Endless. The horizon was endless as I stared out across the calm seas. Salt stung my nose and skin as the gentle winds hugged tight to my skin. I was lost. The moment was a timeless one, even as I watched the sun rise above the water. I wasn’t ready to start my day again, ready to play again in the same game as yesterday, and the day before that. I had not prepared myself to repeat the same phrases and the same excuses and the same routine as every day. So, I let myself bask in the feeling of timelessness and the undeniable feeling of losing my very being.

Dan, a young Uni student, finds comfort in his closest friend during the darkest hours of the day, hours where he wish he never woke in the morning. Already falling, he finds himself falling faster, hurtling towards the ground as he can only see his friend in a new light, and it's slowly tearing him apart on the inside.

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I Am Taking Off (II)
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This is how people should write a story.

Clean, simple and with a lot of heart.

If you want to take a break from reincarnation, RPG, Game Elements, Xianxia or OPness, I suggest you try this out. Granted that the story is more targeted to the Wattpad crowd. 

The story is easy to follow and no obvious errors. I hope more authors like this one publish their stories here in RRL so the site can also grow from the old standards.