After kicking out Ilya, I finished the rest of the food and went to my room to sleep.

The next day, we had athletics. As it was my fourth day, I was happily looking forward to my future prospects. I had already gotten close to Gina and now Ilya was jumping up and down for me. Heck, all I would need now was…hmmm…should I?

Delania is kind of…crazy. I have no idea how she would react. In the game, her affection towards Zack was randomly raised each time they met. Sometimes, it would even go negative!

For this, Delania Doomfist is one of the three untouchable people among the freshmen. No, I am being serious. In the game, there are people in each grade that you don’t mess with whatsoever.

Talking to Emeril would get you a fight while talking to…well, me, would get you an entire wasted day spent on magic theory. But it didn’t even raise relationship levels! Nolan was used to lecturing other students from day one!

But yeah, Nolan, Emeril, and Delania, we are the three untouchables. My guess is that Delania is a player as well, since the strong characters I have met so far have been players. Emeril is an exception, as he wasn’t categorized as a powerful enemy. Maybe she isn’t, then? Ah, I am confused…

However, at the end of the year, at the tournament, Delania loses her spot to certain girls if they were helped by Zack. In this case, it would be Gina since she will be learning Dragon Magic.

Oh, since I am already talking about the game...Delania is supposed to randomly increase or decrease affection, right? However, I always somehow managed to get it really high. No exceptions. She is in my magic theory class and athletics. She is also in music, but that is different.

She is a genius, but a twisted one. She is obsessive and dark, but she is innocent and helpful. She doesn’t mind Zack having multiple partners, as she does what she wants. However, she devotes herself to the guy she likes, so I have never seen an NTR experience with her. Actually, I never get NTRed since I usually go after one girl at a time. Ilya and Delania just sort of appear.

Delania is the daughter of a powerful foreign noble family and apparently has some sort of hidden agenda for being enrolled at the academy.

But she is called one of the untouchables because you never know how she will react. There was the time I first spoke to her and I received a gift. I was rather surprised, but happy. I hastily opened the gift right there and my face exploded. I didn’t die or anything, but that was in the game. My character sprite had the soot covered face and everything. Even Delania was laughing hysterically.

Not long after, she kept harassing me. Sometimes there was a rare magic tool, or sometimes it was one of my own items broken in half. There was never a pattern to it, but I always talked to her every day so I could maybe get a good gift.

Should I go ahead and start? No, let me focus on Ilya for now, and then Gina later. I can find Delania later.

“Ohh! Gimme!”

“Fine, I get it, here.”

The people around us were surprised, and even Zack was crying over off to the side. Well, he should have paid more attention to how the girls reacted to certain actions.

“Oi, Ilya, I challenge you to – “
“Buzz off. You’re ruining my snack.”

And I tossed him away with magic. People were shocked, but Ilya was happily going back to eating. Amethia looked on while chuckling before going back to watch Emeril spar against his classmates. Needless to say, no one interfered.

Actually, where is Instructor Ghazi?

Before class ended, I asked Amethia about him.

“Oh, he said I could do this by myself. He looks forward to when I become a Drill Sergeant too!”

Well then, I guess that is it. Time for lunch. My mid-morning snack was delicious, but small.

“Hey, Nolan?”

Zack really needs a friend. Or does he think of me as a friend?


“I thought you only liked one girl…”

“Zack, I like all of the girls. I appreciate them immensely. I love reading about their lives and helping them through tough times. I felt like I had a purpose when they were smiling.”

I guess I better teach this idiot before he ruins my chances. But, part of what I am saying is true. However, if I were to say it was love, this feels like something different.

I don’t want to see these girls sad, so I will make them happy. I feel more like an old guy making children laugh when their parents are missing. I used to be quite the guy, as I worked in amusement parks and malls. I twisted balloons back then. And I dealt with a lot of rambunctious little kids who ran away from their parents because they were bored.

The same thing for Emeril. I felt like an older person just looking out for a child. I played along. However, if I were to say I can walk away from them forever, I would say no. I want every person I care about to have a happy ending, even if it is not with me, you know?

For example, that Bucco was really popular with the ladies. He was calm, cool, and suave. Now he is rough, wild, and crude. Not many girls like that kind of guy. So I don’t want girls to fall for him or I would be afraid for them.

But beyond all the enlightening BS, I am no doubt a lover of cute things. I know, it’s a curse.

After spreading my happiness is love doctrine, we left for combat class. It was another boring day of fighting person after person, but then I saw something weird.

“Hey, Ilya, I challenge you!”

Again? Someone is being an idiot…

“Nuh uh! Quit it! I already beat you! You have no right to challenge me again!”

“I’m not a beast kin, I won’t follow your rules!”

“Then if you expect me to follow those same rules, you are a moron!”

Hell yeah! Oh, I should go help. Who is it this time? Eh? Is it Bucco again? I thought he got trashed by Emeril…I guess it is my turn now.

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