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Yeah! 3/3!

No, I am joking, I know perfectly well who they are, but one seems to be rather…different, from how he used to be. The other has just become subservient to the previous guy. All in all, I can take a wild guess what the secret behind idiot number one is.

Oh, I can give you three guesses, but the first two don’t count.

Alright, so Bucco Luren is a Knight. Or rather, he was supposed to be. Now he seems to be a Warrior or something barbaric like that. He carries a large ax on his back and his hair is wild and untamed. No, it looks more like bedhead.

The other is Mico Barship. A son of a wealthy naval merchant, he uses his income to purchase mercenaries and the like. However, at school, he uses small daggers and Rogue skills to get by.

Bucco used to be calm and collected, the very antagonist of the old Emeril. He was also the toughest and most durable opponent in the game. It would seem that really strong characters in the game are subject to become players. Well, the other person, while he is different from the original, it is not by much. I guess he went on some adventures with Bucco’s family and learned how to be a pirate or something.

Anyways, this change is too much. Even Zack is bewildered, and he is slow. Actually, he might be worried about the secret getting out. He’s more worried by the fact that Bucco might say something he shouldn’t, not that he is acting strangely.

But…to be angry at Emeril…

“Hm? Do you want to fight me again? Well, I have no problem with that, but your reasoning for holding a grudge against me is irrational.”

“Hoh? Emeril, when did you learn to use such big words?”

“Hush, Nolan!”

Hehe. I like to the ruin the tense air.

“Grr, you know full well that you butted into the wrong scenario, idiot! I don’t know why you are so different from what I remember, but you are going down!”

Umm, be careful, dude, you may get yourself noticed at this rate.

Well, he pulls out his axe and lets out a yell, buffing his power and increasing his speed. He rushes forward and sends a flurry of strikes at Emeril who hasn’t even pulled out his shield yet.

Oh, that is because Emeril caught the damn ax!

“So cool!”
“That’s my brother! Kya! Oh, I am so embarrassed!”

Umm…Amethia, you should probably go back to your own group. Wait, is this your group? Why bring so many people over here?

I feel like certain people’s popularity is increasing. Oh well, let’s just sit down and relax.

…I’m hungry. Let me go get some food.


Oh man, I missed the fight.

“Haha, thanks! I can eat some food while I watch you fight the entire time!”

Ah, I haven’t even gotten a bite! You little…dammit, Emeril! My potatoes!

“Challenge us!”

Dang. Leave me alone, small fries. Mmmm...fries...


Well, before I left for art, I did remember about Sandie.

“Yo, Zack.”

“Huh? Oh…um, what’s up?”

“Nothing much. Sandie wants to draw you.”

“Gee, I don’t know. I don’t really like clingy girls.”

Are you kidding me? Where did the Harem King go?

“Then just tell her not to think of you in a romantic way. No, make it a business or something.”


“Pay her to make posters of you or sculptures of you. Surely you want to increase your popularity, right?”

“Ah, that’s a good idea! Hahaha, I can sell little figurines of myself to my adoring fans! See ya!”

Whatever. Sandie should be happy. He doesn’t deserve a girl like her, though. Sandie happens to be quite the passionate person. In the game, when I went down her route, it was always a lovey-dovey romance between us. It was sickening but cute.


Indeed she was happy. However, besides crudely carving monsters out of magic wood I created, nothing happened. Art isn’t a class to be involved in, as it is a link to other side quests. Being in art allows the player to have that extra time to say hi to certain people. For example, I could still go for the Sandie Route, I am sure. However, I am mostly using this class for leveling up my magic and to prepare for the festival.

Hehe, and that shouldn’t be for another month, but that is fine.

Well, now I can spend the rest of the day working on Ilya’s brunch; pork chops and shark sauce.

Mmm mm.

I have to borrow the home skills rooms, but it should be fine as long as I clean up afterward.

Wow, this actually smells really good.

“Wow, something smells really good!”

Two fluffy ears and a happy tail come wagging into the room. I did not expect Ilya to appear here…is this fate? Ah, why is she in casual clothes?!

“Let me eat!”

“I am sorry, but I am not done yet.”

“Then I can wait!”

And so she promptly sits down and waits, kicking her feet out. Is silence golden? This tension is heavier than that!

“…Okay, I’m do-“
“Finally! Time to eat! Nom!”

Hey! Wait, why are you crying? I cooked it as best as I could.

“Make this for my lunch tomorrow!”

Oh, I guess I did a good job, then. Heh, still got the skills! Ah, but I need to work on the mood.

“Ahem, why should I? This is supposed to be my lunch.”


What an angry sounding hum.

“Do it….please.”

“Alright. However, I am going to need more ingredients.”

“What? Just go to the store and buy some.”

“These don’t come from the store, they come from the Labyrinth.”

Her eyes widen and her swishing tail stills.

“You went to a dungeon already? Wow, you really are strong!”


“Then I will go help you get more food! Take me next time!”

“Alright, then tomorrow after class.”

“Okay! You better be there!”

Hehe, in the game, she is fun to tease. Plus, she is a little dense.

“Of course, I am never late for a date.”

“A what?! No, this isn’t a date…”

Ah, cute. You became so timid all of a sudden.

“…it was a joke.”

No, it wasn’t, I was being completely serious. Does this expressionless face look like it can do humor? Don’t answer that question.

“Whew, you got me! Hehehe…”

Back to normal. This change is kind of…stimulating.

But now I have a date tomorrow after I meet Gina again. Ah, my cooked food is all gone.

“Get out! Stop eating my lunch!”

“But it tastes so good!”

“Then I will start charging for them!”

“Oh, how much?”

“A kiss.”


“…it was a joke.”

Not really.

“Whew, hehe, you are a really funny guy.”

“Oh, I’m hilarious.”


Okay, she suddenly seems to get my sarcasm. You know, this is because I look good. If I didn’t, then I would have been treated as gross and stinky…

Wait, there was a strange dialogue that happened between Nolan and Ilya in the game when I tried to get the two to go out with each other.

‘I’m sorry…’

Ah, that was why I liked her so much. She didn’t treat Nolan like dirt. I guess she actually liked Nolan enough to stand his presence. No, Nolan was probably her ideal man before meeting Zack. Of course, that was when Nolan was a follower, not a leader.

A man focused on his work. By trying to build up the relationship between the two, Nolan would put his passion into taking care of Ilya. I guess since she was with Zack first, she couldn’t handle lying to him? Or would it have been lying to herself?

I couldn’t know anymore, as once they broke up, the event was never spoken of again.

I would have liked to see old Nolan and Ilya getting together.

A note from Evil Ginger

That's all for today, I will be back again tomorrow!

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