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  • Crux Pov –

“Argh, That Quest was unsuccessful. There goes my lunch money..” I angrily mumble toward the district. But seeing how the people happily buying stuff and ignorance toward the outside world made my mood soar up.

“Uhm, Mister? Do you know where the Guild Hall located at?” A childish voice awakens me from my happiness, I then see the source of the owner of the voice. It’s a kid, Hmm, is it a he, or a she? Oh well, I will call it ‘Kiddo’.

“Come follow me young one!” I told the kid, led the kid toward the guild hall, but before that, unknowingly didn’t control my strength, ‘Oh dear lord, did I kill the kid?’ Worriedly I look at the kid, ‘Kiddo is fine.. Hmm.. Weird.

He then follows me like a duckling the whole time, cute.

‘Ah, should I warn Kiddo about that Elf? Hmm, Nahh.. Kiddo is not my problem anyway, My problem is I need to find a new quest so I can eat! Yosh!’

It’s been days, Finally I finished that Wyvern bastard, killing him was hard, and that client want it alive? Humph, thankfully he paid me 2 Silver, so I’m not that worried. ‘Ah, It’s that Kiddo, Oh.. Kiddo look much more apprenticeable today, Hmm.. Is Kiddo a female? Oh well’

I went to the Kiddo table, seems that she’s in a good relationship with that elf, And she can see Auras? Hmm, it’s rare to find a kind can see an Aura.

Also, it confirm it, she is an elf.. ‘And she’s in Rank E? Hmm, Is that a foul play I sniff? I’m betting that That Witch fault.’ I internally said as my eyes darken toward the Witch. She then look toward my way and darkens her gaze toward me, Hehh..

I decided to bring kiddo to my party, as It just an easy Kill.. Just eliminate a monster. I also found that she’s a Hunter AND a warrior, moreover she use a Magic Trap. Trap is hard, and the Magic one is a one rare skill.

And a Warrior? Ohoo~, We never have a female warrior, maybe she will broke that stereotype one.

Then as Kiddo and my party member talk, we found that she’s a genius, she can even count till 200, and she’s 12! And Adding? Subtracting? And even she’s using those words that the Elite Scholar use, ‘Multiply’ and ‘Divide’. That thing is only can be used by the scholar, a High level one.

Also she can answer that question Lucy ask in such a fast way! This Kid, “Alright! I decided to add you to the ‘Udreamiths Academy’, Seeing that you even know how to divide and multiply, you are a genius!!” I said then laugh, I hope she can make the Academy become Rank 1 again.. And win those snobby bastard.. Hmph, Fucking Flaxons bastard..

Kiddo said something, but we ignore her. ‘This time, we have the Genius to win that Tournament, just wait for you Flaxons Bastard. We will win the Academy war Once again!’


  • Elyon Pov -

“Ahh, why is my days always like this? I’m an elf.. I’m supposed to get a better treatment than this” I said arrogantly and ignoring an Ape bounty quest once more. ‘Humph, They want a better treatment? Then become a Glorious elf, Those Monkey don’t even know what they're talking about.’

Ah, someone comes. Ugh, Is it a she or a He? IS an It? Tch, bet this shit came from an Apes.

“Hello, welcome to ‘Hummingforge’ Guild. Is this your first time here? How can I help you, sir?” I ask politely, even though my aura is not. Tch, didn’t you notice Ape spawn? This Elf doesn't want to help you.

Nope, This Ape spawn is mentally challenged. It doesn't understand a ‘no.’ Tch. Oh.. Wait, This shit is actually an elf?! And the gender is a Girl?

Well, well.. Finally, I found another Elf,’ I then change my mood and continuously help her, Awee, too bad she’s born like this, She’s an Elf.. she was supposed to be more beautiful than those Female Apes!!

Then the next day, she looks better.. ‘Ah, Of course.. She’s from that Noble family,’ I said to myself and continuously help her.

I sometimes wonder how she comes here without a bodyguard, but knowing her family lines.. My guessing is that she's abandoned, as that family is known for abandoning or killing any female heirs, maybe she’s one of them?

Each day past as I continually help her, I feel like I bonded with her, she’s now MY Family. She always comes to me asking for help, and even sacrifice her quest time to chat with me.. (No, she just chats with you because you’re the only people she knows that are nice to her.)

I LOVE this feeling, the feeling that are I actually wanted from my own Race, the feeling that I’ve craved for, and not those disgusting Apes and Monkeys. Then one day something changed, She start to talk to that Disgusting Apes, I tried to make him leave her, but he wouldn't bulge. “Tch, Fucking Apes” I darky said.

But then I heard that he asked Little Imra to take a quest with him, I told Imra that she's allowed to go, and ignoring that Apes smug smile.. That is fucking disgusting. Tch.

“Ah.. Imra first outside quest.. *Sniff* I'm so proud of her..” I said it emotionally, and a tear forming on my left eyes. “Oy, Bias Queen, My quest?!” An Apes then ruining my mood by his presence alone,

I then look at the quest and sneer, pulling up my ‘Reject’ stamp, Coldly I give him the quest back. “Humph!” “what the?! Again?! You let that chibi to go to a Fucking B-Rank?! Where’s the fucking Justice?!”

Justice?! I’ll show him Justice.




  • Back to Imra Pov -

“Whew, Thank god it’s done..” I said as I walk toward the Inn and clean myself. It’s been weeks and we finally clean out the Mobs. And I level up also, getting more gold, which caused me become a happy elf.

I also constantly adding 5 points each day to my Cha, I’m a woman (or a girl) of course I will be conscious about my appearance now, and I think I'm strong enough?..

[ Stats ]

Name: Imra Torlamin

Age: 12

Race: Elf

Level: 40 [ 87% / 100% ]

Title: -

Job: Hunter, Warrior

Hp: 68,640

Mp: 46,920

Str: 78

Dex: 72

End: 87

Cha: 42

Int: 62

Wis: 66

Luk: 50

SP: 330

Money: 402G | 69S | 78C

Alright, And my appearance is much better, Now I can be count as a Female elf.. I bet Elyon is proud when I’m back..

“Kiddo, Let’s go back” Crux said and I nod at him,

We arrived at the guild, Elyon greet me with a Happy cheerful like always and ignoring a Line that was forming in front of her. I grin at her and show her the quest paper which having a red letter said ‘Complete’

“Alright, Imra!! I’m so proud of you!!” she said and start hugging me, Her gigantic asset is making me hard to breathe, “Yes, yes.. Elyon, Air!!” I expressly told her and finally, she let me out from her grasp.

“Ehehe, I’m sorry Imra.. I’m too excited!! And finally, you are an official D-Rank Member!!” Elyon said with a grin and giving me my Guild ID back. “Oh, and as a rank D, you need a Magic Tattoo for that Imra, It just the rule..” She helplessly shrug and led me to a room.

The Tattoo didn’t take long, It’s placed on my collar bone and It has a fancy writing and line, I don't really care for that so I just let Elyon choose the pattern.


“So all I need is give the lady in the front this paper and I will be accepted to that school?” I ask Crux, and he just happily said it is and push me toward that fancy gate.

As I walk, I look at Crux behind, he’s getting further and further. “That bastard, he left me in this stuck up school” I mumble as I grumpily walk toward the flowery road.

“You There!” A male voice cut my inner battle and comment about life, I look at the source of the voice and It's a pretty boy with silver hair.

[ Blakewell Heir]

[ Adam Blakewell ]

[ Lv: 7 ]

“Yea?” Please no stuck up clique battle, I just want a peace in this school.. “You know that Legendary Crux?! Huh?! And what is your Relationship with him?!” He demands.

I shrug, and just nod. “Don’t you think that because you are pretty that means you can ignore me! Hey!! Wait up!” He keep pestering me, which I ignore him. “I said, Wha-” I then cut him, as he making a scene to all the people that are secretly watching us.

“Yes, I know him. I once go do a quest with him.” I answer him short and simple, Wait, where am I going again?! Fuck.

“You know where the Attendance located?” I politely ask as he stop from his murmuring, “Hah? Yea, Follow me,” I nod and follow him, as I admired the scenery that went past us.

“It’s good huh? Of course, we are the Best.. Of course.. If That Flaxons bastard don't have the princes and the princesses, I bet they're bellows us!! And-” I cut his ranting about how this school is the best and how he is in one of the Elite.

“Ah, My name is Adam Blakewell.. And your name is?” He asked. “Imra.” I doesn't know if I want to tell my last name, as they abandoned me.. So my guts telling me that it’s dangerous to tell them my last name.

“Imra? Ah.. That’s a nice name” He then grin at me, No.. I am not falling for that one you fool, Elyon train me for this.. She said that the Apes are no good for me, As a good sister I am, I amuse her by listening to all her ranting before I go to school.

I nod at him, “Ah, you’re new right? So, we all have a uniform in this school, and each uniform tell that which class you are and what rank you are on, I’m an elite, so I wear a Golden rimmed robe with this emblem,” Then he shows me the Unique emblem with Gold and Black theme.

Nod my head again I let him rant about school and how I can just pay my homework to the ‘commoner’ and they will do it for you. Wow.. This stuck up bastard, but then.. I got money, I guess it will be an easy A..

“Alright, here it is~ Oh and-” Then he was cut off from an aloof voice, “Ah, Adam. Why are you not at class?” A dark hair ponytail said, from his face and appearance.. I think he is 17 or 18..

[ Gabriel Leeche ]

[ Lv: 12 ]

“Haa?! Why are YOU not in class?” Adam retort at him, Hmm, from the clothes, Gabriel seems like in elite too, what is this? The Cliques 2 Prince fighting over a girl? Nope, I’m just going to left them.

“Wait!! You! Imra! Listen here Goddammit!!” Adam scream again, I then Ignore his scream and Gabriel amuse laugh. He’s a screamer alright. Heh..

Amuse at my own joke I finally appear at the attendance lady, I give her the paper which make her attitude whole change so fast. Then she led me to this room, A fitting room to be exact.

“Alright, so all your uniform is cost 60,000 Ripp, and you’re choosing the one room dorm was it? It will be 17,500 Ripp. And In total is Let see, wait a second yes..” She then pull out an orb, then after a while I snapped. “77,500 Ripp. The total is 77,500 Ripp”

She ignore me, ‘Oh lord, this is going to be a looong day..’


Finally she finished, and I give her 2 silver, and all the waiting is going on again. She even dare said that she’s the best in her class back in her day. Oh, and she give me a wristband, saying that it’s a magical communication.

It’s actually can be used to apply for class, communicate with classmate, and buying homework cheat from the ‘commoner’. Wow, And apparently they treat me like this because I know Crux,

And Crux was a well known Champion when he was 17, he graduated when he was 18 and he’s apparently 19 now..

The dorm is a fancy, I look around and see that I have my own bathroom, “wow, and back in he earth.. We need to share bathroom at the dorm..” I whistle an appreciation.

After finishing cleaning myself, I then go to my new bed and sleep.


“Hmm, so I take the Arithmetic, which I guess Math? And Magic Theories.. Sword class, and I guess I only going to take that class only..” I mumble as I buy the class on my wristband.

Following the map which was given, I go to the cafeteria. But before that I exchange 2 silver to Ripp and put it to my bank account in this wristband. Which giving me 100,000 Ripp to my account.

Hoo~” I said as I see what they’re selling.. Those food that they sold, and from the appearance I can just tell that are expensive as fuck.. Shit!

I know I have a lot, but if this continued, I may need to go to the dungeon to grind so I can eat.. The struggle.. “Wait a minute..” I squint my eyes, and mostly the food is on range 300- 750 Ripp. Whew, Alright..

I then took the ‘combo 22’ which is just a Crispy chicken with Wolves meat. Then for the drink they let me choose, too bad there is no soda.. So I told them I want a Beer, and I think now I consume beer on daily bases,

In earth, I think I learn about how it is not healthy, but it seems that being an Elf it help.. Also, the stronger you are, the stronger your body is which will have a natural antibiotic toward any viruses or bacterias.

The lady then scans my wristband and took out 570 Ripp from my account. I thank her and go sit down to an empty table. “Hmm, so let a budget on myself and how much is for food shall we,” I said to myself and pulling up a notebook that Elyon gave me.

She’s so nice, she even bought me all my utensil for school and said it’s the best out there, and I don’t even need to pull up a single Ripp for that.

“Alright, let just said I need like 2,000 Ripp for a day..” I bite my lips and calculate 2,000 x 7, which I write ‘14,000 Ripp a Week for food’ In the notebook. Let just make this book my budget book.. And, hmm.. I guess 1,000 Ripp for any allowance? Yeah.. let’s go with that.

“It seems that I will use 15,000 Ripp per week.. Hmm, I need to earn some back if this continued..” I mumble to myself as I quietly eat and drink the beer.

Finishing my food, I then left and wash my hands with my magic. “So, Math first..” Following the map, I finally arrive at the class.

I then sit in the back, because I just always choose the furthest so the teacher will not pick on me. The class soon filled up, Their level is from a range of 3-8. And The teacher is the highest by 3 from me.

[ Wulfgeat Arthur ]

[ Lv: 43 ]

We call him Professor Arthur, as he’s a scholar.. “Alright, so after 59, what is it Delphi?” And yes.. This is like the grade school stuff.. Hmm, if I’m not wrong at age 12 is a middle school? Hmm, let see.. So in 14 you’re at 9th grade, so.. I must be at 7th grade.. Which is middle school.

“You, In the back. Answer this question,” Professor Arthur said, I look beside me and I’m guessing he asked for me, Oh well..

I walk through the way and to the blackboard, Taking a chalk I look at the question was put. WTF. “*Sigh*” I sigh as I see it. It just Tell me to write 80-90.

I write the answer on the blackboard and after finishing it I look at the teacher for confirmation. He then proudly nod and press something on his wristband. *Bzzzt* “Eh?” I look at my wristband that just vibrating and there is a mail,

I open it and it said that I got a star. “Huh? Alright I guess” I then said ‘Thank you’ to the teacher and sit to my chair again. Musing on stuff on earth and how it is different on this world.


Finally the bell is ring! I packed up my newly notebook that are not once used and get ready to be out from this class. But then a hand stop me from the exit, It was Professor Arthur.

“Ah, Imra was it? Would you love to be my teacher assistance? I already see your schedule and I only see 3 class that you have. Ah, no worry.. I will pay you each hours for 100 Ripp of course” He then told me,

Wait a minute, let’s see.. 15,000/100 is 150.. So I need to have 150 hours for that? Uh.. let just said I will take 10 hours per day for 15 days? Hmm, seems that I need to find another teacher to help If I want to get a money from now on..

“Ah, yeah.. Sure.. so when can I work Professor?” I ask him, which he smile brightly at me. “Now~”


So here I am, grading his student homework and test, He also ask me on how well I can count, I answer him up to 100. He’s excited and elated to know that and said that he raise my pay to 200 Ripp per hours.

Also, apparently the star is for ‘upgrading’ your social status, Or basically the robe. Which I found out by asking Prof. Arthur about that.

I did a calculation on my notebook and it seems that I need to have 75 hours if with him.. And let just said I will be over worked for week for that. Like I need to work 10 hours per day, So I told myself that I only do it when I can and not overwork myself..

I miss The System money.. They spoiled me with silvers and gold.. Maybe I should ask the teacher or any dungeon class, so I can grind and get money from that.

And I told the teacher I only going to work for 7 hours a day.. And he just happily answers, and muttering about “Finally no paperwork” And “Freedom, here I come”.

On my first day I got 1,400 Ripp.. I did some calculation on how many I will have per week if this continued, And I will get 9,800 Ripp.. I guess my budget each day is 1,400 Ripp..

Let see, I think I can handle with no lunch? I can just bought the snack that cost 15 Ripp or 40 Ripp from the school store..

And I guess that will be my budget.. Hehe, I miss this time.. Where I budget myself.. Just like my college year.. I miss earth..

“Oh well, let’s go get dinner shall we..” Walking to the cafeteria I choose ‘Combo 21’ which is a steak and mash potato, with Ale drink.. All in total for 460 Ripp.

“Not bad, it’s look like I waste approximately 1,100 Ripp..” I said happily. While eating I ignore the groups of Golden rimmed Robes that come toward my table. Seeing from the corner of my eyes that they are going toward my table, I took the plate and ready myself to leave.

“Wait!! WOMEN! IMRA!! Don't Ignore MEEEEE!!!” I Run. I never regret telling my name to anyone until today.


It’s been weeks, And Apparently, they don't have class on Sunday, so the student are allowed to leave the dorm. Many rich looking carriage that are arrived in front of the school,

I walk toward the gate and I see Elyon picking me up, I run toward her and glomp her. “I mish woo” I said as my face is stuck on her gigantic bosom. Then she giggle, “I miss you too silly, Now~ Let’s get you home shall we!”

I shook my head and look up to her “The guild, I miss the quest board! The monster!! Even the Apes!!!” I told her desperately. She then laugh and nod at me.

She pull her left hand, and elegantly said the spell and we were teleported. Oh wait, she has a job right? “Your job?” I ask her as we walk inside the guild. “Ahahaha, That shitty job? You are more important than that Apes” She said brightly and walk toward the counter.

I nod at her and taking 4 of the bounty, “I want this please Elyon,” I said happily which she nod and approve my quest.

Ahh~ I miss this kind of live..


AU: Alright, so this is the info again..

Elyon- Elf that work in guild. Level 74. She’s a sister figure to Imra, she may know Imra families is like. Well-known from her Bias against the Races that are not Elf. Obsessed with Imra. Unknown background.

Elites- Group of rich noble that are able to wear a Black with Golden rimmed Robe, With school Emblem on it.

Udreamiths Academy- A magic school that are full with Noble, or stuck up bastard. Ranked 2 in the Kingdom. Enemies with Flaxons School.

Academy Battle: It’s always have each 2 times a year, Where the student have a bloody battle till one of them is lose. It can be Physically, or Mentally. Killing is allowed.

Imra- The MC. Reincarnated with a cheat power, She was an ugly elf, but now she's Decent for an Elf (?). She also have 3 older brothers that she didn’t know (That so called brothers doesn’t know too), Now showing more childish feature toward Elyon as she never have any parent figure on her life, But a dead emotion toward other people like always.

Adam: He’s obsessed with Crux, Crux self-proclaimed number one fans, Blakewell heir, From an Old noble line, One of the Elites. He’s now pursuing Imra for something.

Gabriel: One of the elites, 17 or 18 years old guy, Asian feature, Long hair with a messy ponytail.

Prof Arthur: A scholar, math teacher, paid Imra 200 Ripp each hours for her to do all his work. He’s a happy camper now.

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