Soulshard: Willbender

by pyrowind

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Real Fantasy Online. The flagship product for the latest generation neural-interface headset. Touting: "The Best NPC AIs", "Better than Life Realism" and "Total Immersion", RFO promises to be a virtual world like no other. But when the line between one's real self and one's digital identity becomes blurred, and the "Gods" have their own agenda, who is the player, and which is the game?


Marcus has played any number of VR games, beta-tested dangerous and unstable systems and lived to tell the tale. He even has a certain amount of fame and influence within...certain circles. He usually disdains the idea of pre-orders and their respective "perks" as blatent commerical exploitation, but this time the bonus is too tempting to pass up. The ability to craft your character's backstory and have it integrated into the game's lore is enough for him to sign up for the Early Access program. He isn't interested in being all-powerful. Frankly, he's been there and done that enough to be bored of the whole thing. Instead, he opts to make a character purely for the purpose of having fun. Things aren't quite what they seem however, and his "backstory" and character class have implications he never would have imagined.


Author Note: First time posting a story online, and I'd appreciate any feedback. Updates may be slow, as each "chapter" will likely be in the 10,000 word range and I tend to revise several times before being (tentatively) satisfied. If people seem to like this I'll try to establish a regular post schedule.

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I just found this site and this was the first novel i came accross. I was looking for good virtual reality novels, and this was the best one i have ever read. I didnt check the chapter count before I started and im extremely sad that it has not continued to be updated. I will continue to check this weekly in hopes of recieving new updates on the novel.
I love the Concept and the execution of this. Hope to see more!!!


Please come back and continue

Reviewed at: Session 7: Revelations

Very interesting story and progres. Somethig little "diferent", i like it very much. Want more....but it looks like end... sad.


Amazing story! Definitely give it a read

Reviewed at: Session 7: Revelations

I've never been so enthralled by a story before. This is amazing and I hope that the author picks it up again sometime soon.

J Pal

Probably the best thing on RRL

The quality, style and general story are probably among the best on RRL. Can someone get the author to come back and finish writing this story?


So this story ends on a cliffhanger and the author has disappeared. It's a small let down, but that is where my complaints end.

The characters, setting, backstory, events, main character and mechanics are all deep and interesting concepts that I enjoyed getting into. There is even a really good effort at keeping the science (that ranges from quantum physics to neuroscience to advanced A.I. to climate change) accurate without being overwhelming at all. Good job!

A lot of moral lines are crossed, but I never thought it was simply for the fun of it. The MC is a fantastic anti-hero because his actions are not glossed over. It's the perfect setting to explore and unpack complex and dark ideas and I only am left wanting more.

The only thing that might bother readers is how the game is lacking control. It leaves me feeling like the game is oddly not significant to the plot. I suggest you power through that feeling if you get it.


If only I could write, this awesome

Perfect scenario for this type of story. A combination of several amazing stories that may or may not have influenced the author that I've really enjoyed reading and can't wait for more chapters. The chapters are a decently long and for the most part I was devouring word after word, there are a few moments that are skip able but not to hard to skim over to get where the story is going with it. At this moment there are 7 chapters and only two have such moments at this point in time. As with the title I listed yes I've been trying to work out a story like this but my mind is to scattered to write any more then two chapters before going off and messing up what I had planned for a story throu who knows some day I may do it and finally be happy to have made a story some will enjoy. As for the author thank you for the story and really looking forward to more from you.


You my Gud Sir deserve my favorite

You cock teasing asshole. I rarely do reviews but this is probably the most greatest story I have begun to read in the beginning of the year. The character interactions are not half assed done and the relationship between each is done just right. The writing scheme is great and no mistakes which give a *kiss* muagh. Although it would be great if there was more updates I would be willing to wait for the next chapter 8. 

Job Well Done laughingwink



That last Part was defenitely a cock tease.

Nim Skoll

Best Book I’ve Read So Far

All I have to say is reading this book even though there are only 7 chapters so far will not disappoint. This book takes into account what could potentially happen if humanity creates something beyond ourselves while also telling us that maybe creating that something would lead to the betterment of humanity......or it’s deatruction.

I can’t wait for the next chapter.


I won't be going into any detail about the story and I will only say one thing, WORTH THE DAMN READ!! I really enjoyed the story thus far ch.7, and I think you would too.


Super awesome - not for kids

Looks like there haven't been updates in a while which makes me Hungry!

awesome premise and story. Characters are interesting already and only seem to be getting more so. Fun nods here and there fans of the genre will pick up to enjoy as well. 

Few chapters, but they're substantial 10k+ chapters, so no harm there. Hope it comes up soon!