There was never a concept of levels. It was just leveling up your attacks and equipment. However, if you increased a certain combo, it would be activated faster and deal more damage. Thus, in this world, instead of Player Levels, it was Skill Levels.

There wasn’t numbers or letters, they were just bars of experience. 10 bars was the maximum for everything, so it would just be safe to say Level 1 to Level 10. It makes it easier for me to explain.

Nolan used long range magic that had different chant speeds and different elements. Magic was always the most special of combos.

In the game, the sprite would wave their hands, tome, or staff about, dealing damage to up close enemies while chanting during each strike. Once the combo was completed, a magic attack would appear at the specified location. However, it was always difficult as magic had a specific location where it was cast. Close, mid range, or long range. And it would have different effects depending on the many different combos.

Mages were hard to control in the game, but it was super easy in real life. I chant the words, infuse magic into the incantation, and select my target location. Super easy. However, I can’t move. I don’t really have a way to defend myself from close range attacks.

So, I worked on chantless magic. Yep, sounds OP, but it is either weaker, longer to cast, or takes up more energy.

But, if I chose to just pop spells out here and there, it works as a good deterrent against melee fighters like Emeril. I learned quickly, so while he had won the first several fights, the tides quickly changed and I won every time.

“Aww, no wonder you are a Grand Mage!”


Seeing Emeril's childish expression actually frightens me. How could this person ever be evil?

“Young Master, it is time to go home.”

But his relation to Lily as of now seems completely different as well. I thought he tried to put his hands on her once...was I wrong?

“Hey! Teach me magic!”



Even Lily is surprised by my repsonse to Emeril's demands.

“But my father is –“

“You have yet to finish your sword training. You can only have one teacher at a time. Come back again once you are finished.”

“Oh, okay! Come on, Lily! I need to see that old gramps!”

“Uh, yes, Young Master. And Sir Nolan, thanks for entertaining Young Master Emeril.”

“No problem. Even if he isn’t finished with his training, he is free to come by and hang out.”

“Oh, thank you for your generosity. Well, we’re off.”


Hehehe, I haven’t played with kids in forever. Most of the time they are annoying brats, but this kid…I guess I have to watch out for him.

“How was it, Little Nolan?”

I didn't even notice my mom and father walk up. They seem to be basic parents, but why would they be so subservient to the Prime Minister or allow old Nolan to partake in such awful activities with old Emeril? Well, they look happy enough.

“It was fun, mom.”

“Aww, good. See, Emeril is the son of a powerful man, so he might be coming over sometime in the future.”

“Okay, I said they could come whenever.”

“Oh…Oh, okay! I am glad you made a good friend, Nolan!”

Heh, my mom in this world seems so interested in me. In my past life, she would sit and read all the time, letting me 'learn on my own.' Pah. I would rather take nosy mom than lazy mom any day.

“Thanks, mom. Well, I am tired.”

“I bet. Go get some sleep, son.”

Dad doesn't say much, but when he does, it is basic and ordinary. However, it is a lot more than my previous life, so I can't complain. Actually, I like it.

“Yes, dad.”

Ah, a good day. Actually, it was really beneficial to me. I have now experienced how to fight in this world. At best, I can only use the four basic elements, but in the future, I could possibly use even lightning or shadow magic! Mmm…


It's not even sun up, why did mom and dad wake me up? Oh...

“Emeril, I know I said you could come back again, but I didn’t think you would come back again the next day.”

“Come on! My teacher wants to see you!”

Oops, am I too strong? I guess that would be too upsetting to have your student lose to a five-year-old.

Well, it would be the very first time I get to see the outside of the mansion. I wonder if I can go shopping. Oh no, here comes the annoying banter of a child that wants to show off.

“And then I have to show you the large fountain! We have a Tiger Bear that guards the garden!”


Just smile and nod, that should work.

“Ooh, and the bath house! It feels really nice especially after a tough day of exercise!”


“Oh! How about saying hi to my sister? She should be here today!”

Oh? I may have to actually pay attention. Everyone and their mother had a hard crush on Emeril’s older sister Amethia. She is the gentle and quiet type. And the only one who could somehow rein in Emeril in any of the run-throughs. But, it would usually mean you could only have her and no one else. Otherwise, she would kill you.

Yep, she’s actually a brocon who turns yandere for you. Most of the dialogue pertaining to Emeril’s past comes from her. She is actually a lot older, around five years older than the main character. She is an alumni who assists the athletics teacher.

But right now she should be ten. I wonder how cute she is…

“Here we are, Nolan!”

Huh? Isn’t that…

“You! Get over here and pick up a sword! If you are a friend of Emeril’s, then you gotta use a sword!”

Oh dear. This skinny looking old geezer is perhaps the strongest guy I have ever seen! Wait, a sword?

“But, I’m a Mage…”

“Doesn’t matter! Let’s go! Pick up the pace!”

Drat, so the athletic teacher is also Emeril’s private tutor? What a menace! Instructor Ghazi is a Drill Sergeant who normally trains soldiers! This mad man…no wonder Emeril is insanely strong.

Ugh, this is heavy.

“Now swing! We will do fifteen reps!”





“Hahaha!  I guess Nolan isn’t cut out to be a swordsman!”

Leave me be, brat. Don't think I won't scold you for kicking a man while he's down. Though I am currently five.

“Young Master, move out of the way. I need to apply a new rag to Sir Nolan’s forehead.”

Ah, what a diligent girl. If only Lily would become my maid.

“But he wouldn’t be in this mess if he hadn’t gotten you riled up.”

Ouch, your words wound me, madam. On second thought, you can remain as Emeril's maid. You have a poisonous tounge.


Ouch, those words are literally wounding me…my ears…

“Ah, sis! Come here and meet my new friend!”

Amethia?! Where is she?!

“Ha! So this is the great Grand Mage Nolan, huh? Not so great, now?”

Oh my god, why is my idol so boyish? Amethia, why are you so brutish? Please stop standing on my bloated stomach, it is hard to breathe…

“Teaches you to tease my little brother!”

“Madame Amethia, please cease this. You are hurting Sir Nolan.”

Lily! Help me!


Why…my heart is breaking.

“He is not that bad, he completed all of Instructor Ghazi's instructions. He even congratulated Nolan.”

Why are you staring at me like that? I swear, Emeril is speaking the truth, just don’t hurt me again…

I’m delicate.

But for real, I wonder what caused these people to change? Or maybe, this isn’t quite the same world?

I wonder…

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Also, another chapter coming in about twelve hours!


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