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Sorry, only one chapter today. I will have to visit the doctor today.

In the game, this boss fight was truly strange. The boss never moved from their starting position, but close combat was never possible. You had to use magic. No matter what. Seeing the dance in 3D, I could tell that there aren’t very many openings. Plus, even though they look calm and pretty, their movements will be extremely quick to react. I remember the sprite movement. They would suddenly jump to counter, no matter where the swords were.

You literally couldn’t do anything in a melee with them.

So, I make use of my level 5 swordplay and place myself behind Gina. We are about the same height, so that works, but her horns might get in the way. No, I won’t let them.

“So…how do we start?”

“Easy. It is like music. Not a waltz, since it is in 4/4.”


Hehe, do you know how much Dark Souls I have played?!

“Swordplay is like dancing. This definitely looks possible. Watch.”

This is kind of embarrassing…

“1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4.”

“Oh! Okay, let’s try again!”


Well, it’s getting late and my heels hurt.

“Sorry, I am clumsy.”

“No, no problem. We can come back on our off day and try again.”

“Oh, okay!”

Gina seems awfully chipper for someone who kept failing…

“I will come too! I want to try after I get some sword training!”

“You would probably do better with some dancing lessons.”

“Poo! Shut up, Nolan! Let’s just fight this thing and go!”
Ah, crap, she’s running for the boss!

“NO! Don’t get close!”

Damn, I was careless! Urgh!

“Ah, Nolan!”

Ow, my back hurts. Heal, heal! Ah, much better.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking…”

“It’s okay. Only magic can hit them. Let me.”


I attacked from above. That was the only place not guarded by their blades. As soon as they crumbled into dust, a light shone down and the statues were fixed to their original states. Such is the way of a dungeon owned by the academy, I guess. Now it is time to go.


Gina quickly left to make her dainty dragon bath while Ilya seemed really resolved for something. Oh well, as long as I keep feeding her, she will keep coming around.

And so it is time to leave, hahaha! Today was a good da –

“Oof. Ow, watch where you are going. Oh? So it is the famous Nolan. What do you say to a lady you just bumped into?”

Oh no, Delania.

“…What do you want me to say?”

“Pff, hahaha! Can you not even know how to say sorry? Are you really that much of a noble’s son?”

She clutched her sides and laughed, looking every bit the way a twelve-year-old girl is supposed to…but a twelve-year-old kid isn’t supposed to have murdered sixteen people already…

“Then it was sorry? Forgive me for not knowing, I have never bumped into a pretty woman in such a way before. Especially when the other party was waiting for me to bump into them.”

“Oh, so you realized? Hahaha! I guess you aren’t that stupid, huh? Here, a gift!”

Dang…is it an explosion? A death threat filled with a horrible curse that will last three days? Or maybe even the panties of a highly popular girl? Crap, that last one might actually be an amazing treasure…

“Your thoughts are everywhere, but you seem to know me really well. I am curious about how you know so much.”

“What, gone silent now?”

“Thank you for the present.”

“Hmph. Just go ahead and open it right here.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Oh! It’s a hunk of ore! Doesn’t this blue luster mean it is Orichalcum?!

“You are indeed knowledgeable. You would be more fun if I got to see your thoughts.”


Whew, she left. How was I to know she was actually capable of reading thoughts?! Damn it, that is crazy! No wonder she was completely random towards me. Zack would always be doing something different, so she probably found his random actions strange.

At least she’s not a player…

It is a good thing I learned how to empty my mind for magic meditation. Damn, that made my heart skip! Ah, but what about this ore? Should I use it for something? Hmm…oh, I have an idea!


Huh, so they actually make the twin statue’s swords here, but they are replicas. The technology to make the actual swords has long since been lost. Whatever, I guess I can wait to use this for later. We can’t take the other swords out of the dungeon, we already tried, but we can at least use these as practice. I will also get the edges dulled so Ilya doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt.

I wanted to make Orichalcum weapons for the girls…

But it is now getting pretty late, time to go rest for tomorrow.


Ah, a nice and quiet morning, and here I am heading towards class.

“Yoohoo, Nolan boy, come here!”

“Tch, whatever. Here, a gift.”

“Thank you.”

“Open it.”


“Hahahaha! Serves you right for ignoring me! Hahaha!”

You know, I should be okay after this, surrounded by a crowd. At least, I hope so. People are asking if I am alright while Zack is laughing his face off. My popularity goes down, but for some reason, my relationship with Delania seems to be going up. I can’t say how I know that, I just do.

Gina looks concerned, but it was just a bag of soot that exploded, covering my face in black powder for the entire day. I can handle this level of pranking, bring on the next one!

Eh, don’t smile at me! No! I thought you wouldn’t be able to hear my thoughts from way back there! I apologize!

Don’t laugh!


So I have decided to try and not think about useless things in the classroom…

I handed Gina the sword replica I bought for her at lunch along with Ilya. Hector walked by and said hello along with Lily, but Emeril seems to be hanging out with a lot of people. I guess he seems to be really popular. Oh, he is the Prime Minister’s son, of course. I bet he has to face all sorts of stupid politics every day.

Or he just gets into fights, like he currently is right now. I must change my opinion, those must be people he has beaten and want to fight him again.

Oh well. I waved goodbye to the cute Ilya who was eating pork chops before heading towards combat class. Maybe I should try and make bacon next time?

A note from Evil Ginger

P.S. Don't worry! (If you aren't worrying though, I will feel bad) My ear started leaking. It's happened loads of times...which is unfortunate...

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