Nolan slowly chased people all day in the maze, as no one could break through. Only when they paid the price for the maze were they able to leave, but they were discharged outside directly by earth magic, sealing up the maze once more.

It took a couple of moments after the first person for everyone to also give up their money and leave. Some even gave donations, thinking maybe they would fare better than the people who were launched out of the maze.

They were wrong.

For some reason, no one was hurt. Even though they were a mob, no one was caught underneath each other’s feet, as if there was a barrier between people. And when everyone left the maze, five people exited from the entrance and greeted the upset crowd.

“Bucco? Zack! Even Abigail and Yidris! What the hell?! They weren’t dead?!”

“Hahaha! Thanks for the fun! And the money!”

Zack was in top form as he gloated and boasted. People who had come to stop Nolan had frozen in their tracks and nearly fainted from relief. It was all just another act. However, the club had made a lot more money than they expected, so they returned the donations to the people. But surprisingly, some refused to take it back, as it was that good to some people.

“Well…with this, I guess we are finished.”


Nolan flicked his wrist and the maze was gone. The entire attraction was finished. The group dispersed after splitting the money and went on their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Tetra and Bailey were feeling remorse. Instead of slowing them down or even stopping them, they only helped them out more! They barely spent anything for that one run and they got way too much money!

Soon, a dangerous game of tag was created by the students. There would be one person who was it, and the rest would have to run. At the end of the hour, every person who was caught by the ‘it person’, would have to pay a couple of coins. But, if there were ‘survivors’, they would receive the money from the ‘it person’. All of it, if it were one survivor. The empty lot, where the maze used to be, became a good spot for the kids to play at.

Many times Nolan went to be it, and almost always won. The only time he lost was against Delania.

Other new things were circulating around, like the rumor that if you go on one of Nolan’s horror trips with the person you love, then you can be successful in your confession.

Of course, since it was done, no one could prove this rumor, but now scary stories were being shared for a future reference. Many people were planning on making their own scary maze for the next festival.

But the merchants saw something else. The realm of entertainment included not only joy and pleasure but also in experiencing new things. The thrill seekers needed an outlet, too. The RtP club got first place and managed to win the prize. For a group of freshmen, they did a good job.


“Hah, now we have tonight and tomorrow before going back to school.”

“Oh cheer up, Nolan. We go to a dungeon tomorrow!”

I know, but I think I have had enough dungeons for now. I am mentally exhausted and physically tired.

“Aww, or are you just upset I beat you?”

There’s that, too.

Man, it feels nice to be surrounded by pretty girls, but I can’t even appreciate them like I am.

“Then just go to sleep.”


Aww, Gina’s lap pillow feels nice. Mmm, and Ilya’s warm fur is so smooth…

“What about me?”

I don’t have to expend effort to talk so that is nice.

“Hey, Delania, it’s a little late to ask, but who are you talking to?”


“You can use telepathy? Let me see!”


“No, I can read minds, he can’t use telepathy.”

“Aww…oh, what am I currently thinking of?”


“How much you want to eat Nolan’s meat.”

Right, food. Or wait…that is kinky, Ilya.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Nolan?”

“Because what you just thought could be misunderstood.”

“Hm? How so?”

“Well, Gina, another name for a man’s thing is his meat.”

At Delania’s words, both of the girls reddened. Cute.

Ah, but I have things to plan for tomorrow. Hm?

Two girls approach, one beast kin in a maid outfit and one magic battle assassin dressed in sophisticated clothing for ceremonies. One already has some curves while the other looks really cute and short. It is certain that they will both be really busty in the future. I like how girls mature faster than guys. It means I can start admiring them earlier.

Ah, but I am not into little girls! Ow, I meant young girls!

“Shut up.”

Yikes, don’t look at me in such a scary way! Fine. Well, Bailey and Tetra are both really strong, but they are love interests to Zack and closely related to Princess Ophia. Just like Yidris, if I remember correctly. However, while Bailey is obviously a player, Tetra doesn’t seem that different. No, I guess that is to be expected at this point? If so many people are different, if someone seems too normal to us players, then that must be another player.

I mean, I met the Halfling brothers! Hahaha! I met the most informed rank C adventurers in the entire game and got to drink with them without even becoming an A Rank adventurer! This means I might get more valuable info in the future!

But first…Delania?

“Yep, they are like you alright.”

Their faces froze as they looked at Delania in surprise.

“You…you were found out?”

“I read minds, I found out myself.”

At that, the two looked at Delania with hostility. Oi, let me up!

“Hey, don’t start anything here.”

I will keep that in mind.

“You are exactly what is wrong with this world. You screwed up everything and now the world will have too many variables, making the entire future unknown!”

Tetra sure has a different personality. While she was strict on herself in the regular game, she is now abrasive and…scared? Why? Does she happen to know something about this world that we in the club don’t?

“Ah, it’s Bailey, hi!”

“Hello, Ilya! Mwa!”

Ohh…two girls getting intimate…hehehehe. I want to hug Ilya like that, too!

“Get a grip, Nolan.”


A note from Evil Ginger

I can't help but get a friendly older sister vibe from Bailey. Tetra seems like she would be the kind to run away from her difficulties...


So...I getting towards the last bit of my first playthrough. I chose the Makoto Route and loved it. She's my current favorite. Well, followed by Futaba and Haru. Then there are the adult women. All of them come in third, only because first three were so cute. The shogi girl comes in fourth. She's a beauty type, so I didn't get much of her. However, that leaves Ann in last place. She was too sexy, you know? It kind of threw me off.

But this ending had me like - Heh, I figured, he was plenty suspicious. Wha?! Why?! Then it was - Arrrgh! This damn boss never dies! Good riddance...NOOOOOO!!! Oh. Screw you, ATLUS! Stop scaring me!

And now I am just passing the days, but I can't help but feel like there is one more thing...

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