By the way, time skip.

So for nearly two years, I would duel against Emeril and practice swordplay with him. But, there was another person, someone who definitely fits into the stereotype of grunt. Emeril would be the leader, while I was the chubby and intelligent one. The last one would be the gentle idiot who people can care for.

In other words, a young son of a small noble family on the edge of the kingdom, Hector Davis. Hector was always smiling and following Emeril around. He was his number one fan. But, he sported a wonderful talent in swordplay. However, he was too content in just doing what Emeril was doing.

Why was this important? Because he wasn’t in the game. He was never mentioned once. I am starting to figure out something, but I am a little afraid of it. However, nothing happened in these two years, except for what I previously mentioned. My magic was put on hold as I learned how to use a sword alongside Emeril and Hector.

Then, we had an off day.

“Hey, let’s go into the forest!”


Absolutely not!


“Why not?”

“It’s dangerous.”

Heck yeah, it is! I can tell where this is going! Look, Hector is just silently nodding his head like a buffoon!

“But I am the Emerald Knight, Emeril!”

“And I am just a kid who wants to stay alive. Lily, please talk some sense into him.”

However, Lily just places her hands on her hips and smirks at me.

“Oh, so now you want to be reasonable.”

“Don’t say that…”

Well, we finally agreed to have Amethia guide us, but she would have rather been off training for the academy. It wouldn’t be long until she went. In fact, she might be going in a couple months.

We walked around, but we didn’t see much.

“Okay, time to go home. Let’s go. I am done babysitting.”

Amethia didn’t even last half an hour…

“Aww, but we didn’t see a monster! I want to fight a monster!”

No no no no. NO. Emeril, shut up!

Wait, I sense something. Even Amethia is getting ready.


“Huh? Are we going?”

You moron, all of us are quiet, except you, you emerald bozo.

“Shut up, Emeril.”

“That’s rude, Nolan!”

While I turned to hold a hand over his mouth, disaster struck. A fast shadow darted forward, headed towards the weakest person in the clearing, Lily. I was looking away, but Emeril’s face clearly showed me what to expect. He had fallen down onto the ground and nearly pissed himself. I heard a scream and looked behind me, only to see Hector getting his arms bit into by a large cat creature.


I cast several small powered spells, but they just bounce off the fur! This is a Shadow Leopard! This thing is highly resistant to magic! Thankfully, my attacks made it face towards me. I used the chance to call out to Emeril behind me.

“Emeril, we have to protect Hector!”

“I – No, it’s…too scary…”

Dammit, now is not the time to act your age!

“We need the Emerald Knight! A Grand Magus can only do so much! I need someone to guard me while I cast a spell!”


Great, he’s having a breakdown. Lily is already healing Hector, and he nods at me and stands up. He gets between me and the leopard, even though Lily is yelling at him to get back. I see the leopard turn towards him slightly, so I sent some dirt into its face, blinding it.

“Hector, hold it down!”


The silent tough guy lunges, grappling the leopard and pulling it to the ground. However, his shirt gets stained with more blood. I am afraid this is all he can do, so I ready my strongest magic.

“When I say so, move away!”

Good, he nodded.


Hector jumps away, but the leopard is already moving. However, it receives a lightning strike to the underbelly where the fur is softer. Now it is stunned! I rush forward and use my weak sword to stab at the eye, but I missed! I instead scratched its face, enraging it even more. Just before its paws reached me, I was pulled back by a really strong arm.


A radiant sword strike appears, stabbing the leopard all the way through the head. It was an instant kill. I look around and spot two more dead leopards and turn back to Amethia who is covered in scratches and blood.

We’re saved.

But Emeril has gone silent. I am guessing that before, Amethia wasn’t even here. Hector sacrificed himself so the others, probably including me, could leave. You know, it might have only been a weak monster by itself. With Amethia, only so many monsters would dare attack like this.

I guess it was like increasing the difficulty when adding party members.

I helped Lily patch Hector and Amethia up, but when Lily held her hand against my chest, I then realized I had a huge claw mark on it, the leopard having torn through my clothes. I guess since I have magic, I won’t have a scar, which is good.


Amethia carries him on her back and we follow her back to the castle.


Emeril was grounded, but Hector was given a private tutor of his own and his family received some good compensation. So did mine, but they didn’t need it. I was given the chance to talk with an actual Grand Mage, but it wasn’t that effective. I only learned the theory some more. He wouldn’t teach me actual spells or give me a tome.

Hector was never around as he was too busy training and Lily had some down time because Emeril was isolating himself.

So she would spend time with Hector, who was actually the same age as Lily.

And where was I? I had already read all the books in my home and even the books Emeril’s family would let me read. This meant I was bored. So, I instead spent my time learning under Instructor Ghazi.

“Where is that damn brat? You, go get him! He hasn’t shown up to practice in days!”

“But –“
“No buts! Go!”

I was never good with pouting kids. I always got frustrated at their annoying misbehavior. Ugh, if only Emeril was manlier like before. Huh, that sounds weird.

“Hey, Emeril.”

“…Go away.”

“Instructor Ghazi wants to see you.”

“I don’t care.”

Dammit! Don’t make me…oh, I have an idea. It sucks, but…



“Hector actually contracted a disease that we couldn’t cure with our magic. It must have been something the leopard had, but Hector…Hector is…”


“Where is he?!”

Oh, I’m terrible! He looks much better like this.

“Puh –“

“YOU BASTARD! Don’t do that!”


Ouch, what the hell? You want to hit me? Screw you!


“Ow! You can’t hit me!”

“Stop being an idiot!”

You hit me first! Don’t be a baby!


“What a child. Are you even worthy of being a Knight?”

“…Hey. Fight me.”

Oops. I crossed the line.

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