“Yes, young master. We sent you a letter, did you not receive it?”

“Ah, oops. I stopped checking the mailbox ever since people wouldn’t stop filling it with challenge letters.”

“Hmm…it seems I may have to go and prepare for you. Otherwise, you may miss other important key information.”

“Judge, that is no problem, I’m fine. Then I guess prepare Delania to meet my parents.”

“Ooh, I beat Ilya and Gina to this part!”

Is that something to fight for?

“No, but I am satisfied.”

Alright then. While Delania is getting ready, I guess I will, too. Oof.

“Oops, sorry ma’am. Hm? Do I know you?”


Okaaay…why did the lady see me and freak out. And now she’s running away. Whatever. Wait, she kind of looked like mom. Family? She can’t be some sort of prearranged marriage partner for me, she’s definitely an adult already.

Those breasts can’t lie.


“Young master, it is time to meet your parents.”

“Okay, let’s go get Delania and meet up.”

“Well, they already are talking to her. She was bored and requested to see them before you did.”


“We have to move, now! Lead the way!”

“Ah, yes, young master.”

No no no, don’t share embarrassing stuff!

“Oh, hello there, Grand Magus.”

Oh god, my future. Why? It was an act, I swear! I played along with Emeril!

“I know, it’s adorable, isn’t it? Look, your mom and dad have a recording crystal.”

Where did they get that?! Did they have someone following me while I was young?! Ah, that makes a lot of…who are they? Where are my parents? Wait, that woman…I just saw her earlier…

“Mom? Dad?”

Wow, even dad got fit. What happened in the month I was gone?

“Oh, so you didn’t forget us.”

“Mom, that isn’t possible, you just look completely different. How…”

“Well son, we had to make sure it was obvious you were our child, so we had to slim down a bit in order to prepare for the ball. We didn’t want people to think you were adopted!”

Oh…is that really important? In order to slim down from what you looked like before…that must have taken a while. No, it should have taken a while! What is this get thin quick scheme you used?! It’s only been a month!

“You seem to be confused. Well, your mom and I actually went adventuring when we were younger, so we knew some tricks to get thin this fast. We just didn’t want to leave the house while you were still here, so we worked on dieting in secret and did some light exercises before you left.”

Ah, I guess the Duke got fat from being home all the time.

“And you know, I feel amazing! I think your mom and I will have to go on vacation in the future! And maybe get you a little brother or sister!”

“Hehehe…um…well, that sounds nice. Hey, it’s nice to see you guys.”


Group hug. No, you can’t join, Delania.

“So, son, introduce us to your girlfriend.”

“Well…alright, this is Delania Doomfist.”

“Hey, wait! You moron!”

Huh? Why does everyone look so scared? Dude, I know the name sounds a little imposing, but-

“You can’t just say my real name all over the place! I…I have a history.”

Shit, is she part of some persecuted family that murdered an entire kingdom? Is she the next Jason?

“The Doomfist family is…really high up on the list of authority. So high, I had to sneak in as someone of common birth to get into the academy.”

Ah. So it was the opposite. She is so prestigious, it is more like I brought home a literal Goddess to introduce to my family. But…I already knew that.

“Well, you’re not completely wrong.”


A note from Evil Ginger

Oh, and while Nolan's mouth seem unexpressive, his eyes and brows move around a lot. It is funny how obvious it is to the others.

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