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There she was, sitting in the back of a car, unable to move about, as she was sitting in a car seat. She looked towards her front to see her mother’s pretty face look back at her. The mother reached out and adjusted the seat belt so she could breathe better, but there was a loud horn from outside and the car suddenly lurched to the side before an abrupt pain could be felt all over.

Then, she woke up. This dream hadn’t appeared since she was younger, so she shook her head and held herself. She looked over at the young woman who was sent here as her guard and breathed a sigh of relief.

Back at the palace, whenever she had this nightmare, her new father would come running and try to console her. And when she started acting differently or spoke of strange things that didn’t exist in this world, most people treated her just like a child with an overactive imagination.

She was only five when she died, but the body she took over when she transmigrated was already eight. Over time, she learned how to fight and protect herself. As she got older, she became more independent, but there was still something that felt wrong about this world.

That is, until she met him. He was nice, strong, fun to be around, but most of all, he seemed to fill that hole. In this world of magic and swords, compassion, especially for her people, was something that wasn’t that used.

However, he would show her kindness unconditionally. He seemed to know a lot about this world and the people in it. Thanks to him, she could have some real friends. Though they had only been together for a little while, she already started to like him.

She thought back to the boy who let her live for once and softly went back to sleep with a smile.

A note from Evil Ginger

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