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Here we go! Let's wrap up this battle!

Kayne shuddered as he stared into those widened eyes and leapt backward, but the apparitions were waiting, swords at the ready.

He mumbled words under his breath while he agilely danced around the wild specter.

“He’s not that bad, but he doesn’t seem to be using any real techniques! However, that doesn’t mean we can be complacent! Erik, ready a metal spell!”


Erik quickly cast the metal cuff spell and an iron chain popped up from the ground and latched into the specter. Unfortunately, it was only for a couple of seconds before it froze completely and shattered.

“Damn, but it works somewhat. They are made of magic, after all.”

“Thanks, Erik!”

Dale had gotten back up and stood with his arms in a fighter’s stance. He punched outwards and a small gust appeared, sending frost and ice particles flying. He rushed at the specter in order to restrain it as best as possible.

“Dale, here!”

Kayne cast a holy blessing spell and the giant Halfling was shrouded in a white light. The apparitions shimmered and dimmed, but the main opponent, the specter, shielded his eyes, giving Erik the time he needed to cast a greater spell.

Large metal chains as thick as rope appeared and approached the figure, but then things started to change. The floating bear doll was ripped to shreds and a mournful yell came from the specter’s mouth. He slashed with one blade, but it shattered upon hitting one of the chains.

“Damn, even though he doesn’t have that much skill, he still has power! Dale, be careful!”

Kayne was trying to get a good watch on the field, but without his bow, he couldn’t perform many attack spells. He had to focus in order to create the arrow completely with magic. He had to imagine the arrow being notched into the bow and being pulled back in the string.

Just as he was about to let loose, a strange laughter came from the remains of the bear.

Then, a little child appeared and disappeared, but the effect it had on the specter was phenomenal.


The specter held the remaining sword in both hands and let loose several flying sword slashes, but each one was clearly made entirely of ice and liquid. Each strike gouged out the wall, but they were without aim, missing the trio by a large amount.

Suddenly, Erik spoke up.

“Boy, listen up. We aren’t Changelings.”

Even though the specter had stopped, it had refused to say anything. Dale and Kayne calmly stood up and approached the specter.

“We aren’t Changelings, but you are.”

The spirit shook his head, large blue drops of ice fell from his eyes.

“You were confused and misguided. Perhaps your monster traits were unlocked and you tried to justify your actions. Either way, you were punished.”

“For being…different?”

“No, for killing your sibling.”

The specter didn’t say anything, but the little drops of ice had stopped.

“Look, it’s time for you to go.”

Kayne held up his hand, a small white glow emanating from his palm.

Even after that, the specter refused to say anything. However, when the light touched the specter, nothing happened.

“Boo! Ha, did you enjoy our little attraction?”

“You fucker!”

Dale immediately hit Nolan on the head with his fist and sent the white dust flying, showing off his red hair. The temperature began to rise and the apparitions disappeared. Even the room began to fix itself. Abigail came in and tossed several blue bottles to him.

“Ah, this took way too much mana! Mmm, orange flavored. Care for a sip?”

“You…this is too extreme. How did you do all this?”

“Magic. I made use of magic to make little images by refracting light off of the water drops and moisture in the air. In that room with the dolls and such, I used animal blood. The same animals that go into making our meals. However, I used earth magic to clean the place up in an instant.”

The three stood dumbstruck at the amazing capabilities of this mage who could convince these three adventurers they were in some deep trouble. Nolan reverted back to his nearly expressionless face and dusted himself off.

“Alright, that is the last one for today. I am too exhausted right now. Geez, normally my customers are just students, why did you come here?”


Kayne let out an embarrassed chuckle, but he had to give the group their credit. They did a better job with this one that the others combined.

“Oh, and how about we close early and go eat something?”

Abigail nodded and left the room. Not long after, Yidris came in.

“Yeah, after those guys earlier left, no one wanted to come in and several people had gotten their weapons and stood outside the entrance and exit, not listening to a word I said.”

The trio laughed awkwardly, but they agreed to join the five for their break. It was a fun time, but the fatigue and worry the entire group had experienced was a lot more than they thought they could handle.

But, once the trio explained that it was a hoax, a fraud, and a lie, many people wanted to see the scenario where three adventures acted like their life was on the line. Dale, Erik, and Kayne never spread a word about the reason behind the spooky actions, as the mystery was amazing. The three got free food and left that night after talking with everyone.


“Alright guys, we did okay, but we can do better. We already met our goal, earning more than what we spent. So, we need to change plans. We need to have multiple parties since we don’t want a long line tomorrow. Hey, Bucco, come here.”

“What is it?”

“People will like my dungeon, so let me try a scenario for you. I call it, the generic serial killer is on the loose.”


“Oh yeah, but now Zack has a better part to play. Are you guys in?”



A note from Evil Ginger

Hah, if Nolan had been using the techniques he was used to, he wouldn't have been cornered by three C Rank adventurers. He used his magic to perform tricks, so during the fight, he only used the swords. However, since he was dual wielding, he didn't know any techniques. Thus, he merely slashed and cut.

And while he seemed to be a good actor, he still messed up in certain places. But since he was a ghost, the stiff actions seemed unnatural and fit what the three imagined to be a ghost.

So what did you guys think? Too spooky for you? Well, there shall be more tomorrow. Hehehehe...

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