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“Hey! Nolan! Over here!!!”

A bouncing wolf girl is happily waving her hand and tail outside the Labyrinth.

“Nolan? Why is she here as well?”

Gina was a little apprehensive, but after explaining things to her, she should calm down.

“She wants me to make her food, so I need to get ingredients. Her helping me is her payment for the food.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Please don’t fight, I am praying for a safe dungeon trip…

“Huh? Nolan, why did you bring her?”

You too?  I thought all you wanted was food? Why do you care about Gina?

“She needs a medicinal ingredient from the fourth floor.”

“Ah, okay! Let’s go! For food!”

Whew…why am I a little sad? I was building for a conflict, but they actually seem to be okay towards one another…ah, they are princesses. They have to maintain a calm outwards –

“Nolan! These little piggies look really weak! That food you made yesterday and today were from these? I don’t know~.”

Alright, with you jumping all over the place, I don’t see a hint of etiquette from you, Ilya. Calm down.

“Ilya, hold up. If you get too far, you may get in trouble.”

Thank you, Gina. Especially since there is more than one person in this party now. Ah, speak of the devil…

“Ah! It’s a larger piggie! I bet this one will taste amazing!”

Stop drooling! I thought that was one of my own puddles! Shit, this ice magic won’t work well on regular liquid! Whatever. We take it out pretty easily, especially since we now have a dragon mage. Though Gina is just beginning, she already knows about the Dragon’s Roar, the basic dragon magic. It is a group buff and enemy debuff. Easy stuff. I wonder what would happen if Gina became a Dragon Shaman? Holy crap, the buffs would be amazing!

“Whoa! This thing is huuuuge!”

Not only are there more monsters, there are even boss monsters walking around! What the hell? Of course, this is normal since the game had companions. Having companions made the monsters more difficult, but it was fun and nice to have a healer behind you. Ah, but that would be me in this case, huh?

Gina uses her tough body to directly contend with the monsters, slashing her winged dragon blade here and there. Ilya just used her canine instincts to ravage her opponents with claw attacks and in some cases, directly biting them.

“Hey, they taste really good raw, too!”

“Don’t, what if there is something nasty living in them right now? Wait until we cook it.”

“Yes, sir~!”

Don’t look so cute! You’re covered in monster blood! Actually…so is Gina. But she looks cold and distant as usual, making a really awesome appearance. Ilya’s appearance contradicts with her actions, so that is the discomfort.

But you know, I was expecting some close moments or deep conversations. Oh well, this is okay too. Nothing like that happened in the game either, so maybe it is similar…

Before we knew it, we were at the second level. I hadn’t fought the boss of the second level, but since the first level boss was stronger than before, then this might be difficult.

Ah, it was an earth golem covered in vines, by the way.

You know, ice is a very wonderful magic. Much like lightning, it has so many different uses. Affects the conditions of enemies, can be used to defend, attack, and tamper with the surroundings, and can even be used in art class.

But I like to use earth or fire for defense or attack, and my final technique is still the lightning domain. In exchange for massive mana consumption, lightning is stronger than fire, faster than wind, more fluid than water, and tougher to destroy than earth. It truly is a cheat like element. I can understand why the hero of stories can use it, the so-called power of the heavens.

And I may have to use it soon…or not.

We easily fished the sharks out with no scary events happening. Is it just me, or am I walking around with people capable of soloing this dungeon? I know I can, but I can’t go all out with these other two here. I need to work on that, huh. I don’t want to destroy the training fields again…

“Look! The boss room!”

“I can see, Ilya. Remember, be careful.”

“Psh, we are fine. Let’s go, Gina!”


Well, at least they are enthusiastic. Oh, it’s another golem. Meh, easy peasy.

“You know, you tell us to be careful and then destroy the enemy! Come on, how are we supposed to fight if you kill everything?!”

Oh, am I the one who is making this really easy? Nah, can’t be…alright, so I am. I will try and calm down a little…


“Wow, we did it already! Congrats, let’s go back!”

“Do we have to walk all the way back?”

Yeah, I’m pretty tired after bussing two cute girls. Let’s make a suggestion, shall we?

“…It would be faster to complete the dungeon and get sent up, wouldn’t it?”

Ah, don’t look at me like that! I would rather fight than walk!

“Okay! We are going to defeat a Dungeon! Yay!”

“Yes, I am excited.”

Well then…I guess this works?

We enter the last floor after defeating the fire golem and entered the only room on the floor. Before us are two statues, one black with a white mask and a white one with a black mask. As we step inside, the two statues wake up and pull out each other’s sword. So, the white statue reaches over and pulls out the black one’s sword while the black one does the same to the white one.

Somehow, their movements seem to twist together. They aren’t moving away from each other and dance around each other, their backs touching.

“Wow, beautiful.”

“It is enchanting.”

“Hehe, can we learn to dance like that, I wonder?”

I was only thinking aloud, but for some reason, the girls look at me in surprise.

“Can we? They aren’t fighting us.”

“Okay! Gina, dance with me!”


Wait, what about me? Wow, they look just like regular friends. I will let it go this once, you hear?

They try and copy the statues’ moves, but they keep tripping over each other’s feet. I am absentmindedly doing it too, but by myself. Both are doing the exact same moves, so it shouldn’t be hard to just watch…wait.

“Huh? Nolan, why are you grabbing for a sword?”

Indeed, there are swords on the wall. They aren’t black or white, but they are the same size and shape as the ones the two statues are using. Let’s try dancing with the swords…hm, I feel like I am about to fall backward at some points…could it be?

“I guess it is a trust exercise.”


“You must learn to dance behind each other, holding the other one up while also moving the blade in such a dangerously close manner.”

“Wha! That sounds scary!”



“Can…can I try?”

“Umm, sorry, I am scared of my ears getting cut off…”

Her tail droops, but Gina just weakly smiles.

“No worries, I can find some other sword style.”

“How about me?”


“That is…possible…”

Hehe, dancing with a girl…


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