After meeting for so long, Emeril was itching to duel again. How can I say no? I had to prove that I was still amazing.

However, Emeril has some really good resistance to my sneaky techniques. Plus, he already knows all about my quick cast magic. I guess it is time to show him my current knowledge.

First, I pull out my favorite magic weapon, the Tome of Entanglement. It is a special magic book that has spells on summoning plants and other such tricky creatures. I can use them to ensnare my opponent and allow me time to cast a strong spell.

However, it has some tells, or hints. It summons a magic circle where I want it to, but then it takes almost a second for it to take effect. Which means my enemy could dodge quickly if need be.

So, I place trap arrays around me in all directions.

“Fufufu, come on, then!”

“Hahaha! I will just break through!”

Indeed he does. He charges right through and activates the traps, but they can only hold him for so long. But that was long enough. I use a more powerful spell and keep him locked in place while I chant a super strong lightning spell. He should be able to survive this, right?

“Orrrya! Haha! You can’t keep me in –Whoops!”

Wow, he just broke out. He even dodged the lightning spell. Sorry, my fellow classmates, I didn’t mean to interrupt your sparring session.

Geez, now he is close. I don’t have the advantage in close combat, but I am prepared.

“Oh? Going for a sword now? Please, then let me see how good you have gotten!”

He pulls out a large shield with only one hand as he rushes towards me. Heh, I guess he got really strong. And I guess I can let loose a little more, huh?


I plant my sword into the ground on top of a lightning array and chant the spell to activate the Lightning Domain. It took me months to figure this out, and it is an amazing technique. One of the Dungeon Bosses was a Dragon, and it used magic arrays to set up a domain of fire. Activating the domain could only be done one at a time, as it required a lot of magic power, but it did give whatever started up the domain a special power.

And now my sword carries the power of the heavens!

“Ooh! Hahaha!”

Now we don’t even speak, we are too focused on the fight. Each strike of mine weaves around and tries to cut into the openings, but that damnable shield keeps popping up. However, with each hit, my domain weakens and my end draws near. Fortunately, Emeril is slowly taking damage. I think he even has the paralyzed condition. Any moment now, his body will freeze up and I will win…

Come on…

Why you…

It’s been almost an hour! Stop being so tanky!

Finally, the last bit of lightning exits my sword and I collapse to the ground from exhaustion. But, then I look over and see Emeril drop his shield, his face in a stupid smile like when he was younger.

“I finally beat you again, haha…ha.”

And then he fainted. Was that what was keeping him going? Hot damn, that is incredible! What a monster! Ugh, now I don’t even know if I want to go to art class.

Oops, we destroyed the training grounds. In fact, it looks like everyone is just watching us with round eyes. And Zack looks kind of…lost. Damn, I forgot to tell Emeril about Hector and Lily. Oh well.

“Ah, Instructor Wilson, I will take Emeril to the infirmary.”


Hehe, is he in a daze? In fact, I see a lot of girls looking at us with glowing eyes. Huh, I guess I can’t be silent Nolan who spent his time studying, can I?

The nurse gave Emeril some powerful potions and he was right as rain. I even received some mana potions, but that was unnecessary as I already had some. Oh well, free stuff is nice.

“Hey, Hector and Lily got together.”

“Cool! I have to go see them later and congratulate them!”

“Heh, I figured as such. Alright, I am going to art class.”

“Oh, and I have martial arts class to go to.”

“Good luck.”

“You too! Haha, we should fight again! That was close!”

“Don’t expect to win next time.”



Art is a nice and quiet class. However, unlike normal art classes, we are given a model and must create something artistic to represent that model. Most students do drawings or paintings, but I decided to do sculpting. I can create clay now, so I can level up my earth affinity this way.

Maybe I can combine it with fire and make glass sculptures…

I see that girl Sandie is here. She is a fantastic artist, but she seems to be in a stump. I guess since there isn’t really anyone else I want to talk to today, I will sit next to her. This class doesn’t have assigned seating, as the artist will need to change perspective every now and then.

“Oh, you are…are you okay? That fight was intense.”

“Fu, it was nothing. Emeril and I used to fight a lot. By the way, why do you look so down?”

“Ah, it’s…you know that guy who called out to the Demon Princess in Magic Theory?”


Well then. Isn’t he popular? Hehehe. Alright, I see where this is going.

“Yeah, do you know him?”


Her eyes widen to the size of saucers as she smiles wide.

“Can you introduce me?! Oh my goodness, I have to draw him!”

“…I will see what I can do, but he isn’t quite that awesome in the thinking department.”

“That’s okay, for some reason, it makes him more realistic.”

And then she was off in la la land. She began sketching a face and I quickly realized it was the perverted playboy from this morning.

The teacher had brought in a little Ratbit, a fuzzy and cute rodent with dangerous looking teeth that we were supposed to emulate into our art. So, when the teacher walked around and saw the person’s face, she was quickly upset, but it soon changed to become awe. She left without scolding Sandie.

I myself was carving the creature from stone. Maybe next time would be wood, as this is too hard.

Well, it’s almost time to go to the dorms.


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