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Before me stands the grim reaper, killer of my dreams.


Why are you here, Delania?

“Obviously because something cool is happening.”

Gina and Ilya are staring at me expectantly. Why? Do you think I am going to shoo her away?! Hell no! If all of us are going as a party, there is a definite possibility that we are going to fight dragons or some other such nonsense!

Thus, the need for all three of the untouchables to be here, and that includes the pink haired loli –


“Shut up!”

Ouch. At least she didn’t use her weird ax.

“Oh? You know of Greguldover? Haha!”

That monstrosity is a nightmare. It looks like a regular staff, but it is made entirely of magic steel. With the press of a button, several thin blades pop out and form some sort of geometric double scythe. However, stepping back and looking at it, the shape forms an ax head.

Greguldover, the Executioner’s Mythic Axe.

“I like that name, I will keep it!”

No one here knows what is going on, as everyone looks at us weirdly. Gina, Ilya, Emeril, and Ophia are here. Hm? Isn’t that Saintess Josine? Is she after Emeril as well? Damn, I thought he was a hero. I wonder if he will get Tetra, the battle mage. She is surprisingly active for a mage, but she is secretly a magic assassin for…the Princess…holy shit, Emeril is going to involve himself with the Assassin’s Guild, too? First the Royal Family, then the Church, what’s next, Diedre the young lady of the leading merchant’s clan in the entire continent?

Please, no.

Anyway, after opening up a soot box and getting laughed at by passerby, we get stopped right outside the Labyrinth.

“Why, hello there, friends of my daughter. I am the 36th Demon King, Ru –“
“Honey, leave them alone, they are having fun.”
“Ah, yes darling.”

Huh. The Demon Queen is surprisingly…endowed. Will Gina get that way, too? I mean, she is a teenager right now, but…hmm…I am looking forward to it.

“Oh, and Nolan?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“I hope you and my daughter can solve the riddle in the boss room.”

The Queen chuckles to herself as she wraps around her husband’s arm. They walk away, leaving us feeling quite confused. But then it is time to set off!


Alright, so it seems that this dungeon is only meant for at most five people. The bosses weren’t dragons, but they were elementals. Pure ones. Their essence would make for some good alchemical ingredients.

I watched as Gina used her new roars, which could add elemental effects. It was like enchanting a blade with fire temporarily, but for her shout. She could set enemies aflame by yelling, which is crazy.

Ilya tried to use a sword, but I told her to go back to bare handed fighting, just focus on dodging the strikes at the last second. Surprisingly, she did amazing. She felt that this method worked really well for her, since it stopped reducing her stamina in a fight. Delania was as jaw-dropping as ever, with her deadly dance. Slow steps, just walking down the path.


Each step with the beat, every offbeat her ax is swung.

1 and 2 and 1 and 2 and

She looked like she was doing etiquette training, trying to walk in a straight line with a stack of books on her head. She just looked forward and kept on walking.

Meanwhile, Emeril, Ophia, and Josine were working together to fight a couple enemies on their own. Sorry, I thought you could handle it, Princess. Josine didn’t fight and completely focused on recovery spells. Duh, she is a light magician, it’s her forte.

Ophia used a blade meant for fencing and piercing, so she had to exert more energy. However, her sword skills were definitely above mine, if by only a level. Emeril just defended them both with his powerful defense.

With the golems running around like sweepers, we earned a lot of drops and loot. By the time we got to the end, our bags were bulging. Good thing I also happen to have an Inventory Ring which increases carrying capacity.

Oh, the places you will go with money.

And here we are, the boss room. Nothing looks different, even though we should be on a harder difficulty. In fact, the two statues do the exact same movements as before!

We have about half a day left, so we stop to eat and rest. However, it wasn’t long until Emeril tried to do the sword dance. He wanted to dance with me! What the hell?!

“No. Go dance with Ophia.”

“Aww, come on! Don’t you trust me?”

Ugh, how should I deal with this? Oh, I know!

“Of course. So why should we express it in such a way?”

“Oh, good point.”

I am not dancing with another guy.


Shut it, you. Hey, if I think reeeeeealy perverted thoughts, will you stop reading my mind like that?

Oh, okay. I guess that is a no. Can I try? Ow ow ow ow! Let go of my hair! Sheesh, I apologize!

“Ow…Gina, you and Ilya want to give it another go?”

“I don’t know…”
“Yes! Come on, Ilya!”

They both pull a couple swords off the wall and stand behind each other. Ilya is trembling, but she resolutely stands her ground. Uh oh, she is a little slow. Time for some words of wisdom.

“Hey, why are you freaking out? We have healing magic. And really good healing magic, at that.”

Ilya tilts her head and then smiles wide. She nods and happily goes back to practicing. Looks like they are almost there. Go me, say the right words!

“So, want to dance?”

No thank you, I feel like you are the least trustful person to me right now.

Why are you pouting? If you are upset, stop sending me smoke bombs!

“But…it’s fun.”

Oi. That’s right, you can read minds. Not even once did you mention that in the game, but you would sometimes say some convenient clues in the middle of a difficult time. Are you being pushed away because of your ability?


Geez, I’m sorry, I wasn’t even thinking.

“So you can apologize, huh? Whatever. I don’t need your pity.”

Oh, come on! I was trying to be nice! Alright, how about that dance? No? Then I guess I can solicit a dance from Josine –

“Alright, let’s go.”

Hehe, ow.

“Shut up.”

A note from Evil Ginger

You know, as I was writing, I personally found it strange that Delania became so close to Nolan so fast. And then I remembered who she was. I based her off of Rory Mercury from GATE, who also had a strange attitude, but then her attitude changed into a young girl who was suffering from loneliness. To be honest, after I understood her more, I feel like Delania is best girl. Followed by Ilya.

Who do you think is best?

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