“So what you are saying is that you can solve this problem?”

The teacher had erased the formula, much to the other students’ chagrin, and put up a simple problem. And by simple, I mean that there are actually mistakes within the problem itself. It was like writing a complex formula just to find out why 2 + 2 = 4.

“Yes, in this case, the array would need several different grooves here and here, while if we add a magic symbol here, it would be many times more effective while still only needing a small amount of time to conjure.”

Arrays are special, but not by much. It is like placing a magic trap. In the game, after placing the array, one would walk away and let a monster land on it, suffering from a special condition or taking a lot of elemental damage, making the monster easier to defeat.

By making a symbol purely out of magic, of course it will be unstable and dangerous.

“Uh…correct. But…this is senior level magic theory…Why aren’t you in that class?”

“Because I am a freshman.”

I like my place, right here beside Gina.

“No, you can test out of these easy classes.”

“I am already able to completely graduate no problem. I merely want to experience my youth.”

“Ah, I see.”

The old man weakly grinned, as if he too would like to do the same thing now. He nodded and returned to the board while I returned to my seat. Easy peasy.

Ah, it seems I have gained some influence and popularity amongst the class. Now it seems that people will want me to tutor them. Well, it will give me some pocket money at least.

Gina gave me a weird look, but she didn’t say anything. She probably wants to learn from me, but she is incredibly shy. As a demon, she should have amazing control over magic, but for some reason, she finds it difficult. Well, I already know her problem, but I can’t just call her out on it.

After class finishes, I pick my things up only to be blocked by Zack.

“You are Gina, yes? I heard about you from someone else. But, I can see something wrong with your body. Will you speak to me if I can help you with your problem?”

Screw you! Stop being a douche bag! I know this is a game world made real, so these kinds of things can be approached differently, but you are going about it all wrong!

“You…I have to go.”

Look, she is uncomfortable! I make room for her to leave and wait for everyone to disappear. However, Zack remains.

“So, you are like me?”

Ah, he asked first. Now I have the upper hand.

“I guess so.”

“Heh, it doesn’t matter. I will find a way to get all the girls! And I will do it amazingly!”

As he starts to leave, I form an ice puddle in front of him, tripping him and making him fall on his face. I step over him and calmly walk out the door.

“First, learn some manners. You aren’t here to get girls, you are here to make your parents proud, are you not?”

“Who cares? I can just use my knowledge to get the human princess to vouch for me!”

Ah, he’s already up. What a sturdy fellow.

“Hmph. Well, your greed will be your undoing.”

“So, how is Emeril? Or did you drop his ass?”

“Emeril? He is a proud person I wouldn’t mind fighting to the death for.”

“Huh?! What the…”

“You will fail because two girls are already unattainable.”

Hahaha, and both are due to Emeril!

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“You will know in Athletics.”

“Oh? Are you taking it too?”

Geez, his face is annoying. I just want to punch it.

I guess it is time to go. I want food. Great, just as I sit down, Zack walks over. Ugh.

“So, who are you after? Gina? Too bad, she’s mine. Like, even though she hasn’t grown in yet, I can’t help but imagine that she will have amazing boobs! Oooh, and that tight butt. It’s just, you know!”

Why is he blathering to me? Could it be that he needs a friend?

“No. I don’t. Leave me be. You will ruin my appetite.”

“Ha! So? Who cares? You are just some nobody! Once I defeat you, you will probably realize how worthless all of your training has been!”

Look at him, acting all smug.

“Whatever. Just go.”

Ugh, I can’t eat my mashed potatoes in peace. Oh! Hector!

“Yo, Hector! Let me eat with you!”

“Nolan, is that you? Haha! How has it been? You definitely look much wiser than before! What kind of magic can you cast now?”

“Oh, Level 7 spells for now.”

“Oh! How amazing! And…this is?”

I look behind me to see a flabbergasted Zack.

“He’s a nobody, no, he’s actually worse than that. Come on.”

“Alright, you have to tell me all about what happened when we split up. How’s Emeril?”

“I heard he is doing okay. Once he graduates from here, he will be given a sure spot in among the Knights.”

That lucky guy. None of the mages have approached me after that guy left the last time. Since no one visited me after the forest incident, I had to go purchase some tomes and staffs myself, using the money I made from special projects!

“Oh, how amazing! By the way, Lily and I were thinking about something…I just wanted to ask Emeril if it was okay…”

“Oh? Are you dating now?”

Hehe, a third one that Zack can’t get. Who would let go of the next best swordsman in the country?

“Well, not yet.”

“Okay, I will help you. I will see him after lunch when we go get split up for Combat Class.”

“Good! Thanks a bunch!”

Ah, seeing this tall and gallant black-haired swordsman who actually seems like a cold hearted killer is amazing! Look, he acts like a splendid person! Oh man, I have an awesome friend.

And now my appetite is back!


After finishing lunch, it is time to head to combat class. We are probably the only large-scale school in the region, but even then, mainly nobles can afford to send their children to it. That means only three classes are formed.

For the senior class, there are only two, but the junior class has three like us freshmen. Thus, eight instructors watch over the entire student body for an hour.

I was put into the same group as Emeril and managed to secure him as a sparring partner.

“Yo, how is it going?”

“Hm? Do I happen to know you?”

Ouch, my pride.

“Haha, you certainly are funny, Emeril. It’s me, Nolan!”

“Nolan! Hahaha! I haven’t seen you in forever! Come here!”

Yikes, he hugs like a bear. Well, can’t say I don’t like it. Even in real life, I gave some awesome hugs to my few friends. Huh. You know, this is the first time I truly feel like friends with Emeril. Even Hector was already my friend before, he just had that kind of attitude.

But Emeril? I usually treated him as a kid I played along with. I guess I am becoming Nolan more and more. It wasn’t until Zack started talking about him that I realized the change.

In my past life, my few friends were not nearly as close. In fact, because I moved around a lot, I never kept my friends.

I hope I stay with my friends for a while in this world.


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