Even the girls have a dorm on the other side of the campus. However, that means we also have roommates. Luckily, as I was related to someone rich and important, I got a larger room and only had to share it with one other person.

“Yo! Hahaha! We get to be roommates, too!”

That night, Emeril and I told each other about our different experiences while also catching up on current events. Emeril completely dropped his sword training, so he must be capped at level 4 or 5 if he hasn’t deteriorated.

Apparently, he already received some love letters. I haven’t checked my locker, but I probably should. I just take everything to my room, I didn’t even think of looking into my personal locker.

As we live in the dorms, we have a drop box. This is our personal locker and is used to share information and what goes on around the campus while also giving a place for students to give gifts to each other or stuff like that.

Lights are almost out, so I may as well check in the morning.

Emeril finally gets tired so we go to bed.

In separate beds, of course. Geez.

As I fall asleep, I think of the people I met today. Gina, Sandie, and even the cute nurse from the infirmary. Dang, I should have caught her name. She was just Nurse in the game, so maybe she has a story related to her as well?



The next day, I woke up due to Emeril heading towards his morning training. I got up, got ready for the day, and left to check my locker.

Indeed, I received some letters, too. Do I have to read them? Are they going to be embarrassing?

‘I am Valdio Torrez, fight me!’
‘I challenge you!’
‘Please tutor me!’
‘Can you teach me magic theory?’

Great, no love letters. And most of these are from guys! Even that Valdio guy?! He’s supposed to be one of the male love interests! What the hell?!

I quit. Time to go to Athletics.


“Hehe, how is it going, Nolan?”

“Get away from me, Zack.”

“Uh uh, you said I should be on the lookout today. Oh, is that Emeril? Wow, he is strong looking, now.”

“Yep. You saw him yesterday, though.”

“…I know, I was just saying. You didn’t get to hear my thoughts yesterday.”

What a desperate fool.

“You need friends. Find at least one and leave me alone.”

Please, just shut up.

“Ooh! It’s her! My idol!”

Hehehe. Your idol my foot. Here she comes, and boy does she look riled up like usual.

“Alright, maggots! Time to warm up! We have a long three hours ahead of us, you better work for your lunch today! Come on, get moving! I want five laps around the school!”


Zack was wobbling at the knees before I slapped his back and started running.

“Fufufu, the reason she was quiet was that she was constantly worried about her brother. This is her true self and it definitely looks awesome. I like how she is the lead instructor now.”

After getting his attention, he began running after me with a depressed appearance.

“My idol is ruined! What have you done?!”

“I saved Hector’s life.”


“If Hector had died, Emeril would have secluded himself and driven himself into a twisted and tormented soul who wouldn’t care about anyone else. Lily was driven away and Amethia became depressed.”

“But…what about you…you know…?”

“Nolan probably blamed himself as well and didn’t want to lose another friend. He probably got so strong so as to protect Emeril as well. He was also willing to do anything for a close friend.”

“Dude, why do you all seem so much cooler now?”

“Because of back story.”


Yes, weep at our awesome story! It was tear jerking the first time, too.

“You two, shut up and get moving! Don’t let me catch you!”

“Alright, Big Sister Amethia!”

“Ah, Nolan! Is that you? Come here, you!”

Ah, crap! Why do you look like a wild beast targeting its prey?!

“No thank you, bye!”

“Ah, wait for me!”

Hehehe, have fun eating my dust, you barbaric woman. I will prevail today! Ah, oops. She already caught up.

“Haha, got you! I haven’t seen you in forever! Ah, give big sis a hug!”

“Ugh, can’t breathe, chest…too…big…”

“Oops, sorry. Okay, get back to warming up.”


Ugh. Hehehe, bite me, Zack. Even though I hurt, my face is in bliss from that large chest!



“Dude, you are already so close to Amethia, no fair. I thought you were going for Gina.”

“Amethia should be too taken by Emeril to actually look at me in a romantic way.”


What a stupid expression. Taken, you know? The word you want to use all the time? It means to possess something completely?

“She’s a brocon.”

“Nooo! Not fair!”

“Stop crying, you child.”


Emeril had already completed his laps long ago and moved onto his next set of exercises. Meanwhile, Zack was just doing the bare minimum. Well, that is his decision. However, now after lunch, I will have to fight again, but then I will fight someone different…I wonder who…


Lunch, the best class of the day. Now I can-

“Hehe, found you.”

Great. Zack found me again. Why aren’t Hector and Emeril here? Ugh.

“So, who are you aiming for? I mean, there are quite a few pretty ladies available, and I don’t mind letting you have a couple, but Gina’s mine.”

“You keep saying that, but your actions prove that you don’t really care.”

“Please, my actions are practiced moves for gaining a harem! All I have to do is be well known as a pervert and a playboy, so girls already know what I want when they meet me! Then, if they fall in love with me, they have no choice but to accept the polygamist life!”

“How gross.”

“Surely you did the harem routes, right?”

“No. I had three girls at once and I didn’t like it. Too difficult. You had to please them all and had no other time for yourself.”

“So who did you normally go for?”

“Everyone, just not at the same time.”

“Wow, so who is your favorite?”

You can’t ask me that kind of question?! That is like asking me how I want to die! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to play favorites! Ah, but I did say Gina was my favorite, huh…Welp. Time to change gears.

“They are all my favorite. Each girl carries a wonderful story and a moving plot that allows for a real relationship to spark, so it is not some fleeting high school love.”

“Meh, you are a romantic, huh?”

“Better than being a slut.”

Oops, I said that out loud.

“No, if I was allowing girls to do me, then yes. But if girls are wanting to do me, I am not slutty. I am a champion.”

But that is not love, it’s lust. You can’t earn a girl’s heart that way. Actually, I have a different question.

“Uh huh. You know, there is something I want to know.”

“What is it?”

“What did you do this entire time? You look like you wasted your entire childhood.”

“Huh? I showed up in the middle of the ceremony. Why? Oh, I was the 1,000,000…something. It was a really long number. Well, I was the whatever number it was person to die. So I got transmigrated into a game and took over Zack’s life! Cool, huh?”

So…there could be more than just us two…This will change some things. And it is probably why Zack didn’t seem all that surprised by my appearance. Could he have met others like us? What a surprising twist.

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