Refining the Heavens

Refining the Heavens

by Alan Tang

[A.K.A. Kairos Astroire & the Snowdrifts]

Kairos, a poor village boy, was born in a warring state without a decent shred of cultivating talent. In a world of Ki and Magic where only the mighty will rise while the weak are trodden upon, the Empire judges one’s potential in the academy. Fated to be expelled and starve on the streets, his struggles only turned him into the perfect stepping stone for his affluent aristocrat classmates. When an ancient enemy of humanity awoken during an assessment, life took a turn for the worst... Until he unlocked the power to refine any cultivation manuals and seized fate in his own hands. 

Since the heavens bore down cruelly, then why not refine the heavens?

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Alan Tang

Alan Tang

Word Count (15)
Top List #2000
Easter Event Search Party - Bronze Medal
Royal Writathon April 2022 winner
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
176 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
(Prologue) Chapter 1: Saint Empire ago
Chapter 2: The Original Source ago
Chapter 3: Pure-Self Cultivation ago
Chapter 4: Starfire Rune ago
Chapter 5: Of weapon Of self ago
Chapter 6: George of the mountain cat clan ago
Chapter 7: Show-Hand ago
Chapter 8: First Assignment ago
Chapter 9: Traps ago
Chapter 10: Orc Village ago
Chapter 11: Warcry ago
Chapter 12: Report ago
Chapter 13: Horde Suppression ago
Chapter 14: Heavenly Path ago
Chapter 15: Ambush ago
Chapter 16: Gammadion Cross ago
Chapter 17: The Front-Line Archer ago
Chapter 18: Berserker's pill ago
Chapter 19: D Rank ago
Chapter 20: Northern Star Array ago
Chapter 21: Duel with Calculus ago
Chapter 22: Extraction Team ago
Chapter 23: Stopping the Orc march ago
Chapter 24: Starfire formation (玄火星辰阵) ago
Chapter 25: The herald of fury ago
Chapter 26: The unstoppable War Chief ago
Chapter 27: New friends ago
Chapter 28: Brothers ago
Chapter 29: The Jellyfish Martial Art ago
Chapter 30: Mission report ago
Chapter 31: Martial Arts ago
Character data and other information ago
Chapter 32: To take East Hill ago
Chapter 33: The dragon's strategy, the phoenix's tactics ago
Chapter 34: Luciette's raid ago
Chapter 35: A duel for the kitty ago
Chapter 36: Secret Arts ago
Chapter 37: Nearly bald ago
Chapter 38: The scent of War ago
Chapter 39: Editing your own martial arts? ago
Chapter 40: A grim situation, a grim reminder ago
Chapter 41: A prelude to the seige ago
Chapter 42: Can we talk this out? ago
Chapter 43: Probably not a good idea after all ago
Chapter 44: True Holy Dragon ago
Chapter 45: Soul Slips ago
Chapter 46: Jim's battle ago
Chapter 47: A Siege with strategy, fierce combat, and fun ago
Chapter 47: A Siege with strategy, fierce combat, and fun ago
Chapter 48: On the path towards conquering the nine heavens! ago
Chapter 49: First room ago
Chapter 50: Soul Resonance ago
Chapter 51: The 10 days siege ago
Chapter 52: Duel for honour ago
Chapter 53: War under the canopy ago
Chapter 54: Blood Feud ago
Chapter 55: Five-sided battle ago
Chapter 56: What genius means ago
Chapter 57: Calculus must die! ago
Chapter 58: One exits ago
Chapter 59: Secret arts ago
Chapter 60: Hide & Seek ago
Chapter 61: Thank you benefactor! ago
Chapter 62: Overturn the tides and secure victory ago
Chapter 63: The Origin manual targeted! ago
Chapter 64: The new Origin Energy User ago
Chapter 65: Temper the flesh, refine the blood! ago
Chapter 66: The award ceremony (Part 1) ago
Chapter 67: The award ceremony (Part 2) ago
Chapter 68: Let’s join the trade fair! ago
Chapter 69: Body Tempering ago
Chapter 70: Behind the Scenes ago
Chapter 71: Xuan Xian ago
Chapter 72: A closure and a new beginning ago
Chapter 73: Towards a future he wants ago
Chapter 74: Which faction? ago
Chapter 75: Trade fair (Part 1) ago
Chapter 76: Trade fair (Part 2) ago
Chapter 77: Trade fair (Part 3) ago
Chapter 78: Trade fair (Part 4) ago
Chapter 79: Trade fair (Part 5) ago
Chapter 80: Preparation of the holiday ago
Chapter 81: Trade Federate ago
Chapter 82: Those from the North (Part 1) ago
Chapter 83: Those from the North (Part 2) ago
Chapter 84: Pet shop (Part 1) ago
Chapter 85: Pet shop (Part 2) ago
Chapter 86: Pet Shop (Part 3) ago
Chapter 87: The Contract Beasts (Part 1) ago
Chapter 88: The Contract Beasts (Part 2) ago
Chapter 89: Testing Crystal (Part 1) ago
Chapter 90: Testing Crystal (Part 2) ago
Chapter 91: Combat Room (Part 1) ago
Chapter 92: Combat Room (Part 2) ago
Chapter 93: Combat Room (Part 3) ago
Chapter 94: Unprepared ago
Chapter 95: Because you called me brother ago
Chapter 96: On the way home ago
Chapter 97: Yes, I created those, why? ago
Chapter 98: Counteract Poison ago
Chapter 99: Double Agents ago
Chapter 100: Creation Ability ago
Chapter 101: Friends with B Rank ago
Chapter 102: the Hope Mansion ago
Chapter 103: Lost Business Opportunities ago
Chapter 104: Viscount ago
Chapter 105: Home (Part 1) ago
Chapter 106: Home (Part 2) *Fixed* ago
Chapter 107: Home (Part 3) ago
Chapter 108: Home (Part 4) ago
Chapter 109: Home (Part 5) ago
Chapter 110: The silent Lambs Empire - Prelude: The Eight Supreme Ones ago
Book 2, Chapter 1: The News of Two Brothers ago
B2, Chapter 2: Aisa's Gifts ago
B2, Chapter 3: Discipleship (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 4: Discipleship (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 5: The Hope Mansion (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 6: The Hope Mansion (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 7: The Hope Mansion (Part 3) ago
B2, Chapter 8: The Hope Mansion (Part 4) ago
B2, Chapter 9: Return to the mansion (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 10: Return to the mansion (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 11: Dissecting the enemy ago
B2, Chapter 12: War without blades ago
B2, Chapter 13: Ling Er ago
B2, Chapter 14: A Present for the Devilhearts ago
B2, Chapter 15: The Ploy ago
B2, Chapter 16: The Solitary Blades ago
B2, Chapter 17: A Game ago
B2, Chapter 18: Cubic Fruit ago
B2, Chapter 19: Tiny Town ago
B2, Chapter 20: Adventurers Guild ago
B2, Chapter 21: The Black Forest (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 22: The Black Forest (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 23: The Black Forest (Part 3) ago
B2, Chapter 24: Grey Wolves (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 25: Grey Wolves (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 26: Grey Wolves (Part 3) ago
B2, Chapter 27: Grey Wolves (Part 4) ago
B2, Chapter 28: Return to the Forest ago
B2, Chapter 29: Recovery ago
B2, Chapter 30: The Forest Spirit ago
B2, Chapter 31: Zhu Que ago
B2, Chapter 32: Storm Wolf King ago
B2, Chapter 33: Devil Fragment ago
B2, Chapter 34: Devil Slayer ago
B2, Chapter 35: To the Silent Lambs Empire ago
B2, Chapter 36: Flame Art ago
B2, Chapter 37: The Border Town Incident ago
B2, Chapter 38: Rielon, King of Thieves ago
B2, Chapter 39: The Phrixus Royal Family ago
B2, Chapter 40: Vox Shalua ago
B2, Chapter 41: The Gamble (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 42: The Gamble (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 43: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 44: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 45: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 3) ago
B2, Chapter 46: The Treasures Pavilion (Part 4) ago
B2, Chapter 47: Spirit Core ago
B2, Chapter 48: Breaking In ago
B2, Chapter 49: Syriong ago
B2, Chapter 50: Battling the Guardian (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 51: Battling the Guardian (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 52: Raiding the Palace (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 53: Raiding the Palace (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 54: Raiding the Palace (Part 3) ago
B2, Chapter 55: Indra Sovereignty ago
B2, Chapter 56: Start of the chase ago
B2, Chapter 57: Lost ago
B2, Chapter 58: The Ghost Maw ago
B2, Chapter 59: Enki (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 60: Enki (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 61: The Ghost Maw Incident (Part 1) ago
B2, Chapter 62: The Ghost Maw Incident (Part 2) ago
B2, Chapter 63: The Ghost Maw Incident (Part 3) ago
B2, Chapter 64: The Ghost Maw Incident (Part 4) ago

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When I saw this on the list of writathon stories and then saw that it had not ever had a review despite being around for so long I felt the need to give this story the review it needs and should have gotten years ago.

Style: The style of the story will throw many people off reading it for multiple chapters. The author has chosen to separate every line and sentence including the dialogue which can make it harder to read in some instances. This also prevents any paragraphs which might be needed. I understand it is probably a preference thing but it can be annoying at times.

Grammar: Because this story seems to be from a non-native English speaker I won't rate this part lower but the sentence structure is not great. There are not really any spelling mistakes but the way sentences are written can become annoying and hard to read to the point that it is hard at times to follow what is happening. This is not helped by the separated sentences that should be making up a paragraph.

If you can get past how this story is written here is what the story is about.

Story: This story focuses on the life of Kairos, a young boy who is brought into the military of his country along with his friends. And as the story progresses he works on cultivating his Origin manual while making his way through the ranks of the military. So far I found the story was fine to get through but it didn't stand out much.

Character: I can't say much about the characters at this point in the story. I like how Kairos has built up a group of friends to rely on.