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Suddenly, more reveals!

A game is always fun, but there was one thing I liked but never got to see in the game.

A random something or other! The joy of somehow getting that little sliver that means top prize and receiving…oh, that is essentially Delania…

Then, how about…something that makes me money? Oh! Hehehe, my art can finally be used to earn me income! Wait, I can run Dungeons and I am already making money from the Monsternomicon. Plus…my art isn’t that great yet.

Or I can just join a club. Geez, I am stupid. I completely forgot. I need to be in one before the first holiday anyway. I wonder which one I should join…Emeril is in a combat club. They will be able to fight people who are in the higher grades and even across the continent. However, that is not my thing. And neither is the magical equivalent.

Those two clubs are only for increasing fighting prowess and not for getting girls. Actually, I think I am going to stop with the girls. Whatever happens from here on out happens. Only when the girls have completely fallen for me or outright hate my guts will I move on.

But I doubt the latter will ever happen. I am not an evil guy.

As long as we can be friends, I can still have hope.

There is stuff like the tea club which focuses on etiquette and conversing, pretty much a noble gossip club for rich girls. Then there are the hobby clubs for strange likes, but let us see what the academy has to offer…


‘Rise to Prominence, a group dedicated to understanding the perfect game. Must answer a set of questions correctly before being accepted. Current members: Yidris Harrow, Bucco Luren, Zachariah Kenton, Abigail Enderson.’

Oh shit, even miss flame spirit is a player?! I wonder who else!

Yeah, it was pretty easy to tell, since Rise to Prominence is the name of this game. Well, I guess this is a good club. It sounds like a go home club to me. What pointless things will we do as people from another world?


“You! Grr…”

Bucco is as rowdy as ever, huh.

“Wow, I am glad you came to join! I am the club captain! Well, our club duties are to discuss the greatest game ever, Rise to Prominence! However, it is essentially just a place for us to pool our information.”

“I can deal with that. So that means we can have a truce?”

I am talking to you two, you big baby and stupid idiot.


“As long as you stop taking my women!”

“They aren’t yours.”


Abigail’s expression never wavered, so I guess she quickly realized I was a player, too.

“I was transmigrated around the time she was five.”

I guess she noticed my questioning gaze.

“Nice. Are you built the same way?”

“No, I am stronger. Plus, I fixed her supposed weakness. Don’t think you can just try and conquer me.”

“No problem, you’re too hot to handle.”

And flash! Ahhh~! My joke saved every one of us! Hehe.

“Pfft –“ (Zack)
“Hahaha!” (Yidris)
“Did you just…” (Bucco)
“Alright, you got me. That was good.” (Abigail)

Well, that lightened the mood by a butt load.

“Yeah, we are in this together, so why get angry at each other?”

“Alright, you have a point. Sigh, and I was wanting to be the main character.”

Of course I have a point, Zack. And besides, you could never make it as the main character.

“Well, the only main character right now should be Emeril.”

“Yeah, and his boyfriend.”

Don’t look at me like that! I will break your two front teeth, Bucco! No, all of your teeth!

“Now, now, let’s sit down and have a good meeting. We don’t meet often, and lunch is almost over.”

Thank you, Yidris.

“Fine, just hurry up.”

For once, I agree with the walking pile of testosterone. Holy crap, those muscles are like tree trunks.

“Well, Nolan already had the Monsternomicon made, so that helps us. Anybody got plans for helping out in other ways?”

“Oh? So like having a discount at a blacksmith or something?”

She nods at my question, but I am glad this group has a different goal than I thought.

“Yes, we will have special positions that can cover each other. In the game, we could only follow a specific path, but this way, we can try for all of the routes at once! And with better efficiency, too.”

“But I already finished the Labyrinth. However, I am going again tomorrow with Gina and Ilya. We are trying to discover the secret of the twin boss.”


“Not really. It’s just dance lessons, pretty much.”

“You bastard!”



Oh, he settled down rather quickly after Yidris yelled at him. Is she actually a scary person?

“So are you saying that there is something strange going on with the boss?”

“Yes. It seems to be a teaching method for some fighting style, but it requires two people to trust each other to a really high degree.”

“Wait, isn’t this a form of seeing affection levels? If you can complete the dance, then you two should be really good together.”

“That sounds plausible, but it is difficult. Waving a sharp sword around can be pretty scary.”

“Well, good luck. Anyone else?”

“I can get us a discount on a naval passage during one of our monthly vacations. Also, my friend Mico can get me some discounts from his store.”


Well, Zack and Yidris are happy about that, but it is indeed a good deal. Nice, Bucco!

“I don’t need your praise! Shut up.”

Aww, he’s blushing. Oh wait, that’s anger. Hehe, my bad.

“I happen to know some good blacksmiths. They make use of my special fire, so I can get gear up to a certain level for free.”

We all drop our jaws. Isn’t this exactly what we were wanting?!

“In that case, let’s use this.”

I bring out the Orichalcum to present to the group.

“That is not large enough to make several weapons or armor for us.”

“No, I know. But we could fashion some sort of badge, right?”

“Ah! The logo of the game!”


Everyone is nodding their heads, so I must have said something good. Or is it because I am giving something to everyone for free?

“Actually, that is awesome, since I happen to be an enchanter!”

Oh, Yidris isn’t a combat type anymore?

“Well, I still train in my archery, but now I spend my time knitting and sewing magical patterns into the Princess’ clothes. They look really pretty, too.”

Okay, looks we are set. Rise to Prominence is a go!


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