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“Yes, he was in the game, but he ran the magic college. I don’t think he had time to have a relationship.”

Huh. Unfortunate…

“What about Emeril?”

“He finally became a level 10 swordsman, but he was never the strongest, so he died in a war before the game started, letting the Royal Family win the little battle with the Prime Minister. Not that that is going to happen now, anyway.”

I never invested in it, but this information will be lots of help!

“Wow. Hey, join us. We need your help!”

“No, I am staying in my club.”

“But we need info on the MMO! Plus, the future is already changed, why worry? If we can prepare for events that take place beyond our control, then what really matters?”

She looks shaken, but she nods. I guess she is one of the people who like being in a situation they can control. Wait, Bucco is the same way…

“…I will share all I know, but then I am going back to my club. Besides, I already joined, I can’t quit until the next year.”

“Right, but thanks. Maybe we can prepare to fight those evil bosses before they appear.”


Ilya and Gina came back holding bowls and boxes, and after Bailey kissed Ilya goodbye (on the cheek), the two left. Should I be worried? Nah, Bailey reminds me of a gentle older sister…well, an older sister who might be a love interest for the sibling, who is Ilya in this case.

Magic College principal, huh? That is a lot more specialized than this school. But to hear that Emeril would die…That’s upsetting. Ah! I forgot to ask about Delania, Ilya, and Gina! No, I don’t want to know about who married them, that would make my heart break.

But…that would mean I need to become closer to the girls.

“Hey…I have something I must confess.”

“You’re a pervert?”

“Well…I guess? Ilya, hold on wait...”

“Oh, it is because I can smell you, after all.”

“Yes, and Nolan likes to look at my body a lot…like…a lot.”

Argh! No! Stop snickering, Delania!

“Hah…no, but I am…how should I say this? I am Nolan, but at the same time, I am not Nolan.”

“Like you are someone impersonating him?”

Ilya calms down, but it looks like Gina doesn’t understand. Well, I am surprised that Ilya looks a little sad.

“No, I am Nolan. This is Nolan, the little son of a Duke.”

I point at myself just to try and make the point clear. Then, I point at my head.

“However, I’m not completely Nolan. No, I have been here for so long, I might as well be Nolan.”


Urgh, how do I say this?

“I…sort of reincarnated?”

“Is that all?”

Huh? Does this happen all the time?

“So you hold memories of your past self?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Oh! That makes more sense. That is why you know how to cook when you don’t take classes.”


“And why you are clearly like a dirty adult with your smell.”


“And why you are so smart.”

“Well, actually, that is not why. I am smart because I worked for this.”

Gina is laughing at Ilya’s and my conversation.

Delania stays quiet and eats her food.

“So, why does that matter?”

Gina finally stopped laughing and asked me something.

“In my world…this whole world is like a story. And this Nolan was supposed to be an antisocial scholar who just so happened to be really strong at magic.”

“Wait, then that means you know a lot about us as well?”

“Yes…that was why I knew about your likes and dislikes.”

“And what was wrong with me…”

Uh oh…


“Delania, were you surprised when you found out?”

Eh? Ignoring me? Gina, please, don’t be mad!

“Oh, indeed. But I read his mind, so he never told me. When he knew I could read his mind, he blocked me out. He wanted to keep this big secret even from me. He felt like we would hate him for lying.”

“But…he didn’t lie?”

“I know.”

“True, if not for him, then maybe that Zack would have tried to get us.”

He would, the bastard. Wait. Am I not in trouble?

“Plus, the food he makes is delicious! You can’t fake that!”

Ilya, oh Ilya! Ah! Praise me more!

“You know, I feel like the calm, cool, and collected Nolan has degraded.”

Hey, that is mean!

“Me too, but I like him the way he is. He cares for us and treats us equally. Well, sort of.”

“If you knew what he was really thinking, then you would know that he just said this so you wouldn’t leave him.”

But I am low on self-esteem! I have never had a real girlfriend before! I was scared!

“Aww, then come here and rest, my wittle bitty Nolan boy.”

Ugh, stop it, your chest is flat and hurts – OW!

“Hmph. Well, what do we say?”

“Thanks for the food, Nolan~!”
“Thanks for the training, Nolan.”
“And thank you for caring for us, even if it is selfishly.”

Awww, you’re going to make me cry! Come here – oof.

“Calm down, now comes the punishment for not telling us this to begin with.”

“Would you have even believed me?!”

“No, but this is how we feel for being kept in the dark while you and Delania got so close.”

No, what are you doing?! Don’t tie me up! Help! Gina has a scary face!


The festival is closed and people are removing their stalls and packing their things, but here I am, wrapped up in a blanket, unable to move or feel comfortable, watching while the girls laughed and talked to each other. Oh well, this is nice, too.

Hm? It’s quiet. Oh, Delania and Ilya have fallen asleep.


“Gina? What’s up?”

“Thank you. For everything.”

Yay, a lap pillow! I feel good.

“You look happy now.”

“I am.”

“It’s hard to tell, haha.”

Wow, she looks so cute in the moonlight.

“My classes are different now, as I am using dragon magic. Using my heart and lungs requires a technique different from normal magic theory.”

“Huh, I wonder if beast kin have a special type of magic as well…”

“Well, it is certainly rare to see a beast kin use magic, but…no, maybe that is a thing. Maybe Ilya can try?”


Wait, why is she sad?

“I don’t know if we can be together.”

Wait, what, why?

“I don’t think father would like me to marry someone who has two other women. He is different from the human kings with concubines and such. He has always stayed loyal to mother.”

“Just because I like more girls doesn’t mean I don’t like you.”

“I know, but it is obvious you and Delania get along really well. More so than me.”

“Bollocks! Hey, come down here! I will show you what I mean!”

“Are you trying to kiss me?”

“Only if it works!”

“…heh…haha! Fine. Come here, then.”

Heee…my forehead is warm. Why not my lips? Meh, she’s still young.

“But I have to go. Father wants me to leave tomorrow night, but…I’m sorry, I guess I will be leaving tonight.”

Wait, no!


“…I…don’t know if I love you like you do me.”

That…that sounds familiar…where…no way! Have I already met her before I even came to school?!

She’s gone. I can’t move! And I don’t have any mana after that stupid show! Dammit!

Gina! I will come find you again!

A note from Evil Ginger

What we have here is a common misunderstanding, once again. A girl who finds it hard to come to terms with her feelings and a guy who is an idiot. So don't worry too much. Oh, and we have gone into the second half of the volume with this chapter.

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