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“Have you ever read the book 'Demons and Royalty, Volume 2'?”

“Umm, no? Actually, yes, I have.”

Gina is calmly sitting in front of me at the table while we converse. Wow, she has pretty eyes.

“Well, there is some documentation pointing to the fact that the very first Demon King wasn’t that skilled in magic either. He was a warrior who used physical strength.”

“Oh! You’re right! But…he was an Ogre, if I remember correctly…”

“That is not what I am saying. So what if you can’t control magic very well?”


“Just find something that you can do.”

“Oh, okay.”

She looks down, but this is a little different from the game, as I wanted to see if I could get some extra affection. Let her know that she can’t be limited in what she feels like she should do. Must not have been what she was looking for...okay, time to move on.

“Now, there was another Demon King who couldn’t use magic whatsoever.”


Good, look at me with those beautiful purple eyes behind that lilac colored hair. Mm, I feel amazing. This girl is so adorable, I feel weird that we are still teens. Ah, the Demon King.

“Delgado Lucias von Deeter.”


She lunges for a textbook on one of the shelves and flips right to a specific dog-eared page, just like in the game.

“That is right, he used military might to lead the entire army of demons to victory! But, when the humans came to fight, he actually somehow unleashed a strong energy and managed to push back long enough to retreat to his castle, where the final match took place. How did he use that power?”

“Because of his bloodline.”

“Wait, what?”

“What was his race?”

“…Something mixed with dragon, I believe.”

“Yes, he had awoken his dragon heart. The way dragons use magic is much more complex than what we can do. You should probably seek out someone who knows a thing or two about dragons.”

“Ah! So that must be it! I have a dragon heart?”

“Sounds like it.”

“…So that Zack was right after all.”

“That was just a stupid pick up line so he could get closer to you. Just ignore him.”

Please, don’t ever mention him again.

“Okay, thank you very much!”

And she’s gone. In the game, the main character would have had to work quite a bit to be able to read that book, so it was only by the middle of the year would she be able to be changed. With this, however, I wonder how much the rankings will differ?

“You bastard, you stole her from me!”

Ack, you again.

“Look, she is not yours.”

“I said so!”

And then he leaves. How sad for a grown man, er, young man to cry like that. Well, my work here is done. Plus, most of these books I have already read. I guess there isn’t much to do here. Time to go to the dorms…no, why not go into the town at the bottom of the mountain? I need to register for a trip to the Labyrinth Dungeon anyway.

Otherwise, I couldn’t be able to start my next conquest. Hehe.


“Hello, welcome to the Guild Hall! Oh, a student? I guess you are here to get some experience? Well, I hate to say this, but you need to perform some tests first.”

“That is fine. Here.”

The tests were just some physical stuff like fighting a monster or doing a certain amount of squats in under a minute. Easy stuff.

“Alright, you are cleared. Have a good day, Mister Nolan.”

Ah, I forgot I am nobility. Of course, they would have records of my achievements…Glad I don’t have to perform the tests.

Well, time to go get some meat!

The Labyrinth is the weakest dungeon nearby, as it only has five floors. Each floor has a boss, but they are just stronger versions of the monsters that appear on that floor. Like an alpha wolf on a floor filled with wolves.

Thankfully, I only need to go to floors one and two for the meat I need. I need some boar meat and fish meat.

The Labyrinth Dungeon is known for its five-element dungeon. The first floor is earth, the second floor is water, the third floor is sky, and the fourth floor is fire. The last floor holds the twin boss of light and darkness, but I don’t need to currently worry about that stuff.

Earth Boars are delicious. And so are Fatty Sharks.


Several hours and thirty-something carcasses later, I walk out of the dungeon. Ah, the lights are so bright. That means it is night time. I guess it is time to go home. But first, time to complete some quests. I only need about five boars and sharks each for the food.

With some more money in my pocket, I happily walk back to my room and get ready for bed. Emeril seems as joyful as ever, but I guess he is having a hard time with all of the ‘fan mail’ as well.

Oh well.


The next day, Gina wasn’t in class. Instead, Zack was there. Thankfully, he didn’t take her spot as the seats were now all assigned. However, a different person walked up.

“H-hello, I am Assistant Instructor Kina. P-please, treat me well!”


All of the guys let out a noise at the cute lady who stumbled out her words. She would be available as a love interest, but most people never really cared. That was because it was always troublesome to try and reach her. This Succubus was…well…nevermind.

But at least Zack is interested. Hehehe, go get her. I won’t interfere, hehe.

Oh, oops. Sorry Sandie, I forgot. Don’t worry, I will do something.

Geez, I can’t believe I already know how she is thinking from her facial expressions.


I didn’t make the food today, as it should be used before lunch, during athletics. However, the combat class is already a little different. There is a long line of people who are standing before me and Emeril.

“Hah, it seems you two caused some problems yesterday. Now we will try a battle of endurance.”

Isn't it obvious who would win in that situation?

“Emeril wins.”


“But you guys didn’t even fight!”

Sorry, Instructor Wilson.

Heh, Emeril, how childish. In a good way, mind you. I swear this version of Emeril should be the main character. Geez, he seems like a hero kind of guy. Hm? I hear some trashy sounds.

“Hey, emerald Idiot! I see you have been getting a lot of attention lately! Let’s take you down a few pegs, why don’t we?”


Who are these two weirdoes?


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