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- Imra

It’s been 2 days, and on those two days Adam and I been trying to getting our prestige high enough to be in Top 10 on the [ Leaderboard ].

We then achieved to be the ranked 4 while I am ranked 5. Making our Academy raised from the bottom ranked to be the second one. Once again, which pissed Adam once more.

“Calm down,” I said as I stop Adam from torturing his maid, the maid that trying to seduce him, but failed as Adam is a sociopath. And went torturing her, her body is naked as she was born, with her big boobs were slashed with his whip and the soft untouched skin is now a scarred skin that are shown that she is in no availability to be married.

Adam then face me, showing his insane grin and caress my cheek and kiss it, leaving a blood mark on my cheek, which I wipe it. “You know I can’t,” He said, “You are becoming more and more beautiful..” He said as he then has his other arm touch my waist.

I know I am becoming beautiful and more beautiful each day, it is on the gene. Literally. My [ Parent ] is nice enough to give me a perk of [ Beautiful ] to me so I don’t need to level up my Cha every times and every days.

“Of course,” I scoff at him, and let him put his face on my neck and sniff it, He always doing that, I am not even surprised if he is a vampire. But obviously he is not, So oh well. Maybe I should make a potion from my [ Alchemy Workshop ] That [ The System ] nicely given to me and make a Vampire potion, to be able making him as one.

I mean, he has the shit to be one after all.

“Imra, You will never leave me right?” Adam ask, his eyes darken as he snuggle me into his King size bed. “Yes.” I answer, and that leave him smile and snuggle me even more. He is so sweet, remind me of a little kid.

The next day, we were announced that all student will going to Capital, So Adam bring his carriage and letting me seat with him. He didn’t even allow his sisters to use the carriage, so those banshees do not have any ride which letting them to use their own pocket money to rent a carriage for themselves.

“You sure you don’t want that?” He ask as he pointed at the slave, I roll my eyes and decline. He then sigh and giving up. He always doing that to me, trying to please me by spoiling me, even though he does not have that much time spending with me.

Looking at the road all of them is filled with building and people. But this time the Capital is filled with humans, Humans with dresses and fancy hairs, That I bet Elyon will be proud if I rip the dress out of that humans.

“No, I know what you are thinking. No.” Adam said while his eyes still closed, “I swear you turn up to become like your sister every years..” He then mumbles that as he continued his nap.

When Adam meet Elyon, It was… an Interesting meeting. Where a fight was turn up in a matter of second and that turn Adam to get a phobia of Elyon. Even though he is not the only male human that have the same phobia toward her.

And also, when he first meets Elyon he thought she was my Mother, which made Elyon flattered for a second then continued to treat him like a shit down her feet. But I am ending up telling him that Elyon is my sister, which again, making Elyon flustered and nearly passed out for God know why.

I mean, from all this year, she is the closest to be consider as a sister to me. And no, I am not talking about those ‘Princess’ that bitches call them ‘Onee-Sama’ because I am sure I can be one, but changed that ‘Onee’ to become ‘Oni-Sama’.. Oh wait. That IS my nickname because of the [ Battleground ].

“Huh.. Now you mention it..” I mumble as I look at my hand that are covered with black glove. Then I decided to open the window, as I open it the wind come blows my Dark with Rimmed Gold robes.

It’s been so long that I am now part of Elites, there are 5 inner Elites and 7 Outer Elites. Those ‘Onee-Sama’s’ is from the Outer Elites, the same as me. The reason I am even in one because I am Adam Fiancée, and they don’t take it kindly as I am not a ‘Noble’ or ‘Higher Class’ and still in Elites.

But rule is rule, so I was putted as the Elites.

Also, our engagement is only for a political gain for Adam, He want to marry me because I know Crux, Of course, and I am a prodigy from the Hummingforge Guild, As I am the youngest one that has become an A Rank Adventure. A foul play, but still.

Also, My level is a no joke as well. It’s already reached 3 digits as long with the stats that I have. And money? Huh.. It is the same, Just keep decreasing as I used it to help Adam with his political Gains and the Ball rooms party that he keep making.

If it’s not because of my [ Parent ] spoiling me with the coins and golds I will ending up broke as how expensive it is to create the party and paying the servant. There is a point where I think to buy a high-class slave so it will be much more easier and cheaper way, But I don’t see any that are fit for the one that will work at Adam Mansion.

And my house? Apparently, Adam like that house too, not big as his Mansion of course, but It’s ending up as the Vacation House, as he said the rule that I need to live with him in the Mansion.

And my relationship with his parent is neutral, they like me because I have money to backed up my ‘social stats’, it just his father mistress that I am distrust. Because she is pregnant with a ‘son’ and been hungry for Adam spot for her child.

The mistress was once the maid, but because Adam Father nice enough, he now making her as his mistress. Guessing that now that tittle has not making her feel good enough, then she went into a power-hungry mistress.

Guessing losing a son that Adam killed was not enough to make her stop. Because I am sure that Adam will continued kill anything that can stop him from being the head clan.

But then again, once I meet that woman again I will just, once again, ignoring her as usual, as she been eyeing me from the start.

And the relationship I have with his 3 younger sisters is that, I want to marry them to an Old noble right away as they are annoying. Straight up annoying that even their parent is done with them.

But I don’t have the privilege to sell them up for a marriage yet. So, I will be doing it once I am able to.

Ah, and my relationship with the servants that work there? It basically a normal relationship of a master and servant, so nothing excited about it. I sometimes said ‘thanks’ for them, but that’s about it. At least I do not ‘punish’ them like the whole family is.

So, I am consider a ‘Nice’ Mistress for them and they all adore me, It is weird. But I decided to ignore it, and do my own things. Then I feel someone trying to get attention from me, looking at my right I see Adam sheepish look.

“Yes?” I said as I notice his look, “Well. you know, do you think we should host another party again?” He ask, Hmm... Probably something triggered his to feel self-conscious about his reputation.

“Hmm, Well. Consider we already host 3 in a week, I do not think we should doing it once more,” I said, implying I am tired of that Gown and that stuck up and kiss asses Nobles and Dukes that joining the party. That’s why I mostly appear when the party started and then went away after 15 minutes or so.

He knows I hate socializing with other humans, but it does not stop him from making tons of party to increase his reputation as the heir of Blakewell clans that are consider an old lane from the human blood lines.

But who am I to judge? Because when we two are married his status will changed into a Duke, and probably a Grand Duke if we can sell out his sisters to some functional Duke that can boost the reputation.

I know it is inhuman kind of behavior before in my past life, but it just how the world is and I am not going to try changing.

Ah, Adam still talking, The road look fine.. The flower too, maybe I should tell the servant to buy some of the exotic flower from the Capital to decorate the mansion. Ah, That Adventure with the great sword behind him is great too, wonder how many monster he slay with that sword.

Talking about sword.. Maybe I should get a new one.. Or making a new one as [ Parent ] maybe selling some, Let’s see.. Ah, I see that [ Holy Sword ] again.. and today the price is decreasing? Huh, maybe I should buy it..

But it’s 276G though, But still.. The ATK and the DMG is really high!! Even the moves that I able unlocked when I buy it!! They even added a [ Holy Paladin ] option for a class!

I then bought the sword and unfavorite my last sword and changed it to the newest one. Then before I know It the carriage stop, I then look outside, “Huh.. It seems that this is not the stadium..” I mumble,

“It is not, Hmph.. That servant actually making something wrong, wait until we come back! I will punish him!” Adam said as his eyes darken. I then lightly bump his hand showing that he is nearly on his sociopath feature once more.

But before he said something, we heard a commotion outside, It is so loud that we are forced to go outside to look to what happened. In there I see a child was bleeding, from the wound it seems that we are the one at fault.

But mostly people fault the child as he dressed up like a homeless child, and from the point of view of the civilian that we are much more important and now they are scolding a nearly dead kid.

Fucking human.

Hmm, if I am not wrong.. I got this skill to heal right? Let’s try it..’ I then walk toward the kid. He then startled but I ignore it, pulling up my right hand on top of his head ignoring his flinch, and start thinking about the spell to activate it.

And then Boom!, a flash of golden light bask his body and the wound is slowly gone. Satisfied with the effect I then walk inside of the carriage and ignoring the, once again, commotion behind me.

“Let’s go..” I said to Adam, which he just chuckles and told the driver to continued driving the carriage.


After a while, we finally arrived at the Stadium. Adam then led me to the private room that our school own. Then we got a long lecture from a professor, and finally she let us go. Before warning us to not be late once the fighting schedule will start.

Oh, and Adam leaving me alone as he has a private thing he need to do with the Inner Elites, Also, as one of the Outer Elites all I need to do is being perfect and do no shit. So, the best thing I can think of is just adventure the lobby and looking at the sculpture and statues.

Until my eyes fixed into a statue that was putted into the very back of the curves hallway. From the place of the statue that was putted it was obviously is underappreciated.

Somehow it just boils my heart to think about it, and below of the statue it has a scribes. “Elven..” I mumble as I trace the Elven language that was put bellow the statues. Then looking deeply at the statues once more, I found that the statues have pointed ears.

“Obviously..” I mumble to myself and shook my head to my own stupidity. Sometimes, have a high INT does not help it.

Those who can see, Ca-“ Then I was cut by a voice beside me, “Can obstruct anything that are in path.” A guy with long pale blond hair with red eyes said. “With power that are gained,” Then another guy came up beside me, same feature with the red eyes.. But this time he have a purple eyes..

“We will be united and destroy them.” I continued with a smirk. “Imra, and you guys?” I said, obviously those two is elves as they have the headbands like I do, That Elyon been forcing me to wear it a daily basis.

“Hagluin Torlamin,” The purple eyes said, “Hugeo Torlamin,” The red eyes said. Ah.. Well then, fuck.

“That is nice,” I said as I pull up my hand from the statues, “I need to leave, nice to meet you guys.” I then vastly leave, ignoring a certain eye that been looking at me. That tallest guy with the same eyes like me, That haven’t saying anything and just observing me from the start.

I am guessing that 3 guys were my real brother as Elyon inform me, but probably they are wondering why I am not dying yet.. My guessing is that the previous body already died, and I just stole the meat bag and living on it.

Not that I complaining though, I got a great [ Parent ] that been raising me to be a strong and rich daughter.. So I don’t think I need any other family to be honest of myself.

And I don’t plan to have any relationship with those family anyway, Elyon told me that Torlamin clan is most knowing to kill the female that was born, and keeping the one with the strong magic.

And I don’t have any magic, only MP so they better know that MP is much more better than magic soon. But yea, I probably going to be killed if I communicate with them. Elves is known as territorial, but also a blood thirsty.

And those fantasy from my old world about Elves is the nurture and a nature being? It is fucking wrong in so many different level, literally, because they are the opposite of that imaginary thinking that the past human has.

Enough talking about elves, I need to get away fast.. I still can feel their gazes toward my- “Imra, there you are.. C’mere, we going to have another meeting. This time the outer member is included.” Adam said as he grins and holding my hand toward the private booths they rented.

“Alright, we got Imra... Where is Sherlyn now?” Brandon, one of the inner member, ask. I then shrug my elbow and ignoring a look that I’ve been receiving since I step into the room.

“Alright Imra, we know how much you hate her, But at least kill her after she done her shit will ya?!” Jefferson said, as he accuses me on something I DIDN’T do.

“Sure, sure Jefferson. You sure it wasn’t you? As we know how obsessive you are toward her. Beside, she sleep with everybody, so don’t feel special about that.” Adam said in a cold voice as his eyes showing a bloodlust once more, The member once more gulp.

“Hush,” I said as I lightly pat Adam biceps, “Ignore him. Who is the last one that actually seeing her before?” I ask as I am trying lightning up this dark moment, Even though I crave for this moment as Adam look hot in this situation anyway.

“Well, I mean... I remember she mentioning how hot the 3 princely Elves are.. But, I don’t really think that she is..” Lexie, one of the outer member said, “Dumb?” Adam finished her unsaid word.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck! Now we are short by one person.” Brandon said as he punch the wall leaving a crack, “Heh, I could do more than that,” Adam smugly said as he whisper next to me.

I just lightly smile at his playful smirk, “Well, I mean… Adam and Imra is strong enough… maybe they can bring us to the finale?” Jaida, another Outer member said, as she is implying that we need to carry all of the student till the finals.

“Hmph, How many people we need to kill or beat in this tournament?” I ask, “Well, 5 points if you manage to wound them.. 10 points if you manage to severally wound them, and 15 point if you manage to win it.. after that 20 points if you manage to.. you know, kill them.” Jaida answer, as she’s the only ‘Onee-Sama’ that are actually nice enough to me.

“Oh, try to collect their head too,” Adam said as his eyes once more in a bloodshot and grinning creepily causing the member edge away from him.

“Why? How many points?” I ask him to clarify if it is worth it or not. “Nahh, no point. Buuuut,” He then face my face, “It is a tradition for the Blakewell family~ And you are now one of them~” Adam said.

I then nod at him saying I understand, And then just continued to count how many floor tiles there are in this room.


After we finished the whole conversation about the trick that we should pulled, But basically all of that summed up to try and Kill the opponent, and to humor Adam, they also will try to collect the head for me.

As my nickname is Oni-Sama anyway, and they also telling my followers, which contain most of the commoners, that I love collecting head as a joke. So my fans is now fired up and making sure to ripped the head off. Like right now..

“FOR ONIII-SAMAAAA!!!!!!!” One of my follower said as he bring up his spear and brutally chopped of the head, as he pull out an instant winning. He then walk toward my way with his starry eyes and blood everywhere and bow as he giving the head.

“I- I-“ He tried to say something, but because of the stuttering it is irritating, so I do is I pat his head, “Good boy.” I said, as he look like a dog with features anyway. That just increase his battle lust and start growling? At the opponent that are in the ground?

“That’s a nice pets you have there,” I then hear a voice beside me, it’s that read eyes.. I forgot what’s his name.. “Hugeo,” He then smirk and looking at the head that I was playing with. “Nice head too, It’s the Phoenix student was it? What a feral pet you have~” He said with a smirk.

“Ahahaha, Did you see how her pet ripped the head? It was beautifully done, it’s not the cleanest cut, but still bring the pain to the person” The purple eyes said. I then just quietly nod.

Where is Adam when you need him? Oh right, that inner members have special seats. Fuck..

“What you guys want?” I plainly said, as I put the head down. “Nothing, just want to giving back a trash you know~” Hugeo said as he tilt his head, and one of his follower? Start dragging.. Uh.. Is that?

“Fucking Sherlyn.” Jaida said as one of her follower fan her from the heat. “Yuup, That’s slutty Sherlyn alright..” Ellie, one of the outer member said. I nod at them also, and chuckle at how Sherlyn actual state.

Her hair is burned up, and her face is barely recognizable. “Look who’s the bitch now..” I quietly said with a smirk, the two agreeing with me and snort. “Well then, Thank you for the hospitalize for her, Goodbye” I said as I grab Sherlyn by her hair ignoring her moaning of pain.

“Who want a free bitch?” I ask around me, no one interested in her once more, So I just shrug and left her in the corner on the seat. Some actually considering it but decided not worth it as it was ‘Oni-Sama’ that was asking.

“Anything else?” I ask the two, now three as the third one just popped out of nowhere. “I believe we never introduce.” The guy who have the same structure face as mine said with a deep voice.

I raise my eyebrow at that, “Iefyr Torlamin, Pleasure,” He then reach to kiss my right hand. But before he kiss it, my hand was snatched by someone. “Her name is Imra Blakewell, My Fiancée.” Adam said as he gets territorial over me.

I chuckle at the shocked face on the three, “What? How?! A human! Is she out of her mind?!” Hugeo said in elven, “And that ‘She’ is in front of you, Also, I do not see why you need to care about who I am marrying.” I answer.

Adam beside me ready to be pulling up his sword, but I stop him. “Need to care? Us? Why should we need to care that you dating a male human?! Humph, don’t let your head getting too big for this, you are nothing.” Hagluin said as he coldly looking at my face, But his eyes betray what he actually said.


To be continued.


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