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Here we go!


“Is it alright for you to be here?!”

“Yeah? I mean, nothing is going on back home.”

Not yet…oh! So this is why it seemed weird for him to arrive! Back in the game, you weren’t able to read the book until close to the middle part of the year, when the political strife in the demon kingdom was the highest. He couldn’t leave since there was so much going on, but he seems to be the kind of guy to do things personally.

Gina had inherited her father’s lilac hair, but his eyes were a deep red, not the purple of the princess. Hmm, he also has straight horns, jutting forward like a…dragon’s…

“Are you part dragon?”

“Well, yes and no. I carry the physical appearance, but I do not have any dragon organs, unlike my daughter. It seems she didn’t have just a dragon heart, but also their lungs. I am happy.”

Indeed he looks the part. His scaly tail is swinging all over the place and his wings are twitching. I bet he wants to unfurl them and roar to the heavens about how happy he his. He was that kind of guy, after all. His sprite animation did the same thing, too, when he finally met you and thanked you for your help.

“…Should we go outside?”

“Oh, no, I am fine.”

“Ah, okay.”

I was trying to be courteous, though…his pale skin that has a tint of blue makes him look very demonic and it appears darker since we are in the dimly lit library.

“By the way, it seems that Gina is practicing a new sword style, which I find…strange.”

“Yes, we have an ancient Labyrinth Dungeon that has a strange boss.”

“Oh, the twin statues, correct? I see, I never knew you could imitate them. Huh. I might bring the missus and go on vacation, hehe.”

“Uhh, wouldn’t it be best to make sure nothing bad happens back home? Without you to keep everyone in check…”

“Nonsense! There was this big issue brewing, but when Gina unlocked her dragon bloodline, everything ceased. Hahaha! If it had happened a little later, they would have gone through with their plans regardless! This way, everything remains quiet. But…you know about our situation quite well…”


“Wanna work for me? I can give you a higher position, as someone who the royal family owes a debt to.”

“No, hehe, but thanks. I must worry about my classes.”

“Classes that you are already the top of? Don’t try to fool me, you are a bonafide genius.”

Crap crap.

“Or is there something else you want…”



Oi, calm down! I swear, I am not ready to fight you! Reign in your killing intent!

“Hoh? You can still stand? Not bad. Alright, then I might allow it in the future. However, you need to be the strongest. I won’t accept anything less for my daughter’s husband.”


Ah, Gina! Please save me!

“What are you talking about?! Nolan is just a friend!”

Ack, the Zone is a lonely place to be - Ack!

“Is that true? Eh? You, boy. Why do you look like you are about to die?”


Why do people want to suffocate me? I actually want Big Sis Amethia least it was softer…

“Dad, stop it! I won’t stand for this!”

“Alright, sweetie. By the way, tomorrow, I am bringing your mom. We want to try our hand at this little dungeon ourselves. See you then! Bye!”


“Nolan! Don’t die! Nooolaaaan!”

“Ow, let me sleep…”


Why are you being so dramatic? I doubt your dad would actually kill me inside the school.

“I was so worried, dad doesn’t know how to hold back so I thought your heart had stopped or something!”

Wait, what. I could have actually died? Then…yay?


I am back in the infirmary, but now I am the patient. Well, at least the pretty nurse is here.

Since we’re alone…

“Ma’am, what is your name?”

“I don’t have a name, I am just a Homunculus created by the Principal to help regulate the school's duties. I am designated as Nurse. Pleased to meet you, Nolan.”

Ah, she sounds so good. Props to you, Mister Principal. Even though your speeches are boring, you know how to make a pretty nurse.

Wait, are players only limited to students? Could adults become players as well? Hopefully not, or this would be ridiculous.

So far, we have all been transmigrated to people within the same grade. It may have been at different times, but we were definitely of the same age.

Is this a condition? Only to those born within a specific year? If that is the case, what are the other requirements? I know they can’t have been too numerous, or else the world would have already experienced a lot of changes and the story would have been completely different, rather than a variant.

We might not have any demons or beastkin whatsoever in case someone before us tried to defeat the Demon King like in other video games.

“Nolan, it is nearly time for the school’s services to end. Please make your way to your dormitory or to the nearby city to recuperate.”

“Thank you, Nurse.”

“No, thank you. Have a good day.”

“Hehe, I will, because I saw you!”

Hehehe, I am getting a little adventurous now. I need to work on some one-liners to pick up chicks or something. No, no. Then I would become Zack. Argh, just focus on the girls I already have! Shit!


“Oh, how is it going, Emeril?”

“Pretty good. Ophia and I are going on a date tomorrow.”


Thumbs up, my man!

“However…I am afraid I won’t be able to protect her on my own.”

“You want me to come? I mean, it is your date.”

“No, I understand. Plus, I heard about your date…or dates, as it were.”

Oi, don’t smirk at me! I will knock your block off!

“Then why not go on a double date? You bring Ophia, and I will bring Gina…and Ilya…”

“No one else?”

“I don’t think so…”


The next day…

“Heyo, Nolan boy~.”


A note from Evil Ginger

I personally hate writing the first person perspective after a while. I can't describe certain things because Nolan doesn't really care about them. For example, the panties were straight panties, not lace. Nolan only cared that they were panties in the first place. Zack would have gone into deep detail.


Ugh, if Zack were the MC though, I would probably feel sickened by his constant over exaggeration of how every girl looks hot. Maybe Nolan is a better choice after all.

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