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I say that, but then it is time to go to combat class. It’s okay, I already ate with Ilya, but I am easily getting bored again. My bad habit, I know. However, I just have to look at the fact that things will start going forward soon!


“Nolan boy, here.”



“Enough! Just open the damn box!”


Woohoo! Wait, who does this belong to?

“Hoh? You know that it isn’t mine?”

Yeah, why would you wear white ones, you are more into linger –


Geez, she hits harder than I thought!

“Peh! Have fun dealing with the chaos that will follow.”

Don’t walk away while grinning mischievously like that! Wait, so you pulled me over here so no one would know you gave this to me! Dastardly and conniving must be your middle names!


No! At least tell me who this belongs to!

“No. You anger me. I mean, I already know you are someone from another world.”

Wait, what? Oh, I can only think of Zack.

“Well, that is true, but I heard your thoughts since day one.”

Oh. Well, now I feel stupid. Whew, guess I can stop trying to hide my thoughts.

Hehe, why are you surprised?

“Wait, was that the only reason for your silence?”

Duh, I didn’t know how you would feel to know in our world, this place is just some story.

“Well, now you are here, does it feel like some sort of story?”

…no, but…

“See? Now then, I guess since we cleared that up, watch out for Sylvia.”

Che, why do girl names always end with –ia or –a? The people in this world aren’t creative with their names.


Ah, crap. That erofu might bring her stupid mob with her. Ophia is someone hard to get close to because she has authority in the human kingdom, while Ilya doesn’t allow men near her for the most part. Even Gina has her distancing trick, but Sylvia is someone who is relatively close to everyone.

Thus, her fan group is immense.

“Look over there, we must find the perpetrator who stole Sylvia’s most beloved thing!”

Wait, are you telling me these are the panties made out of her favorite pet’s last silk? No wonder it feels amazing.

“You even know of that?”

Duh. The game didn’t have sex scenes, as the people were all underage, but it was implied.

“Huh. Well, good luck.”

Heh, easy. “Hey! I found the person who stole it!”



“It was her! She must have snuck in since she is a woman, after all!”

The guys who were nearby all looked at Delania as she gave them an evil smile.

“W-well, that is certainly a possibility, but w-why would Miss Shreveport steal underwear…”

Oh, he was going to say ‘too pure for her’ but stopped. Lucky guy. Wait, something wasn’t entirely right in that last sentence…

“Indeed, why would I steal it? This guy is just trying to pin the blame on me, isn’t that right?”

“Oi, she’s obviously intimidating you to look the other way and make me into the bad guy!”

“Well…we have the item, and we have a scapegoat, so that should be no problem, right?”

“Then you be the scapegoat! I had nothing to do with this!”

Argh, these assholes are getting on my nerves.

“Nuh uh, if Sylvia found out, then I wouldn’t be able to be her fan anymore!”

Ugh, so stupid.

“Fine, then I will just turn it into her.”


Wait, they want to be the one to turn it in? Hehehe, this makes it easier. They aren’t united as I thought.

“So we are at a troublesome point. All of you want to turn it in, but you have only one item. Now what?”

Yes, fight each other so I can run away!

“Well, we can just turn it in together, right?”
“Yeah, that sounds good.”

What. Stop laughing, Delania! This is all your fault! Damn, your affection towards me is rising too fast. I don’t even want Sylvia! Ooooh! I know!


“Hm? Oh, Nolan, what is it?”

“Here. Do you know what this is?”

“Ooh! It’s Sylvia’s! Mmm, smells niiiice…”

Ew, that is spider poop right there covered in moldy sweat. No, Sylvia’s not that gross, but it might be covered in slime excrement, too.

“You! You defiled her sacred garments! That’s it, you are in trouble!”
“Yeah, get him!”
“You can’t run away!”

“Wait, what?! No! This isn’t what was supposed to happen!”

Hahaha! Take the fall!

Good, they’re gone, now.

“You are evil, huh?”

I just feel like I may be helping Zack get closer to potential love interests…

“Right. Well, that was a good show, thanks.”

Whatever, next time, just give me nice stuff and I will love talking to you.

“Nope! I can’t guarantee that one bit. See you later!”



Well, Sylvia was always a little perverted, as she was one of the ones who gave themselves pretty easily if I remember correctly. Plus, there was no sign of her being a virgin, which meant she had at least played with herself really intensely. So, when Zack finally made it out of her dorm room, he wasn’t upset and actually walked around in a daze.

Did she actually do him? Ugh.

“So, what happened?”

“Oh, I missed combat class, oops…oh well. Huh? Oh, I…I had a wonderful time…”

“Did you…”

“No, but it was awesome…I can’t stop thinking of her legs…”

Did she stomp on him? Is he an M? I never knew Sylvia could be an S, but then again, I never really saw her angry. Which meant that she was probably really angry. This was the last thing she has to remember her favorite spider pet by.


“Well, as long as you like it.”


Oookay, I’m going now.


And now it is time for learning with Gina.

She seems to be out, but that is only for a little while. She probably took the entire day off in order to complete her bathing. In the game, she would rush back as soon as possible in order to thank you a lot.

Hm? Who is this guy? He looks like he is trying too hard to be cool.

“Are you Nolan, the man who helped my daughter? Hello, I am Rudicus Xeiver, 36th King of the Demons.”


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