Antagonist's Sidekick Becomes the Hero!

Antagonist's Sidekick Becomes the Hero!

by Evil Ginger

"Do you find yourself bored, with nothing to do? Have you ever wondered why you don't live an eventful life, like the main characters in stories? Then look no further than Rise to Prominence, the latest game coming to the JoyBox this summer! Fight monsters, beat bad guys, and win the girls' hearts! Work your way up the social ladder within the Academy and become the most popular student! Gain a fan club and sweep the girls off their feet! Heck, get some of the guys as well! With Rise to Prominence, your life will be nothing, if not eventful!


Buy it now, for $39.99! While supplies last."


A strange selection, an enigmatic setting, and an ever growng amount of stuff to do. These are what he must deal with, after being reborn as an unfortunate person destined to be single and alone, in a world of magic and mystery.


Will he throw off his mantle of loner? Most likely.

Will he become the best? Sure.

Will he get a girlfriend? Duh, he's the MC.


But what if there are others in a similar situation as him?

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Evil Ginger

Evil Ginger

Lover of Mac and Cheese

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Rebirth? Or transmigration? ago
Chapter 1: Meeting the Antagonist ago
Chapter 2: Showing Off ago
Chapter 3: Conflict of Interests ago
Chapter 4: Graduation Before School Even Begins ago
Chapter 5: Class Begins ago
Chapter 6: Butting Heads ago
Chapter 7: Defeat and Recovery ago
Chapter 8: Revelation ago
Chapter 9: Advancing ago
Chapter 10: In and Out ago
Chapter 11: Advancing too Quickly ago
Chapter 12: Morning for Ilya ago
Chapter 13: Heading towards the Dungeon ago
Chapter 14: Boss Fight ago
Chapter 15: Delania's Gifts ago
Chapter 16: Hello, Player ago
Chapter 17: Rise to Prominence ago
Chapter 18: Dealing with Delania ago
Chapter 19: Enter the Future Stepdad?! ago
Chapter 20: Dance to it ago
Chapter 21: Compatibility ago
Chapter 22: An Unimportant Diary ago
Intermission 1: Zack's Time ago
Prologue for Volume 2 ago
Chapter 23: Falter Not, He Who Seeks Victory ago
Chapter 24: Spooky Specter 1/3 ago
Chapter 24: Spooky Specter 2/3 ago
Chapter 24: Spooky Specter 3/3 ago
Chapter 25: Introducing New Characters ago
Chapter 26: A Twist ago
Chapter 27: Fear and Rampage ago
Chapter 28: Winning the Contest ago
Chapter 29: Rise to Prominence: the MMO ago
Chapter 30: Saying Goodbye? ago
Chapter 31: Going to the Ball ago
Chapter 32: Doomfist ago
Chapter 33: Grand Entrance ago
Chapter 34: Diplomatic Stupidity ago
Chapter 35: Ballroom Battle 1/2 ago
Chapter 35: Ballroom Battle 2/2 ago
Chapter 36: Ballroom BOSS Battle 1/2 ago
Chapter 36: Ballroom BOSS Battle 2/2 ago
Intermission 2: Bucco's Family 1/2 ago
Intermission 2: Bucco's Family 2/2 ago
Intermission 3: The Girls ago
Intermission 4: Practically Everyone Else ago
Intermission 5: The Players Level Up ago
Prologue for Volume 3 ago
Chapter 37: Recovery 1/2 ago
Chapter 37: Recovery 2/2 ago
Chapter 38: Student Council Election ago
Chapter 39: Implementing Reform ago
Chapter 40: Feeling Fine ago
Chapter 41: Being Lazy is Bad ago
Chapter 42: I Hate Tournament Arcs, So I Skipped It ago
Chapter 43: Unfair Advances ago
Chapter 44: Troublemakers ago
Chapter 45: I Said Skip the Tournaments ago
Chapter 46: Rushing Through Summer Break ago
Chapter 47: Tension, Never! ago
Balloons 1 ago
Balloons 2 & 3 ago
Balloons 4 ago
Balloons 5 ago
Balloons 6 ago
Balloons 7 ago

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No glaring mistakes, easy to read, solid story, all the characters are decent no one feels flat. Id recomend it even if for a quick read. looking forward to seeing where the author takes the story.



May be to soon but adding to my bookshelf, the characters are fun, the situations the Mc ends up in are well thought out and entertaining, story feels simlilar to some but very much its own and thats pretty rare on RR. if the quality drops or author stops writing ill ajust my high review but as of now I feel the story deserves a top spot in RR. just my 2 cents


Comedic, focused and well-executed.

Definitely one of the better works I've seen on RR so far. Give it a try for some light-hearted-ness


A nice story that deserves more attention.

This is one of those casual stories on royalroad, don't expect anything amazing but absolutely perfect for spending free time.