• Imra -

The school has been the same, a boring day where I took a part-time class and went hunting in the dungeon completing the quest in the Dungeon, but the peaceful day I have was ruined by fangirls. Yes, Fangirls. And no, They aren’t mine either.. which I hope.

But they were the other “Big Sister” or so-called “Princess” Fangirls. They were attacking me non-stop, even though it doesn’t hurt me at all, they’re weak actually, but it’s still annoyed me. Making me want to squish their head till I see the blood painting my pale slander fingers red.

But too bad in this school have a rule of no killing. If there is though, those little girls will be painted red. Noble or not.

This school also have this type of a ‘click’ where if you are noble, you hang out with a noble, and if you are a commoner, then you should know your place. But I don’t follow the rule as I just do my part-time and do not have any time to chatting or hanging out with girls.

“Oh look, the ugly new girl is here again!!” A high pitch voice squeal and lots of hyena laughing were heard. Sigh. Why would they be everywhere? And I am not ugly! My Cha is reaching 20 so I am considered beautiful in human culture!

Ignore Imra.. Ignore.

I walk and ignore them, apparently, it insults them, good, and they start firing a low-level wind magic; which can actually hurt someone, I then dodge them as I tilt my head 15 degrees.

“Ugh!! Just wait for you PIG!!” I heard them scream and I just ignore them. Want to know how this happened? Well. it is started as-

“Imra!! Are you ok? They didn’t hurt you, didn’t they? Huh? Wait!! Why are you ignoring me IMRAAAA!!!!” That.

That kid, Is the problem of all my pain. I was considering telling Elyon but I hold the urge to do so. But I am starting to be regretting it.

“Imra, talk to me.. I’m sorry.. Imra…” Adam then went quiet as his eyes went watering. Fuck, fuck! Should’ve killed him when I have time. He is a nuisance. “Hn.” I answer, making his face into a cheery mode again.

“And, and Gabriel does this... And-, Then-, Gabriel-,..” It is non stop, all the talk is Gabriel that, Gabriel this. Are they a couple or something? I bet Adam is a Uke if they are. As Adam got this Uke feature and act, while Gabriel gives a vibe of a sadistic seme. Which is dangerous. But oh well.

“Hn. I’m leaving. Work.” I said as I walk back to Prof. Arthur class, which he follows. I then ignoring him again, and when I arrived I walked to my desk, Yes. my desk, and taking the quills, I then continued grading the paper.

Imra.. He-, Imra! Then-, Imra!! Don’t ignore me!!”


“Ah, another one is finished early Imra, Good job! Here is the reward!” Prof. Arthur then sends me 1,400 Ripp. Then he nods at Adam and went to his paperwork that he actually needs to do.

“Imra, I don’t get why you need to get a job.. Isn’t your family sending you enough? I can give you some of my allowances if you want,” Adam said as we walk through the hallway, I shrug my elbow.

“Hn. My family sending enough,” Lies “I’m just bored.” Another lies? Eh,. Oh well “And no thank you. I have more than you could think of.” I said, That one is the true one as the system is spoiling me too much. And let just said The System is my parent, as they are the one who teaching me stuff and even giving me allowance.

PING! [ System is now accepting you as their child. Now receiving 10 Gold per week as the allowance. ]

What?! What even.. I- I am honored actually..


“Imra!! Are you paying attention?” Adam said as he is waving his hand in front of my face. “Hn.” I answer as I wrote into my book, calculating how much money I actually spend this week and how many I receive. I actually making another profit by selling Adam’s picture anonymously.

“So, when are you going to introduce me to Crux?! Huh?” Adam then hype again, “This Saturday.” I said, the then be a happy camper again and this time he complains about Jackson, who I actually never heard of him till now, and probably never once more. I hope.

Days been passed and I actually bringing Adam to the guild. He actually is acting like a country bumpkin right now. “Stop it.” I said and he actually fixing his posture, I bet he’s trying to impress the female adventure right now. Humph. My Cha is already high and I am much prettier than those bitches.

After a while, I arrived at the D wing, which where all the D-rank and higher member hang around, Yes.. I’m already a D-rank. And yes, Elyon put a foul play that I am not even do anything about it because it is benefitting me.

Then suddenly I found who I am looking for, Lucy. “Imra, Here!” She waves at me and I then walking toward her table. I’m seeing a new face, I just nod at her and ignore those plebs. “So, is he the boy you been telling me about?” Lucy said as she observes Adam, who is in a hysteria, up and down.

I nod, but before I answer Adam went up and having a full admiration face, “Lu- Lucy-Sama!! I am Adam Blakewell, the heirs of Blakewell and I am honored to meet you face to face!!” I then face palm. “Ah? Yes..” Lucy said as she sending me a knowing gaze.. as if, she’s pitying me?

“By the way Imra, you are looking better and better each passing day, What is the secret potion you been taking?” Lucy said as she Ignored Adam that are trying o getting her attention, I shrug at her, “Nothing, I just sleep to be honest..” Lies, but I couldn’t be said that, could I?

Aiyah.. That one is the hardest one! As because of the raid for that Ogre King we barely have any sleep.. Oh, and Crux is having a meeting with the guild master, so he couldn’t come.. He said Hi though,” Lucy said, I nod at her and said my thanks. Dragging a now sullen face Adam.

“Don’t sulk, it does not fit your image.” I said, and I really mean it.. Adam have a really good feature and a jaw that can cut me, even his face structure has more definition than my future, and that is saying something.

As I said that, he then went quiet and let out a playful smirk, “You like me don’t you?” He then let out a playful laugh. “Hn.” I shrug, then he stop. “Wa- wait, yo- you r- really? Like.. Me? Huh? Uh..” He then flustered all of the sudden and his face went full blown red.

“Well, I mean.. You know Crux-Sama team members. All of them even.. so.. I mean we can go out..” Adam said that, Wait.. What?


And we actually went into a ‘dating’ relationship. Where he actually bringing me to his family. Which where I am actually going, with Elyon who teleport me to their mansion.

It has been years since then, till this happened.

“Alright Imra, If you are feeling unconfutable, you can just broke this engagement” Yes, somehow it’s turning up into an engagement. I just do not want to know how Adam head function at all.

I nod at Elyon, she then looking at me in my eyes and pet my hair lovingly, like a real sister should, “You have grown beautiful each day” No shit. “My little Imra..” She then sniffs, I awkwardly pet her head as she keeps hugging me like no tomorrow.

“Alright! I am alright now, show those Apes family how Elves is better than them!! I am no leaving! See ya Imra!!” She said as she fancily teleports back to the Guild.

Looking at the now empty spot, I walk toward the gate. Ignoring the gate keeper that has been looking at us weirdly, especially at Elyon.

“Imra!! You’re here!!” Adam said as he jump out of his seat, I nod at him. “Hmph, Of course.” I said and ignore his hug attack and dodge. Which cause him to slide over to the wall, causing him having a little bruise.

“ *sigh* Why are you so clumsy?” I said as I help him standing up, He then grin “You love me anyway!!” he said. It has been 3 years, we are now 15. Which is an acceptable age to be married, but I am against that shit, so fuck that.

“Sure. Sure.” I sarcastically answer, which he didn’t get it and keep having that adorable smile on his face. “YOU AGAIN?!” Oh no. That little shit again.

“Yes?” I said as I face that little incest disgusting little sister going to be sister in law, which is probably going to be dead anyway.

“Stop be friend with Onii-Sama! You- You PIG!!” Yes, she is one of that so called ‘Princess’ Fangirl. I shrug her off like always, and if she want to fight? What can she do about it? I am now an A rank member, still 2 star but still an A rank.

And she is just a spoiled little noble girl that didn’t know the real world work, not that I know as my parent spoils me anyway, but I still is much more better than she is.

“Adam, her presence is a nuisance.” I said as I pull up my fan and elegantly fanning myself. After all this year I could said now I am consider beautiful even to the elves, the wonder of The System, or I should said My Parent, is wonderful.

“Huh? Oh,” Then Adam stare at his little sister, “Burge, Go. Your face is a fucking nuisance. Guard! Bring her out from my presence!” As he said that, a hidden guard then dropped from the ceiling and start dragging a now screaming banshee.

And yes, Adam is actually is like the normal Noble, they just act like they want and not caring a world about shit that are below them. And me? I was actually lucky as I know Crux, because the real Adam is an Asshole that kill a commoner just because they got a perfect score than he is. He even kills his younger brother because he feels threaten that his younger brother will took his spot.

And in which point he killed one of the so called ‘princess’ as they were trying to bully me in front of him. He of course didn’t kill them himself, which he said he still sadden about it, but entrust his hidden guard to kill them.

Ah, the hidden guard? They are like a shinobi. Ninja, that or basically an Assassins that job is to guard and satisfied Adam, and no, they don’t have a sexual relationship, when I said satisfied is when he is needed to Kill someone who is he cannot be killed.

“Actually, how are you?” Adam ask as he sit into his chair, we were currently on his study room. I shrug at him, “So-So, finished another A-Rank mission solo, and doing other stuff.” I answer and I sit into the chair in front of his desk, “And you?” I ask.

“Same, paperwork and make sure stuff is actually in place.” He answers with a blinding smile. “So,” He then start to be looking at me seriously and placing his chin into his hand, while other hand is starting to tap the table.

“Hm?” I raise my eyebrow,

“The marriage, when is it going to be?” He asks. Fuck, should’ve known. “Soon.” I answer, he then raises his eyebrow mirroring my face. “You know, we couldn’t make my parent waiting so long.” He said, “And I need this marriage to make me an actual Lord of this place.” Adam said,

sigh, Fine, the sooner the better.” I answer, which he then let out his childish smile, “Yay!!” Ugh, he went into childish mode again.

“By the way Imra,” Adam said as he finished his coffee and putting his glasses down, “Hm?” I answer, “Did you know the Academy Battle will be started soon?” He said as he grinned at me, “Really sooon.” He then let out a devilish smirk.

And it did, when we back at the Academy the flyer were everywhere, it’s even on the [ Net ] which is the community on the wristwatch online.

The way you sign up is really easy, you just need to go to the attendance lady and then sign the paper form. And install a new specifically apps that are only for this event only on the wristwatch, and then everything is all set.

Of course, engaged to an elite of the school have its own perk, as I already sign up already and having it downloaded before other people download. Basically the App called [ Battleground ] where it bring you to a [ Server ] where you will PvP on there, They are not called PvP, but I still called it PvP, even Adam started to calling it PvP.

In there you can watch people fight, the screen is actually a wide hologram television like screen, which letting you and other people beside you watching it. Or fight, with other student from another school.

I of course being a smart girl I am, I have more Int then most of this girls in this school, Not starting first because I want to collect an information about those enemies, I even told Adam to lay off a while so we can know what’s their power is like, And is sure how to fight them.

Not be like a fool, like those banshees and those harpies.

Went fighting and got ‘killed’ in a second, It was laughable and disappointments as our Academy is the one that are now ranked bellow as we were the source of the first blood from Flaxons Academy.

The [ Battleground ] Also shown the rank of the Academy, currently we are the lowest because of those bitches, which they are now getting a ‘nobody’ tittle into them, where they are the main source of bullying, and no, it is not like my bullying. This bullying is a full-blown bullying that can actually drove a girl to kill herself,

Which already is, but beside the point. I’m currently sipping a tea with Adam beside me watching the fight of those some Flaxons with Cypress Academy. Hmm, That’s a new one.

As if he know my thinking Adam soon telling me information about them. “Cypress Academy is an Academy filled with Elves, they are the same as ours but changed humans with elves, They are always hidden and never really join the battle since 50 years ago, but I guess they are changed now. And instead of Elites, they are called ‘Lord’. Bunch of stuck up basically.” He said,

“Ah, so it’s an Elves version of you guys..” I then summaries, which let Adam laugh. Those Cypress mostly used the nature type magic. Hm.. Nice. I bet parent can give me that kind of magic, but much more powerful at the skill store.

After a while, Then the Flaxons Princes come to the battle ground and start to use their fire magic to burn the Cypress student. It shown up the Flaxons wins once again.

“Alright, I have enough.” I said as I snap my fan, I then pulled up the enchanted ring that I make from my [ System Workshop ] and give it to Adam, “That’s an enchanted rings that giving you a boost on water element, and that one is the one that can reduce the percentage of the fire magic that will come and harm you. I make those two, so it is safe to use.” I said as I now know what’s the strongest Flaxons power is.

Adam then slyly smile at me, “I know it was a good decision to keeping you around,” Then he teleport to the [ Battleground ], His appearance was shocking the whole school as when those bitches fail the battle no one has ever joined. Until now.

Hey bitches, who want to fight this Elite?” Adam mocked and a Flaxons student appearing beside the enemy point. Adam then grinned, and pull out his sword that I make just for him and swing it, causing a big ripple to the air.

A gasp can be seen toward that Flaxons student but then he tries to keep up with Adam swing, then he failed, which cause him to get a one shot kill and ‘dead’. After that student died, a popped up came and shown that Udreamiths Academy is winning.

It was a buzz around the school, and Adam now is the number one Elites since then. But mostly because some of the Elites Graduated and some of them is actually transferred to the Royal School, which is for the student that having and wanting to have a job at the Royal Palace.

“Ufufufufu, Good Job.” I said as I peck him in his cheek, Adam then let out a winning smile stuck into his face for the rest of the day.

It’s being a daily routine that now Udreamiths student actually trying to beat other school, some of them failed and some of them is winning. But Adam is the one who have the biggest prestige of them all.

“Hey, as my fiancée, you should join too.” Adam said, I sniff at him and look away, “C’mon Imra.. Just a little, so you can have enough prestige to join the real one. In there we can do a team battle which we finally can actually killing people!” Adam said as he trying to be making me agree with him.

After awhile I agree with him, and click [ Join? ] on my wristwatch, and teleported. “Huh? A pretty girl? Hey! Be my girl an-“ The guy didn’t even have time to continued his word till I slit his throat using my wind magic.

“Hmph, Apes dare to flirt with me?” My face shown a disgusted feature as I look at his now pixelated figure that shown he is ‘dead’. [ Next? ] I then click yes lazily, And continued killing people, till I have 75 prestige and is now become the second highest place next to Adam at my school.

-3rd Pov

Hey brother.. why is she..” A guy with a long blond hair with a beautiful feature that can question a sexual orientation of a straight men ask the guy beside him, which having the same feature except his pink eyes. “Mother? Yes.. Her face is seems like mother.” He said quietly,

Do you think?” The third one, which is the tallest one but with having a big builder body, which is not fitted with his long ear ask the pink eyes guy, “No. Don’t ask mother yet, we should investigate first.” The pink eyes elf said.

“What are you guys mumbling about?” A blond princely figure ask from behind, and all of the three ignoring him, which making him pout. “This guy is pissing me off, can we kill him already?” The smallest one asks the pink eyes. Which getting a head shake which indicate a no.

He still has his use. No, Not yet.” The pink eyes said.


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