Athletics has some physically fit girls. Hmm, those uniforms. Hehe, I don’t mind running laps as long as it is behind Tetra or Enderson. Those two girls are H-O-T! Well, one is literally a flame spirit…but the problem here is that old Nolan never took Athletics…meh.

Let me see, I am already taking magic theory…I guess that is good enough for the main classes. Knowing how to fight and use magic are the two most important things, after all. But Combat Class is mandatory for everyone, so they split that up into classes after lunch. Then it comes time for an elective.

A main class in the morning, either Athletics or Magic Theory, then lunch. After that is Combat Class followed by either one of two electives. Hmm, most of the girls are in Art, Music, and House Skills.

But House Skills is out since I get tired of the girls that go in there. They are all bratty and annoying. Like dramatic children.

But so is Music, as the girls in there are bossy and aggressive.

So that leaves Art, but what about my last one?

Hehehe, Free Period. A difficult class to have since you won’t have that many chances to see the girls that also have a free period every day. However, there is one girl who has a free period on B Days who spends each afternoon in the library. My favorite girl ever, Gina. The Demon King’s Daughter.

I bet that was a shock, huh? Oh? Did I mention demons already? But, as a country for humans, don’t you think having the Demon King’s daughter is a problem?

Well, the game’s settings gather all sorts of girls with amazing backgrounds under a barely effective excuse.

Ah, but for Gina, it is for political reasons. After getting to know her, you might be involved and have to fight off assassins in the late game. Cool stuff, but she is cold, shut off, and distant from everyone else because of that. However, it isn’t because she is afraid of humans, she is afraid for humans. She doesn’t want her friends to be involved in any trouble, so she keeps her distance.

It helps that people don’t mistreat her.

But she is my first target. Oh, I can’t wait!


The Introduction Ceremony was long and boring, and I saw Emeril was off sleeping. I couldn’t help but chuckle. However, it seems he didn’t notice me. Maybe it is because I am slim? Nah, that can’t be. I still have my characteristic red hair, after all.

Well, now that that was over, time to go home.


So the first day of school, I wonder how things will go. I have Magic Theory, so now I get to see the infamous main character, Zachariah Kenton. Well, that is his default name, the player could select a different name.

There he is, physically endowed and mentally gifted, the great hero who can make girls swoon by winking. No really, if you raise Zack’s popularity enough, random sprites of school girls will appear and swoon when he taunts. And if he has raised up affection with specific girls, they will sometimes appear too.

It’s a fun game.

He is well toned and has brown hair that is shaggy yet not difficult to deal with. It stays just far enough out of his face so as to not hinder people’s sights of him. However, his eyes are sharp and bright. He always has a smile and his complexion does not seem like a rural farmer’s son.

He has amazing strength and his mother was sickly due to high quantities of magic, so she stayed inside. His father would buy books for her to read and experience the outside world, so Zack would grow up reading and writing his own adventures for his mother to read.

A nice story, but I don’t really care too much.

I see several amazing women around me. Hoh! It’s Gina! Haha! Ahem, I can’t approach her in class. She holds too much prestige. Meeting her in class will lower your popularity when she dumps you.

“Hey, you are cute. My name is Zachariah, but you can call me Zack. Nice to meet you.”

Ugh! What the –

“Leave me alone.”

“Hahaha! That guy got rejected and it’s only the first day!”

The room is filled with raucous laughter, but Zack is only smiling wryly and shrugging his shoulders. For some reason, he sees me and looks confused. And then…he sits down next to me.

“Hello, my name is Zack, what’s yours?”



I don’t like where this is headed.


“No, I just thought you were someone I knew.”

Bull. I can tell for sure that I am who you thought I was.

“Oh? Like who?”

“Well, the Nolan I know is well…”


“Ah, yes. Wait…”

“Hmph. Whatever.”

I am moving. I can’t stand him. That, and I don’t know how to act around another person like me. However, I look around and see that there aren’t any open spots. No, someone quickly changed seats to take mine. It seems to be a pretty cute girl –

Ah, it’s Sandie. She feels like looking at the main character is love at first sight, but she is an art student and merely wants to draw him. She is so innocent, but she eventually gets obsessed with him and can’t help but getting in a relationship with him. I guess he drew her attention with the last scene. However, more seats change and then only one is left.

Ha! Gina! Here I come!

Don’t look at her, don’t say anything, if I say anything I will ruin it…must continue my chant.

“Okay, class, let’s begin.”

Aaaand snooze fest. However, I have to keep notes, as the tests aren’t just going to be easy to remember trivia like in the game. I actually have to study. But it is like taking an anatomy class and memorizing all of the bones in the body, just to go into a children’s class and list the body’s senses.

Yes, I already know all of this.

Well, at least I can take several glances at Gina when she doesn’t notice. Dang, she is so cute.

Ah, the teacher is looking at me. Did he ask a question?


“Um, no, I was just wondering why you weren’t writing this formula down.”

“Oh, that’s is because I already memorized it.”


Oops, I made a scene.

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