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Okay, see you tomorrow!

“Are you really starting trouble again? Just stay back and be quiet.”

I am getting tired of people ruining my mood. First, it is Zack, and now this guy? I really don’t want to meet other people like me anymore.

“You! Why the hell are you all different too?! Argh! This entire setup is stupid! Nothing seems to be going right! I will just fight you! Maybe if I defeat you, things will go back on track!”

“Too late, you should have just continued on the path you as Bucco should have been on originally.”

“YOU! Then you are similar! Fine, I see how it is! Everything is going wrong because of people besides me! If I just kill all of you off, then I alone will remain and everything will go my way!”

Wow, this guy is broken. He’s a lot worse than Zack, and it seems that he and Emeril switched sides, remaining antagonistic towards each other. Dealing with the new Bucco is like dealing with the old Emeril. It always leads to a fight. Meh, he doesn’t seem to have enough attack to break through Emeril’s defense, so I don’t have to worry too much, however, I can’t just mindlessly rush forward. But it is okay, Bucco is doing that for me.

Slick Puddle. A mixture of water, ice, and wind magic. A combination of three different types of quick spells, it is pretty much a new low leveled regular spell. However, it is easier to prepare for and doesn’t use a lot of mana.

And down goes Bucco. I planned to use this on Zack the other day, but I must admit I am glad this spell is so effective in combat. Plus, it further increases Bucco’s rage, making it harder for him to focus on the battle.

He has almost no defense to speak of, as he spent all of his time on fighting with that ax. It’s not even a minute before he falls unconscious. Of course, I had added some other spells besides the puddle, but the repeated act of smashing his head onto the ground probably helped. A lot of people are oohing and awwing, but the only person I actually heard was Emeril.

“Yo, you beat that guy pretty fast! When I fought him, I was too busy trying to defend from those attacks. I only won due to endurance. Congrats.”

Ouch, don’t just slap my shoulder. Oh well, this is fine. Bucco’s lackey, Mico, helps him up and starts heading towards the infirmary. I guess this will probably start up the Bucco Rival Route.

In the game, Emeril had a route called the Rival Route. It meant that whenever you two met, there would be a fight. It was terrible and boring, since you would just get your ass handed to you by the level 9 swordsman. But here, Bucco doesn’t have the skill and only seemed to be level 4 or something like that. I could probably beat him with my sword techniques alone.

Ah, shoot. I was planning on using Slick Puddle when I fought Emeril again. I hope he doesn’t remember that…damn.

“Thanks, Nolan.”

Wow, why does she look so cute around food, but boyish everywhere else?

“Hm? No problem, Ilya.”

“Oh, you know of me? Well, who I am?”

Duh, you are one of my targets for conquest.

“Of course I would know of royalty. I myself am a noble, after all. I must have a suitable appearance of intelligence.”

“Hehehe. Alright, bring some more food next time! No, bring some tomorrow as well! I will eat with you at lunch!”

“Did you forget?”

“About what?”

Did she?

“Today after class?”

“Oh! Yeah, I remember! Don’t worry, I will be there!”

And then she walked away happily, her tail swishing left and right. I wanna touch it…

Hey, stop looking at me like that, Zack! I hate seeing a man’s crying face!

“Good job, Nolan! Looks like you got a girl!”

Oh, hey, Emeril.

“Hm? I was just being courteous.”

“Uh-huh, sure.”

“Then what about yourself? Is there a girl you happen to like?”

Oops, I can feel Amethia staring daggers at me. So, I silently communicate to her.

‘Oi, just listen, this is for your benefit.’

Even though I remained silent, my thoughts seem to have worked. Plus, writing those words with magic on my back helps a lot.

“Well, not really, but Princess Ophia is a really nice girl.”

I hear a moan from the back. Sorry, big sis, but it looks like your little boy is growing up. I mean, what would happen for the son of the Prime Minister and the daughter of the King to be married? Crazy. Wait, did I hear Zack moan, too?

“Oh? And why is that?”

“Well, we knew each other since we were kids. Hey, just between you and me, she is the reason I wanted to be a Knight.”

Oh…my…gosh…so this is why Lily became the Princess’ maid! Oh man, things are getting good. So there was a path like this?! Amazing!

Oh, but what about Zack? He really wanted to be vouched for by the Princess. Huh, I sense an impending doom for him. I guess he might actually see that assistant teacher for some extra lessons.



Well, now it is free period. Gina should already have gotten a book for her dragon training and be reading it in the library. She wasn’t there last time as she was busy retrieving all sorts of stuff for her dragon petal bath. A special mixture that helps the growth of her dragon organs.


“Oh! Nolan, please, I need some help! I thought I could gather all of these ingredients, but one of these can only be found in the Labyrinth!”

Well, that works. I was heading there today, anyway. And with my abilities, it shouldn’t be too hard to get what we need.

“What is it?”

“…I need the Fire Flower that grows on the fourth floor.”

“…oh…Okay, we can go, but we need to prepare. I already made plans to go to the Labyrinth today, so we just need to get you ready. Is that okay?”

“Mhm! Thank you so much! Ah, I can’t wait! My father is so happy to know there is nothing wrong with me and that it is, in fact, the opposite! He also wants to thank you personally!”

Ummm…what? That never happened in the game…oh, because Zack was a commoner. I guess since I am a noble, I have different standards? No, it must be something else.

Oh well, now I get to take two pretty girls to the dungeon.

Eh…I hope nothing happens between them…

A note from Evil Ginger

I don't know if many people noticed, but Nolan can idiot at times. He tends to also assume things, so not everything is as he says it is.


But since we are talking about him, he is perverted, cares about his image, reckless, and lazy all at once. However, he wants to achieve a certain something, so he will train for it. Trust me, if he didn't need to work out, study, or practice magic to get girls, he would have remained chubby Nolan. And where would the story have gone, then?


Yikes...then the main character might have been...Zack! Who is very similar to Nolan, by the way...Huh. I wonder if that is important...

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