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1/3 for today!

I guess I will keep my suspicions hidden.

“So, who else are you trying to take from me?”

Again with the nonsense. Zack needs to grow up.

“I keep telling you, don’t even try it. You will fail miserably. This isn’t some game where the right words get you off scot free.”

“Heh, whatever. First will be Gina, then I can go for Ophia, and then maybe even try for Ilya!”

“What do you even see in the demon, human, and beastkin princesses?”

“They’re pretty and hot. Well, isn’t Ilya super awesome in a fight? Amazing. Also, Ophia can use her power to call on spirits of the dead to protect her! Awesome! And Gina is a demon, so her control over magic should be crazy!”

“You are wrong on all three accounts.”


“Ilya was forced to become strong so no man could force her into marriage. She hates to fight and would like nothing more than to just find a nice and quiet man to hold close at night. Ophia had a severe trauma from her mother’s assassination and managed to unlock her family’s hidden power, only to be used as a tool. She hates it when people like her only for her power. And finally, Gina flunks out if the main character doesn’t help her in some way. She leaves after the first year.”

“No way!”

Did he not even read the forums or check for a walkthrough?

“Yep. Gina has something wrong with her. I thought you knew?”

“Well, I knew something was wrong, but not to that degree! I always ended up starting a fight amongst the girls and getting a bad end, so I never made it far.”

This guy…

“You…isn’t that exactly what is going to happen now?”

“No, because I have more options than just text on a screen!”

This asshole looks so smug. What a tool.

“Look, just give up.”

“What, am I not allowed to love someone? Just because you say so?”

Now he is trying to attack me, saying I am the bad guy, huh? Whatever.

“No, you are free to love whomever you please, but…you try and get with Gina only to break her heart, I will kill you.”

Let’s add some frost magic and stuff in the air for good measure. Good, he looks scared.

“Ah, it’s time for combat class.”

Last time, everyone just sat and watched, so this day should go by better.

“Nolan, Emeril, pick someone else. Yeah, I know, just go easy on them.”

Aww, I wanted to show how quickly I figured out his defense. I would have beaten him in half the time and with half the effort!

“Fine, then I challenge you, Nolan! Fight me!”


I guess I will entertain these morons for today. Hmmm…let’s make some money while I am at it.


Mmmm, feels good, man. A nice shower after stomping guys who don’t know any better. Hehe, now if only the girls would challenge me. Well, I can’t lie, going for Ilya sounds pretty good, too, as she is in our combat class and my athletics class.

However, if you beat Ilya, while she is obligated to marry you, she will actually have a lower affection towards you because of it. The only way to get her heart would be through the best way.

The stomach.

She is a canine beastkin, or a wolf girl. She loves to eat meat, so making her food will cause her affection towards you to rise. She will eventually try and challenge you so as to keep you as her personal chef, but that also means she wants you. Well, if you lose, though the marriage isn’t accepted, you do get to spend a lot more time with her. However, her family won’t like you.

But, if you win and said the right phrase, then she gladly becomes yours…your pet, that is. She is one of the few who doesn’t mind being a side chick. She actually only likes you for the food you make, but if you win, she doesn’t mind being yours, as you are now obligated to take care of her.

I guess it has something to do with just being near the person she likes?

Hehehe, and I already know how to go about it. Aren’t I a genius? I will try next athletics class as today was just an introduction course. Next time, we will sit down and converse some.

However, now is the free period, also known as alone time with Gina. Thankfully, Zack is still taking his time in the shower, so I can hurry up and head out.

Whoops, I am here before she is. I hope Zack doesn’t scare her from the library…

“Oh, I didn’t realize you would be here.”

Hehehe, she is fast.

“Hm? Oh, hello, Princess.”


“Doing some studying? Anything I can help with?”

“Oh, umm…no, not yet. I mean! No, not really! Sorry…”

Wow, she is nervous. Is it because I caused a scene with my knowledge the other day? Cool!

“Oh, hey! Fancy meeting you here! Hehehe, it is I, Zack – Ow!”

“Hush, this is the library.”

Ah, that felt amazing. Sorry, book. Your sacrifice was worth it. I will pay the librarian for the damages caused by blood stains.

“You…geez! I gotta go!”

Damn straight, sonny boy.

“Umm, wasn’t that something that you could get in trouble for?”

“It was his fault for disrupting our study period.”

“Oh, okay. Huh…”

“Hm? Thinking about something? You don’t need to worry about that guy, he is a joke.”

“No, well…I was thinking about what he told me yesterday. About how there was something wrong with me. But, I don’t think you could help me with that, huh?”

No, I can.

“Well, that sounds true, but I don’t mind helping you out. What seems to be the problem?”

“…Promise not to tell?”

“I have rules about secrets.”

I have to put down the line here. I am very overprotective of my people. I can’t have people getting hurt because of stupid mistakes.


“If you aren’t going to harm yourself or someone else in some form or fashion, then I won’t tell.”

“Oh, heh, thanks. See, even though I am a demon, I don’t have a good control over magic.”

Aha, it actually came! In the game, once you read a book about certain demon kings, you would have a special dialogue choice and earn some affection. And I just so happened to read that book. And memorized its contents.

Just for this moment.


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