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This is why I said don't completely believe Nolan's words. He makes a lot of mistakes.

Zack was a special kind of weirdo. He liked dabbling in all kinds of things. Cooking, music, computers, he had a lot of interests in his past life. Unfortunately, he was never really ‘good’ at anything. He could work on something enough to know a lot about it, but he was always below average to everyone else.

However, in this world, he had knowledge no one else did. He could easily work his way up the ladder and promote all sorts of cool things. Heck, he was the inventor!

Potions were medicine, so they tasted terrible. He decided to make them flavorful. It turned out, that adding citrus was a good alternative. The necessary vitamins were a better benefit than he imagined. His potions not only tasted great, they were more effective, too!

He used recording magic tools to capture the various sounds he heard and then played them back in a pattern, making club music. He would play several different recording tools at once, record that sound, and then add it to the final product. It would take a lot longer than making music in his past life…or in this life, for that matter.

Because of this, he brought a new method of music for the people. Recordings of strange sounds would somehow make their way into orchestras with these magic tools and now people could mix and match, playing songs that sounded really good together.

All in all, he was a party kind of guy.

When he had gotten in trouble with Sylvia that day, his life had pretty much started off on its much-desired harem route.

“Y-you stole my…panties?!”

“I am sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.”

He knew well enough that he couldn’t implicate his comrade here. This was him giving him a chance with the elven princess at close range!

However, he wasn’t being punished.


“Because I wanted to have something of yours. I am sorry, but I couldn’t contain myself.”

She was shy and seemed to be anxious. Her long silver hair and pointy ears quivered when he looked at her strongly.

“Are you…did you do something strange to it?”

“I must confess, I smelled it. Unfortunately, it was already clean.”

Well, he wasn’t lying when he said he was going to speak his mind and let everyone know he was a pervert. Surely she had heard some of the rumors about him.

However, she seemed to squirm and hold herself.

“Can…can I have those back, please? They’re my only pair.”

Suddenly, Zack collapsed on the floor at the thought of this cute girl not wearing anything underneath her long shirt. Sylvia had freaked out and healed him, not expecting that he would start bleeding from his nose so unexpectedly.

Zack had handed over the panties, but only after being promised that they would go on a date in the future. She embarrassingly agreed and he left with a happy expression.

The two got to know each other more over time, but then he became aware that something was weird. Whenever he reached her door, wet sounds could be heard from her room. He wanted to look inside, but whenever he touched the door, the sounds would stop, followed by sounds of her cleaning up. The only thing in the room was the tiny slime on her bed.

However, her face would always be bright red, her face perspiring and her breath quick. It wasn’t that hard to see something was going on. However, the thought of Princess Sylvia doing something naughty actually made him…excited.

“Why don’t we stay in here today?”

“No! I mean, why don’t we go walk around outside?!”

“Hmmm…no. What’s in here?”

He opened the closet, but only silk clothes were silently sitting there. He even parted the clothes, but nothing was hiding. He checked under the bed and even looked out on her balcony. There was nothing. But then he eyed the slime.

Sylvia was nearly in tears, trying to hold him back. That was when the slime morphed into a person and attacked, lunging at Zack!

“Leave mistress alone!”

The slime spoke! However, Zack was too busy groping the gelatinous female body in front of him. His face was contorted into something…vulgar.

The covers of the bed were removed and revealed pictures of Zack.
The struggle stopped, and Zack silently stared at the pictures on the bed.

“Were you stalking me?”

“…do you hate me?”

“That’s hot.”

From then on, the two started going out. It turned out that Sylvia was merely having the slime take Zack’s appearance as she interacted with it. But the biggest issue was why she so quickly fell for him. She was a shy person and wanted friends. However, because of her popularity, she became more of an idol that no one could touch.

Those who got too close were ‘culled’ and kicked out, and no one was able to express their real feelings for her due to the covenant they all shared. Stupid, yes.

But for the brazen and seemingly kind Zack, she was happy. Eventually, instead of trying to interact with slime Zack, she took to hugging it when he wasn’t around.

Sandy eventually spied them dating, and found that she had grown extremely fond of her muse. She felt a strange feeling at the man she liked being with someone else, so her art took on a very strong feeling, and she discovered something new about herself. She knew what Zack was like, with his promiscuity, so she could still be with him, but she liked it better as she watched them from afar. Not wanting to be close, and wanting to be Sylvia, Sandy took on a different personality then she had ever had.

With these stalkers, Zack’s harem went to three, if one were to count the slime. He was having the time of his life. Heck, with Sylvia’s help, he could even make it through the school year!

He didn’t realize he had unfortunately begun a very dangerous route.

The enemy of every single man route. Not really, it was more like a 'possible bad end' route.

A note from Evil Ginger

Although Sylvia did end up being a little perverted. And so did Sandie, which upset me, to be honest.

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