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So, the game. Let’s start with that. Thankfully, it was a game I happened to know very well. The main character is nice (sort of) and has the chance to even win the demon girls’ hearts. This game focused on the capability of capturing over 40 different love interests, and some were even guys. Thus, it was a popular game that appealed to both genders, though the girls playing were a minority even among girls.


Unlike most of these kinds of action/relationship games, this wasn’t a turn based RPG. It was a 2D side-scrolling brawler. The player would walk left to right and venture deeper into dungeons, performing combos and destroying enemies. It wasn’t some major strategy game that involved learning weaknesses.


The player was capable of just whacking all the enemies to death with punches, kicks, and other such stuff. The player would select a weapon and work on its mastery, increasing the damage output. Otherwise, there was no major difference. Only special equipment would allow for elemental attacks, but they would just be to the effect of enchanting the strikes.


So later on in the game, your equipment mattered a lot. It also helped impress the girls. People and certain humanoid enemies had the same attack patterns, with the exception of main boss characters or rivals.


Thus, it was a simple game with only like five Dungeons and most of the time was spent at school winning the favor of the fairer sex. Or not.


But the world I awoke in had more than just 2 dimensions. There was a left, right, straight, back, diagonal…you get the idea. I also had a very good advantage. I was a powerful foe.


I had to be. I was the son of a noble who had a good backing.


No, I wasn’t the main character. He was someone who earned the scholarship for commoners. His future was focused on studying so as to keep his grades up and stay in the academy. The Dungeons were for challenging the rivals or trying to stop guys from messing with your girls. Or getting into a sweaty moment with someone else…ugh. I quit. You should get the idea by now.


No, I wasn’t the main character, but I was part of the main story. I was Nolan Deckard. Son of a Duke. Amazing, huh? However, I wasn’t even the main bad guy or a love interest. I am…a henchman.


I am supposed to cower and follow the son of the Prime Minister, Emeril Dukain. Yep, he would constantly hinder the main character and try to mess with his love interests. He would use my money to fund his schemes and throw me away when he was about to pay for his crimes.


Essentially I was the scapegoat.


But not anymore!


Nolan was a powerful enemy. He was someone who spent his time reading books, learning the theory behind magic. He also held a really strong crush on pretty much whatever girl was the main heroine at the time of his entrance. I even got him a date several times, but it would always end up sad. She would reject him no matter who the girl was.


I actually felt a connection with the guy, so I was happy to be reborn as him. Maybe I could change his life for the better!


First off, I would not allow myself to grovel to Emeril. Instead, I will focus on increasing my own abilities. Nolan is also the smartest guy in the entire school, but if you follow the path to expel him, defeat him, or get him dumped, he would falter and fail, letting you get first place in the school if you wanted that path.


So the main character always felt like a dick to me.


But as a baby, what should I be doing?


Well, I’m not a baby anymore. I am a toddler. I slept through my infant stage. And thank goodness. My mother isn’t all that, you know. That was where Nolan’s roundness comes from, his mom and father. Although they carried a strange charm, like they were cute with their chubby-ness. Weird.


But, I spent most of my time reading in the library once I could. Unfortunately, it seems my parents are on the Prime Minister’s side. They invited Emeril over to become my friend, apparently.


I thought I should start here since I wasn’t really doing anything amazing. Well, besides already being able to read, write, and speak perfectly by the time I was five.


“Here, Little Nolan, we brought a friend for you today! Come on out of the library!”


My parents. I guess they mean well, but they certainly are foolish. Oh well, what can a 5-year-old do to a 28-year-old? Ah, I am referring to Emeril versus me, respectively. I do happen to have a past life, after all. Dealing with a kid will be easy.


I walk outside after putting down my book and see the blonde haired antagonist of the entire story. He already carries himself with arrogance and pride, but that seems to be a little different from what I expected.


“Hahaha! It is I, the Great Emerald Knight, Emeril! Where ever Evil goes, I shall follow! Join me, on my quest for justice!”


Hoh? This…I never…no, I actually remember some small bits of dialogue.


‘He used to be so cute when he was younger.’

‘What happened to that child?’

‘He didn’t use to be like this, oh dear.’


Huh. I wonder what would happen if I stop him from being a douche bag in the future? Well, I guess I can let off some steam. I have been keeping in my joy of reincarnation for the past five years.






“You dare proclaim yourself as a Knight in front of me? I am the great Scholar of the Ages, Keeper of the Tomes and Arrays, Grand Mage Nolan!”


“Whoa! A Mage?! Hahaha! Lily, look! We found a Grand Mage!”


Oh? Who is the little girl? Lily? Hm…


“Great, another weirdo.”


“Ah, come on, Lily! You are the Silent Flower, the amazing Healer, Lily!”


Ah! Lillian Rose! So she actually kept that name? No wonder in the game Emeril would get even more aggressive if the MC went after her. Oh yeah, they used to know each other. But I thought she was the Princess’ maid…what? I’m so confused…


“I apologize for Young Master Emeril’s actions, you don’t need to follow his example.”


A 5-year-old girl sounds so mature. No, she was supposed to be a couple years older, wasn’t she?


“It is of little consequence. You, Knight! Show me your skills! I will not have a shoddy fighter in my presence!”


“Haha! As you say!”


Heh, what is this amazing gap? Oh, I feel weird. I need to throw this emotion away unless I want to change who I am.


Otherwise, fujoshi girls would flock to me. Ugh.


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