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I must apologize in advance. The tone will start to change from here on out. The signs won't start appearing obviously until towards the end of the festival, but whatever.

One man with crimson red hair parted towards the left and combed over to show his intelligent face stood before the empty plot of land before him. He mumbled under his breath the incantation for the magic spell and a gigantic maze made out of hard dirt was pulled up out of the ground.

Yeah, that’s me. I’m awesome, but I can’t get rid of my previous life’s facial expression, which is this slight smirk. People always tell me I look mad or upset. It’s even worse when I am the son of a Duke.

But I am too good. We have these three days to prepare for the three-day festival and then one day of rest before we go back to school. Not a bad holiday, if you ask me, though it can’t really be called a holiday.

I am joined by a walking humanoid flame with a really curvy body. For a twelve-year-old, this flame spirit is too mature.

“I can feel you looking at me.”

“Just appreciating the fact that your outside is based on your inside. Your soul does form your shape, right?”



Ow, don’t burn me! Anyways, I will leave her alone, since Bucco keeps glaring at me. The two spent so much time together making gear for the others that I would be surprised if nothing took place between them. But, the walking steroid ad carried a hammer today, not an ax.

Abigail stretched her hands outwards and scorched the earth, making it black and tough, like glass. Now it won’t wash away if it rains. But, this also gives everything a nice destroyed feeling. The smoke in the air smells of danger.

Next, Bucco brings out some cheap ore and uses Abigail’s heat to mash the metal. Abigail then starts forming the softened metal into strange and exotic shapes, creating deadly looking torture tools and such.

Zack was getting Sandie to help with the advertisements and scary artwork to go around the campus. Meanwhile, Yidris was out looking for people to help invest in our project.

Unlike what most people think, this assignment is actually a way to earn additional income. Most people will run a food stall or have an attraction like ours, but if we make a lot more money than what we spent, then we prove how awesome we are at making money, getting the attention of the merchants and receiving some discounts.

In the game, these discounts were exceedingly important.

But here, half of us belonged to prestigious families.

The best thing about the labyrinth we are doing is that one entrance leads to many paths which lead to one exit. And at the end…lies the Overlord, scion of darkness and destruction!

Yeah, we couldn’t use the demon king for obvious reasons, but each person will take turns confronting the attendees and having them take down the boss. Pretty cool, but I have a feeling that Bucco and Zack might actually get in trouble.

A pervert and a mad man…

We will alternate this way. One person is on trap duty, placing decorations that move or cause a screeching yell. Another person is the evil Lord at the end. Yet another person gets people to enter the maze. And the last two get to walk around. However, one has to promote the labyrinth. The other gets a break.

I spoke with the others and we all set a schedule so everyone could see their friends. I told Gina, Ilya, and Delania about it and they said they should be fine. We can all walk around for a little while.

Unfortunately, we will be doing this three days in a row. Fortunately, the festival is only open 10 hours a day. We each switch every hour. Nice plan, huh?

Yeah, it is pretty long, but the jobs shouldn’t be too hard. We all chose costumes that were light and with Yidris’ enchantments, they were able to cool us off as well. Super comfortable.

Yep, we already pretty much got everything ready. Now we just need to set up the maze. Decorating it and rigging the traps would definitely be the most difficult part. However, Yidris also has her archery training, and one part of that was to identify traps and remove them, which required a bit of know-how related to creating traps anyway.

Simple traps are easy to deduce and their usage can lead to surprising events.

The festival is open to everyone who pays the entry fee, but that isn’t the main point. It is the fact that people’s parents are going to be coming, and something childish as this probably won’t be as effective as we thought.

However, I plan on working my hardest for this. I made sculptures of beasts and set up light crystals here and there to keep the lighting high enough to see, but low enough to keep the place covered in shadows.

I worked in a haunted house before in my previous life, I know some stuff.

But that was something no one ever did in the game. They usually did food, stores, or other such stalls. There was the one Emeril used to be in, and that was just a ‘fight me and if you win, you get money!’

He didn’t lose, which was a thing. This took place too early for the player to ever be able to win in a fight.

But, he seemed to be taking part in patrolling the grounds and making sure nothing dangerous happens. So he is a member of the disciplinary committee? Huh.

Well…time to get back to work. The faster we finish, the faster we can rest.


“Hey, it seems like no one is here!”
“Alright, let’s trash it! These people are all so strong, but if we mess them up here, then they will have trouble in the future, huh?”

Who are these guys? I just fell asleep and you want to trash our maze? Go away.

“AAAAHH! A ghost! Shit, they actually made it haunted! Run!”

Hm? Oh, oops. I have dust all over me from my sculptures. I do look a little pale, huh? Well, this could actually make for a good effect. Hehehe. I think when I am lord, it should be an amazing act.

A note from Evil Ginger

Oh, and maybe another chapter. Well, now that I have said it, yeah, expect another chapter later.

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