“What the?” I said, while looking every side all I could see is a whitespace, “Hello Human, Because of our mistake” Then the voice was interupt “Your mistake.“Ehm, yes.. My mistake, we decided to give you a new life!! Yayy” Wait a minute.. What?


You die because of this Idiot fault,” The second voice said. Huh? “Yuup, that is why enjoy your new one!! With our gift of course,” The first voice said with a happy go lucky voiced. “Enjoy~


As soon the voice said that, a black portal appeared below me “WHATTT????




“Oh my God! I thought I’m going to die,” I said with confusion mixed with fear, which came out like “Gagagugu!!” What? I try to move my head, which is really hard things to do. Wait, why is all of this blurry?


Το μωρό μου..” A giant monster said, ‘what?’ “Είναι αυτή ισχυρή?” What is that gibberish? “Oy, stop touching me!!” I try to squirm but it was all failed as the monster pick me up, Then something was shoved to my mouth.. A liquid came out.. Then it clicked.


I’m a baby, or a new born.. And that stuff was a tits.. That is disgusting!




Months have been passed, I discover that by trying to move I increase my Str and Dex, How? I don't know.. But I know for sure that the two goddesses were involved with this and the gamer power I got. Not that I mind of course..


Oh, and I notice that I’m an elf.. How? The stats. And how I am indeed lucky as my luck is a two digit number while my others is only one digits number, “----, -------- ------ --” And I still don't understand what’s the language are. Oh, and I got abandoned too.. The big monster was actually my parent, I don't know why but they put me somewhere in the wood.. Geez, wonder why?


So I stay in the orphanage, I only cry when I only need to, of course, I don't want to be a hassle. “-----, ----- --------!” Geez lady, I don't understand but I get it.. I swear, this woman couldn’t shut her mouth for a second.. And I’m the baby here..




“---, --!! You ------!!! -- Here!!” The patron, a human female scream my name as I run. I now understand a little of this world language, but I know for sure that she’s mad. No, enraged at me, So being a realist I am, I keep running.


Oh, My name was Imra Torlamin, It’s on my stats too.. But because of my so called parent abandoned me, I am now Imra without no last name, even though the stats still put my last name..  


*Huff* *huff* I pant as I hide on top of the tree that I’ve been climb on. “-- Little --, --- she?” The patron said with a rage and annoyance voiced as she searches and past my tree, I hold my breath as she passed. *Phew* “She’s gone..” I then stay in that tree for a while.


“I don't get what’s her problem.. Why does she hate me so much?” I huff and looking at the skies, “Is it because of that I’m an elf?” I dejectedly holding my ear. “Oh well, enough with that sappy emotion and let’s hunt some rabbits shall we..”


I pull out the rope that I stole from the matron and setting up some traps scatter in the forest and hoping it will catch one and when I kill it it’s will give me Exp and some Loots. I’ve been doing this since I could go outside, It’s dangerous I know.. But It’s ok.. As I always careful anyway..


Ping!! >[ +73C, Rabbit Meats, Rabbit Furs] get!

Ping!! >[ Level up!]

Ping!! >[Trapping Level up!]


I level up as I cut the rabbits and get the loot. [Stats]


Name: Imra Torlamin

Age: 4

Race: Elf

Level: 6 [ 12% / 100% ]

Job: Toddler

Hp: 2,090

Mp: 1,100

Str: 12

Dex: 11

End: 19

Cha: 2

Int: 10

Wis: 11

Luk: 50

SP: 55

Money: 0G | 35S | 15C



Ahh, yess.. Finally, I level up..




“1 rabbit, 3 copper!?” I said with a butchered language, and huh? That’s so low.. Am I getting rip off?


“Little ---, ---- know 1 copper -------- 500 Ripp ---?” The butcher deadpan.. Huh? Oh.. Ok, so like that.. It means.. 1 of em cost like, 1500 Ripp? Oh, and they use Ripp as another currency.  Well.. sure, I’ll sell all of my rabbits meats.


After I sold all of my Rabbits meats with some difficulty as the butcher counting the copper really slow, I finally acquired 2 Silver and 26 Copper. I went to the market and looking for a new dress that I might buy, or weapons so I could hunt the animals easier. Or maybe a low-level Mobs if I can..


Moreover, this Village contains humans kind. I rarely find any elves, If I find one.. It’s either slaves or an adventure that passing by. So I try to cover my ears with a robe that I made from the animal furs. My appearance is like any other elves, but the differences are my hair is black, and my eyes are blue.


I notice that this world is like the RPG games world, where slaves are still allowed and the money are worked with the coins or the paper. There’s also an Adventure Guilds, but it only exists in the Kingdom, not a Village like where I lived.


I wear tattered clothes with a messy hair and a fur robe that kind of cover my frail body. “Welcome, ----- help--?” A buff man great me as I open the Blacksmith door. “Weapon,” I said, because of my little knowledge of the language. I try to say with a simple and easy way, “Ohh, -- ------ Little ---- --? --? -----?” ‘What? Oh well..’ I Ignore him and browsing the weapon that was displayed.


“----! --------” He said with a smile and a boisterous laugh that was booming the whole store, I don't understand what he said so I just nod. Which make him stop and look at me, then chuckle.. ‘What? Did I messed up?’ I then try to act cool, pretending that nothing has happened.


I finally decided to buy 2 knives and sword that are for my size, “How M-ch?” I butcher that word alright.. He raises his eyebrow at me, “--, ---- 4 Copper,-  2000 Ripp --? Can ---?” Hmm, why is weapon much cheaper than meat? Oh well.. I paid him 4 copper and I put my weapon in my ‘side pocket’ which is my Inventory. But we don’t want him to know that.




“Where Lena?” I ask Silvyr, Which he shrug and continued to play with other kids. Lena is a female human, She’s 12 years old.. And the only one that is nice to me, She also teaches me how to write and speak, I meet her when I was 5, and now I’m 7 years old.. I just came home from the market and bought a beautiful pin that cost me only 150 Ripp, I get it from an Emyril Rowk, or a thrift store where all the used object were sold for a really cheap price.


I search for her and I didn’t find her.. So I decided that she probably busy and hunt some more animal or Mobs. I’m already level 15, The caused is because I found out that at night the Mobs usually were out in the forest east side of our orphanage. I couldn’t keep grinding every day as it will be suspicious that I’ve been out too long, and It’s dangerous anyway.


Ping!! [ +2S, +31C, +Goblin Meats, +Goblin Skins, +Goblin Maces] get!

Ping!! [Swordman Level up!]


“Yosh, Now I need to find a river to clean this blood stains” I mumble as I walk painfully and picking up a herb that I know will help me heal my wound.


I found a stream of a river, I wash my body and clothes then my robe and my finger too, after I finish I use my wind magic to dry my clothes and myself. Looking at the skies as the sun placed, “It’s still 5” I mumble and start to pace myself to walk to the orphanage in hurried. “Hope Lena is home..” I smile a little as I run.


I didn’t find her.. It’s like she’s kidnaped or run away.. I want to ask the matron but she seems to be happy, so I didn’t want to be near her as a happy matron never be healthy anyway..


“-- sold, ---- 2 Silver -- -------, nice right --?” What? Ok.. be positive, It can’t be, right? I decided to not listen and went to my small room. *Creak* Sitting down to my bed I try to sleep, but I couldn’t.. “It can’t be right?” I mumble as I look at the ceiling then decided to sleep and think this is just a dream.




Years have been passed. I learned that the Patron really sold the children that are either beautiful or handsome or even have a unique feature to the Slaves Traders.. I am thankful that I didn’t put any on Cha.. and It’s still 2, which means that my charisma lower than average as the average stats are 10.. Or that mean I am ugly to be precise.


So I’m here, 12 years old ugly elf that has a black hair that considers an abnormal for an elf.. Where no one wants to absolutely buy me which consider lucky. With my current stats, I decided that I could leave the Orphanage now.. But I need to buy a new weapon and armor..


And I also realize that the loot I got from the monster are a lot, which caused me to be rich.. Not that I need the money as I only need for the weapon and armor anyway or food.. Or even a house.


“Ah, Little kiddo.. What do you want to buy again?” The blacksmith asked me, I look and browse.. From my stats, it seems that I am not a magician but indeed a swordsman because of my high amount of blood. I decided to buy a Claymore size XVIa, As It’s long and broad.. And It’s perfectly fit me.


And I bought an armor, a sturdier one with the breastplate, then the pants too and boots.. And a new black bear coat.. Which cost me 45 Copper, Oh.. did I mention the food is more pricey than weapons? Yea.. It is..


I went to the changing booth and pretend to change.. While I just equip my armor and put my Claymore in my back. Tying my hair to a ponytail and putting the hood now I’m ready.. Looking at the reflection I expect a bad ass looking female elf with a sword, but I was greeted by an ugly male human looking with a ridiculously too big sword for his size. *Sigh*


I walk out from the store ignoring the Blacksmith laugh and ready for the adventure. But wait, I need to buy a map first.. As I literally don't know where to go, So I go to the Emyril again and I finally found Maps and I bought that 5 Maps for 600, or I just give her 2 copper and she gives me 400 Ripp back. Oh, and Math in here actually only a noble could do, or a rich heir/heiress. So if they count it will be really slow, So I always needed patient to wait for them to finish counting.


As I finally received my 400 Ripp back I eavesdrop to the adventures, They're actually an F-Rank Adventure. I decided to follow them as they might go to any Kingdom where I could join to be an adventure..


They stop at this carriage person, Hmm.. it seems that it’s a transportation.. Horse? Check, carriage? Check, A human who own it? Check.. So I decided to walk and sit in the empty seat. I feel like in elder scroll when it's starting to begin the journey.. Hehe.


After paying 150 Ripp, I mostly stay quiet in the carriage, Listening to people gossip about where and when the event start or the high-level mobs from the F-rank adventure. I feel like they judge me each time they look at be from the corner of they're eyes and snickering to they're friends but I actually don't give them a single fuck.. So I mostly Ignore them.


Those people acting though and all, and If I am not wrong.. F-rank is a low rank.. So why are they high mighty? And why am I can’t see their level anyway? Hmm, maybe [Setting] ?


Game Mode: Easy

Hud: No

Auto Loot: Yes






Ahh~ That’s the problem, Let’s change it shall we? Ok! Finish.. “Pfftttt” I snort but then I stop as one of them notice, “What are you laughing ugly?” Then he laughs with his friends as if they just made a funny joke, I just shake my head and continued to look at their level..


[ Dominic Marret ]

[ Lv:4 ]


[ Ally Sally ]

[ Lv:3 ]


[ Hadden Desmund ]

[ Lv:3 ]


Their level are so low.. I was age 4 I think when I beating their current level.. Maybe I level up so easily because of my easy mode? Oh well.. More for me then. I was quiet again, reading the map that I bought earlier and trying to memorize the pattern of the line and the Kingdom..


My Village actually was called ‘Stendona Village’ and we were actually going to ‘Thainethen Kingdom’. After this, I need to buy any books about all this, so it much easier to know which Kingdom having a war on who and who’s the allies.. The night has come, and the carriage person stop finish our destination to another Town..


Actually, he said that he's not going to bring me to my destination as It’s much longer and it’s taking days to go there.. That slimy old man, so I’m here.. After checking my maps, and asking the local.. I finally know where we are in ‘Kalkas Village’ Hmm, so I just need to go to 3 more Village and I will be arriving to my destination!


But first, I need to find an Inn or Tavern to rest, Let see.. Hmm, “Ah there it is” I mumble and walk there. A half cat female greets me, I look at her neck.. A cuff.. ‘Slave huh?’ I just smile at her, which she blanched.. ‘Bet cause I’m ugly.. Hpmh I’m not going to raise my Cha or I will be caught and get sold somewhere.. So I’m safe to become ugly anyway’ I ignore her action “1 night” I said, which she nod and told me that it will cost me 2 copper, and another 1 copper if I want to add to the food.. I told her no, because I still remember what she did. I forgive, but I never forget.. That is my motto.


After receiving a key I walk out without nodding at her or anything. I walk and search for any bar, and I finally find one, “One rare steak, Beer” I said to the waitress. Apparently, kids are allowed to drink, I learned from my 8 years old experience. The Blacksmith information and I decided to try it.. Tasted like piss, but then I still continued to drink it as I though it will make me look older anyway.


The waitress gives me my meat and 1 big mug of beer, cost me 7 Copper.. I pay her and continued my eating and drinking.. Looking at the people in the bar.. They all either gambling or smoking, I just continued eating and observing people's time to time, and a slut, -pardon my French, A.. woman with little clothes came up to me and smile at me seductively. She must be desperate as she went to the ugliest dude in the bar..


If I were a male, probably I would get turn on.. Probably, But I am a female, so I ignore her and just looking at random people.. After awhile she left as she probably realized I’m not into her.. As I am a female.. Bet they thought that I am just an ugly short skinny male with an oversize Sword. Hmph..


If I want to sleep with anyone I would choose a male.. Not a skimpy female, I am indeed straight.. Or am I? Hmm.. I do not know’, So after I finish my musing I finish my meal and walk out from the bar..


I went checking out the bookstore to find any history book and I found some, I bought it all for 450 Ripp and after waiting for a while they finally giving my 50 Ripp back, *Sigh* even an elementary kids can count faster than these people's. But the new world, new rules. Guess that I am lucky to be gifted this brain..


I finally decided that I need to go back to the Inn, Walking toward the Inn I ignore the female Neko polite greeting and went toward my room. I sleep in the bed.. A comfy bed, finally.. After 12 years.. ‘Finally~ couldn’t wait until when I bought a house’.




“Thank you for staying with us mister-Nya~!” The Neko lady bow to me, ‘I am no mister!’Accidently I glare at her which caused her to “Eeep!!” ugh.. Nope, I don't feel bad, at all..


Hmm.. If I’m not wrong the carriage.. “Ah! There it is!!” I said then stopping myself as I see those 3 idiots.. “Tch, Oh well..”I sit in the carriage, “So, Thainethen Kingdom.. Could you do that?” I asked,


He just went to a thinking mode, then shake his head in dejectedly, “But I know someone who will go there, You an adventure ye?” He asked, which I nod in confirm then he let out a happy cheerful smile. “Yes, in east next to Tavern, Friend work, They go to Kingdom, Help!” Huh? Oh.. okay.. Hmm, ‘so I need to go to east that is next to the tavern? Sure..’


I get out of the carriage and thank the man, and giving him a 100 Ripp as a thank you for the information of course.. From the look of it he's a Dwarf kind.. Hmm, okay then. I walk to east side.. Where the direction of the sun came out, I finally find a tavern.. Next to the Tavern was an another carriage, I went there and want to confirm that he indeed go to the Thainethen Kingdom, He said yes.. I was happy and asked for the cost, he said free as long as I guard him safely to the Kingdom.. I weigh the pros and cons then decided to agree.




Been 4 days that I keep this guy safe, It’s not that bad though.. I just need to kill bandits, which give me lots of money, Exp and Loots.. From that 4 days, I level up amazingly!!


“Ahh!! Thank you again young man!” I do not understand why are they always confuse me to a male, but I will not be fooled.. As that is a great disguised anyway.. I walk to the gate but was stopped by the guard, “ID?” Huh? Oh.. “From Stendona Village” I answer.. He nod then tell me to follow him, “Fresh meat,” He told his friend at point at me.. How dare they.. Oh well..


“Put your hand here” He point at the big blue crystal “It will see if you are a criminal or not and your Identification” Ohh.. Fancy~


I put my hand in the crystal and then a card was formed..


Name: Imra Torlamin

Race: Elf

Level: 1

Job: Hunter

Sex: Female


Oh, They even put my race.. “Female? Elf? Are you sure?” The guard looking at me up and down, “Man.. There is an ugly Elf huh?” He then snorts and giving a stamp to my Identification. “1 Silver” He said and I give him. He nod at me and says a farewell..


I then look at my Identification Card, it said I’m level 1.. How? Oh well.. Then I stop and look at the picture “Am I that ugly?” I mumble as I walk toward the Kingdom, there is a lot of a different kind of people's, different race.. Oh, I see another elf.. That are beautiful.. *Sigh*




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