Devil Princess Reincarnation

by Silveus

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Grimdark Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Of the Pine Family’s five children, Olivia Pine Fredirin was the most unremarkable. Born to a Ducal House in the Fredirin Kingdom, she was a naïve, sweet and timid girl. The type that’s completely unsuited to the hard world of royal politics.

However, half the truth is often a whole lie and only children and fools would believe what’s meets the eye. Olivia’s entire persona was fake, manufactured out of necessity. A way to maintain her life until her body grows strong enough to house her true soul.

Now, after seven years of waiting, she has finally awakened.

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  • Overall Score

Too early to give a proper advanced review but what I've read up to now (chapter 6) I really enjoyed. The author clearly put a great deal of thought into building and showcasing the world with very minimal use of direct narration - it's great to read! And the first few chapters move at an impressive pace without feeling like action is being 'forced' which is nice. MC really carries it too, love her personality - tough as nails!


All in all loving it so far.


e:(a few months later) We're up to chapter 19 now! Long chapters, tons of pages, lots to read and it's all great. The setting is interesting and well developed (if not very imaginatively named if I'm allowed one gripe) - seriously, it's obvious the author has put an inordinate amount of thought into the setting and it shows - in a good way. Plus MC is still kicking ass, still a lot of fun to read about!

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Really enjoying this. Mc, world, everything, all of it is really good. Decent sized chapters too, its at chapter 10 or 11, i think there is a chapter 0. and its 169 pages.

Only negative is that there are a few minor spelling and grammer errors in the earlier chaptes. Nothing major, things like their instead of there, three instead of tree, stuff like that.

  • Overall Score

Ah, yes. An interesting story indeed. 

I'm still super curious about what kind of outsider species MC is...

Anyways, I'm totally hooked up with the story! Sadly, I can't click on the next chapter as I'm waiting for it to be published.... Frustrating, but barely bearable. 

I like Lilly, she's a cute and likeable one. It's kind of too bad that her family is enemies with MC's. And yes, there's Gimmy... Really like how MC is attached to that plushie even though she thinks it's embarrassing herself. 


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This is honestly one of the best stories I've read on this site. Good enough that I finally bothered to register so I could give a review.


I don't even know what to say here, but I'll try.


The main character, Olivia is an OP female lead. But it only seems that way at first. Sure, she is strong and smart, but so are her enemies. She isn't slapping arragont young masters who are comically stupid all day, she's up against real enemies with real motivations, with real depth to their characters.

She is personally strong, but that means little when she can just bust a door down and murder people. 


The story is more about the behind the scenes menuvering, the planning and scheming part of things. 


The best part is how every character is fleshed out and feels real. From the enemies, to the MC's allies, to her family, at least what we've seen of her family so far. I look forward to seeing her mom and dad.


Ah, it's just so good.

  • Overall Score

Intelligent and intriguing

Main character not only has powerful magic but also has an even more powerful mind. She is tough and sometimes cruel. This reminds me of both a detective novel and a thriller which I do enjoy.

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Very underrated work

As of this review, this work is rated 4.41/5 overall, which, while fairly high, doesn't give it justice. This piece is far better than similarly rated stories on this site in many ways.

Specifically, the writing, plot, characterization, world building are all excellent. Also, unlike other works, the point of view changes are handled extremely well, not simply reiterating the same scene over and over again.

If I had to pick one word to characterize this work, it would be quality. The quality of the story is professional - I would not be surprised to see this level of storytelling in a published work.

One major complaint is the pacing of the plot - the story is somewhat slow, mainly to accommodate all the character and setting details.

The grammar is good, far above average for Royal Road. Even when there are grammar mistakes, they do not detract from the reading. Nevertheless, I feel the author could reduce his usage of run on sentences, and not be so liberal with commas when other punctuation is more appropriate.

I highly recommend Devil Princess Reincarnation to prospective readers. Please don't be discouraged by the title or the rating.

  • Overall Score

I read the first few chapters and am loving this story.

I hope this story continues, and that you keep writing regardless. You're good.

  • Overall Score

Interesting Deep OP MC with a strong dash of Politics

This story is different from most of what's on the site. It is deeper and more complex with a lot of focus on Nobility and what that means in society. Our MC is OP strong female lead. We have magic. The whole feel of the story has a very interesting tone to it that is hard to describe but very interesting. Great battle scenes too.

  • Overall Score

Smart, dark, with a side of fluff. Beware the fluff though: it has a knife.

An interesting story with a lot of potential. This is a reincarnation story, where the protagonist awakens in the body of Olivia Pine Frederin, a member of a ducal family in a kingdom where every generation of royalty competes through achievements to decide the next ruler. With powerful potential from her soul and its heritage and a keen, calculative mind, follow a young girl who will do anything to get her family a good ending and whose morals generally amount to "How will I not get caught?"

The good: Strong, intelligent, MC. Her every action bends the shadows beneath society, when she's not playing with her stuffed animal. Also every character feels like a person and not just a plot device. With the sizeable cast that's actually hard to pull off.

The matter of taste: Despite magic, very little direct combat. Strategy is the focus instead. Few traditional battles, but a very real covert war. Has a very black ops feel at times. But don't worry about a lack of blood.

The needs improvement: A lot of characters and a lot of points of view shifting can make it sometimes hard to follow. Also can be very heavy with info dumps, but the information usually supports the reason why the MC does what she does. There is a character appendix, which helps, so don't be afraid to use it. Grammer is alright with some mistakes from time to time. Stay diligent, authorr-san!

  • Overall Score

First off let's get the predictable things out of the way. MC is reincarnated, is OP and will be even more OP in the future. Now then what does this story do differently from all the others on this site with these convenient plot devices ? A lot actually.

Main character Olivia is the daughter of a ducal family that is in shadow war with another 5 for the throne. There are no clear villians as each family is just trying to get the throne in a competition that is overseen by the king. I like this development as reading about 1 dimensional villains have become the norm in stories these day. 

MC is clever and decisive about the things she wants and her actions. She is not a monster that goes around killing for fun, nor is she someone who let's others walk all over her. 

Regarding the reincarnation, it is very nicely integrated into the story using the concept of bloodline magic which I found to be quite ingenious. Too many a MC gets to walk away without any explanation to their families after their reincarnation/transmigration.

If I do have a gripe it would be that there is not enough background information about the main character. However this is purely my personal opinion as I do realise not many readers will be happy learning about the past of the main character when it's the present that holds all the action. 

So to sum it up, reincarnation story with OP mc who actually has a brain with a nice mixture of politics and fights. Give it a read as this is obviously better than most stories on this site