Suddenly, a succubus

by Mildly Chaotic Human

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

The protagonist is a personality like an iceberg: introspective, asocial and completely uninterested in the world and its people beyond necessity. Approaching ships beware! A succubus, on the other hand, lives for desire and interaction, playing mortal hearts like a fiddle. These clearly mix like oil and water, so what do you get when you combine them? This is a story of that kind of emulsion.


Completed with 62 chapters + epilogue (total of 111k words).


This novel is bit of an experiment for me. I haven't written fiction before, for one. I also chose a character context that I normally wouldn't, and let the characters drive the story, especially in the beginning. Overall the main focus will be the main character's own story rather than the events of the world. The setting itself uses many familiar fantasy elements, though I plan to add my own twists.

Note that I'm not really planning to write any steamy scenes, despite the said character context being literal demons of lust and all. There are of course jokes and scenes that skirt around the subject, but this is not a romance story of any kind.

So, is it a mess? Probably. But I hope it's an entertaining one at that.

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Mildly Chaotic Human

Mildly Chaotic Human

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Hell is for other people ago
Chapter 2 - Deal with the demon ago
Chapter 3 - The mildly disappointing new world ago
Chapter 4 - Alarming developments ago
Chapter 5 - Not that hellish ago
Chapter 6 - To consult a demon ago
Chapter 7 - Join the army they said, it'll be fun they said ago
Chapter 8 - Catch and release ago
Chapter 9 - Bread and circuses ago
Chapter 10 - Call of the nature ago
Chapter 11 - Flammable, inflammable ago
Chapter 12 - Curse you ago
Chapter 13 - My fair lady ago
Chapter 14 - Armor up ago
Chapter 15 - The quest target is... me? ago
Chapter 16 - Succubus Inc. ago
Chapter 17 - Sausages and justice ago
Chapter 18 - Ais cold ago
Chapter 19 - Soul shall run dry ago
Chapter 20 - Get a job ago
Chapter 21 - Imperial issues ago
Chapter 22 - Echoes of the past ago
Chapter 23 - Enchanted, I'm sure ago
Chapter 24 - Zombies, socks, socked zombies ago
Chapter 25 - Let's start another war~ ago
Chapter 26 - Ace combat ago
Chapter 27 - Those little bastards ago
Chapter 28 - The floor is lava ago
Chapter 29 - War always changes ago
Chapter 30 - Knocker him out ago
Chapter 31 - When life gives you lime ago
Chapter 32 - Kiss my shiny metal blade ago
Chapter 33 - A draining experience ago
Chapter 34 - How to be a succubus ago
Chapter 35 - Dream job ago
Chapter 36 - Break that heart ago
Chapter 37 - Ais-ception ago
Chapter 38 - Signs of meddling ago
Chapter 39 - Pieces of me ago
Chapter 40 - Unauthorized copying ago
Chapter 41 - Operation Succubi ago
Chapter 42 - Warrior princess x 3 ago
Chapter 43 - Murderous bunch ago
Chapter 44 - Lend me an ear ago
Chapter 45 - It's ogre for you ago
Chapter 46 - Real pain in the ass ago
Chapter 47 - To spring a surprise ago
Chapter 48 - Points of view ago
Chapter 49 - Lost and found ago
Chapter 50 - Wild magic ago
Chapter 51 - Too bad ago
Chapter 52 - Three little mages ago
Chapter 53 - Cat got your tongue? ago
Chapter 54 - Great plans ago
Chapter 55 - Pick your fights ago
Chapter 56 - Smell of victory ago
Chapter 57 - Backstabber, backstabbee ago
Chapter 58 - Dances with abominations ago
Chapter 59 - Runs in circles ago
Chapter 60 - Suddenly, not a succubus ago
Chapter 61 - Me & the Great Destroyer ago
Chapter 62 [final] - A jerkass angel's thesis ago
Epilogue - Noble Aispirations ago

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I went into this book not expecting much. Just a genric RRL book. With sucky grammer sub standard plot and no charachter devolpment to speek of.  The type of book where you just go with the flow and forget about it 2 hours after reading.

This story is not one of those. It is surprisingly a enjoyable experience. And completely worth my time.

Plot: tho it is a reincarnation story with non human mc. Which for the most part is a overused genric genre.  This is a surprisingly unique take on it. Which i find a breath of fresh air.

Other than that it is to early to say anything about the story plot and anything i do say will be a spolier. 

Charachter: this story does cliche side charachters templates right! Unlike in most storys where they become overused and annoying very fast. And do nothing but tick off the reader over there stupidity. 

In this story they don't take anything away from it. They are there for a reason. And are usely nothing but entertaining.

The mc is a relatable, relisticly logical mc. That i find to just be a good charachter.

Grammar: above average for RRL. Has plenty of mistakes,but can be easly looked over if you arn't looking for them.

Setting:genric dark fantasy world with some really unique elements.

Style: to early to tell but put it at average of over all score to not bring it down.

Over all really worth the read. And deserves to have much more attention than it does.

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Allright. This story has made it into the noble ranks of "Completed Stories", an achievement few authors can claim.

Second of all, it actually has a good ending, with a twist. It may not be gory, but it's perfectly suited to the genre of the story: A comedy. Something that I feel almost no author on this site has managed to successfully do.

To make a final point, his story has decent grammer and spelling, but the MC (Ais) can come off as non-caring or underdeveloped at times.

Overall: Why haven't you read this yet?

  • Overall Score

Definitely worth a read

This story goes at a kind of relaxed pace, but it's a ton of fun to read, and has a lot of great jokes in it. Definitely way above what you'd expect from a random royalroadl story. 

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If you haven't read it. Read it

Let's get this out of the way now. There is no explicit sex in this novel. It's mentioned off hand a few times but never described. 

Great comedy/gags, almost no grammatical errors, flows nicely, no plot holes and likeable and fleshed out characters (and its not just the MC that actually has a personality) 

  • Overall Score

Chaotic and funny, this story is a good laugh. Might not be to your taste, or it might. So give it a go.