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In the game, no matter which club the player joined, even if they decided to make their own in the last year, there was someone who would try and disrupt their chances at winning. Normally, this would just be to the point of seeing which club did it better, but that was pointless in this case, as the RtP club did a maze, something that no one had done yet.

So, many clubs which were eyeing that number one prize tried to get involved. They were unsure how much money went into the attraction, but many could agree on one thing…

It needed a lot of magic, and only one person was really controlling it.

They had seen most of the scares and actions themselves, but they all believed the tricks to be magic once they thought of it.

To think, they didn’t expect wire traps and pulleys first, oh well.

Many clubs tried to find something wrong with the attraction, but even if it was a little cheesy at the end, the middle part was still good. Finding yourself in a winding dimly lit path constantly facing dangers felt like a real dungeon, which many youngsters wanted to experience at least once.

In fact, that was where most of the income for the maze came from…adventurers. They had heard the rumors and came to check it out. Most were disappointed in the ‘boss battles’ but they liked the parts before it. Their reviews got more people to come check it out.

And the ironic part was that every club sent someone to test it out. Of course, every club did this, save for the ones with low amounts of members, but when they heard their ‘scouts’ give their report…

They had to see it for themselves!

Most of the decorations were previously made by members of the art class. All Nolan had to do was pay them. The food they ate while on lunch came from dungeon beasts that they all hunted themselves. The maze and rest of the decorations were made with Nolan’s magic.

The group only paid for some paintings, sculptures, and the costumes. The rest of that festival night on the first day, Nolan had walked around in his ‘ghostly form’. It scared most of the people, but then Bucco’s serial killer outfit scared people too. The kids weren’t used to seeing someone dripping in (fake) blood wielding a large ax and wearing a plain white mask.

With a sign that advertised their maze, the group expected to see a lot of people the next day. However…

“Hey, we have received reports that your attraction is dangerous to people?”

“Emeril? Oh, did you perhaps want to give it a go?”


“Fufufu! Let’s go then! I was closing up for the night, but I can let you have a go. Not for free, though.”

“Hahaha! Alright!”


That day, everyone found out Emeril was weak to ghosts and scary things. However, when he said that there was no actual harm to a person’s life, everyone had mixed emotions.

The visitors were glad they could experience it again, while the club’s enemies were angry their little schemes weren’t working. Some had already tried to physically damage the place, but they just got kicked out by Nolan!

“Ugh, Nolan this, Nolan that. What is so special about him?”

“Well, Princess Ophia is now dating Emeril, and since he is not a player, then that must be due to Nolan’s effort.”

“Ugh, I can’t believe they would just make a club like that, what if they get found out?”

Two young girls were chatting with each other. One was in a maid’s uniform and passing out drawings made by their club. She had long brown hair and…healthy curves, for a 12-year-old.

Tetra glanced around the place and angrily stared at the surrounding crowd because she felt a strange look. However, her friend next to her was wearing an apron and resting on a chair. Her striped white and black tail swished a little, but her cat ears were twisting here and there.

Bailey, the young lady of the White Tiger tribe and daughter of the candidate to become the next Beast King. However, she was also the person who watched out for Ilya and her roommate.

Her white and black striped hair made for a messy look, but her gentle eyes and calm demeanor made her a target of many people’s affections.

And both happened to be players.

One was the strongest magician in the school besides Nolan, but that was a given. Even in the game, that was the same. To be constantly second, Nolan once thought they would make an amazing couple with magic, but she outright hated Nolan’s guts time and again, no matter how he replayed the game.

That was because he was a natural born son of a duke.

Tetra was an adopted child. Rather, she was a bastard child. Her mother was a maid and so on. However, she quickly trained in magic and learned how to be a lady. After her initial training, about when she was eight years old, she became a player. But for some reason, no one noticed.

In her young years, Bailey was a rambunctious beast kin girl just like Ilya and could not be bothered with the upbringing of a woman. But, that changed when she turned ten. She became kind and motherly, choosing to instead learn cooking. Because of this, she became Ilya’s personal attendant.

In the game, Bailey was even stronger than Ilya, as she was a tiger and not just a wolf. If the player was to help her, then Ilya’s father would lose his position and get his spot taken by Bailey’s father.

And in the game, she was Ilya’s rival. Now…she was Nolan’s.

The current Bailey…was lesbian. And that was it. She kept it a secret, but when Ilya started to see Nolan, Bailey got help from Tetra to teach him a thing or two. And so the duo began, and they vowed to stop that group of weaklings from tampering with this world so much.

“You know, you need to get stronger. How else are you to beat Ilya and win her over?”

“You just want me to be Ilya’s rival again, huh?”


“Uh huh. Well, even if I became her rival and Nolan stayed away, I doubt she would be just like in the game, you know.”

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