The Elemental Swords - Book One: Sunder

The Elemental Swords - Book One: Sunder

by CharlesBlythe

Present war fast approaching its climax. This is a series of books featuring a boy named Zilian. Living in a time of war, anything could happen and that it does. Everything ends up falling apart around him, life as he knew it was not the truth, living a life obscure of what was the truth of his father and in turn of not knowing the truth, he loses his father. Friendships are forged, closer ones are lost. Allies are made, enemies retaliate. The responsibility of the sword rests upon him.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Prologue (old version) ago
Chapter One - Razed ago
Chapter Two - War Orphan ago
Chapter Three - Forest Mist ago
Chapter Four - Rebellious Boy ago
Chapter Five - Fun At Ferdan Festival! ago
Chapter Six - The Old Grudge ago
Chapter Seven - Mystery of the Blade ago
Chapter Eight - A Fray On The Farm ago
Chapter Nine - Final Farewells ago
Chapter Ten - The Emperor ago
Chapter Eleven - Hot Pursuit ago
Chapter Twelve - Refuge ago
Chapter Thirteen - The Conditioned City ago
Chapter Fourteen - Forgive Me ago
Chapter Fifteen - The Quake, The Cave and The Women ago
Chapter Sixteen - Assassins Fifth Order ago
Chapter Seventeen - The Mountain's Generals ago
Chapter Eighteen - Seperated ago
Chapter Nineteen - Ultimate Torture, The Woman! ago
Chapter Twenty - Alone In The Dark ago
Chapter TwentyOne - Water, What Could Go Wrong? ago
Chapter TwentyTwo - She Knits A Pick? ago
Chapter TwentyThree - The Vile Name ago
Chapter TwentyFour - Where Is He? ago
Chapter TwentyFive - The Assassin, The Gamble, The Inn ago
Chapter TwentySix - An Early And Deadly Checkout ago
Chapter TwentySeven - Failure Is Unacceptable ago
Chapter TwentyEight - The One With The Big Sword ago
Chapter TwentyNine - Encounter Against The Buster ago
Chapter Thirty - Their Heritage ago
Chapter ThirtyOne - The Surviving Maiden ago
Chapter ThirtyTwo - Kenplar's Chronicles ago
Chapter ThirtyThree - One Last Chance ago
Chapter ThirtyFour - The Moonlight, The Earth and The Flower ago
Chapter ThirtyFive - Heroes and Heroines ago
Chapter ThirtySix - Stone's Honor ago
Chapter ThirtySeven - That Man In The Wood's ago
Epilogue - The Beginning Of The End ago
Book Two - Unity - Cover Art and Prologue ago

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Grammar: small errors but nothing i wouldnt expect to slip through the cracks of editing. the accents of some of the characters are also somewhat weird, but not to the point where im bothered about anything. doesnt impact readability

Style: the first to third person jumps are somewhat jarring but otherwise there's nothing in particular to complain about

Story: not much to say here yet, not enough chapters have come out. plot is going in an interesting direction though and has left a lot of options for whatever the author plans to do later

Characters: the hand of the author shines through once or twice but otherwise the interactions feel pretty realistic. characters are distinct and grow, things are good

Overall: this score is pointless since everyone always does 5 stars for any story they even sort of like. 5 stars it is