Soulshard: Willbender

Soulshard: Willbender

by pyrowind

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Real Fantasy Online. The flagship product for the latest generation neural-interface headset. Touting: "The Best NPC AIs", "Better than Life Realism" and "Total Immersion", RFO promises to be a virtual world like no other. But when the line between one's real self and one's digital identity becomes blurred, and the "Gods" have their own agenda, who is the player, and which is the game?


Marcus has played any number of VR games, beta-tested dangerous and unstable systems and lived to tell the tale. He even has a certain amount of fame and influence within...certain circles. He usually disdains the idea of pre-orders and their respective "perks" as blatent commerical exploitation, but this time the bonus is too tempting to pass up. The ability to craft your character's backstory and have it integrated into the game's lore is enough for him to sign up for the Early Access program. He isn't interested in being all-powerful. Frankly, he's been there and done that enough to be bored of the whole thing. Instead, he opts to make a character purely for the purpose of having fun. Things aren't quite what they seem however, and his "backstory" and character class have implications he never would have imagined.


Author Note: First time posting a story online, and I'd appreciate any feedback. Updates may be slow, as each "chapter" will likely be in the 10,000 word range and I tend to revise several times before being (tentatively) satisfied. If people seem to like this I'll try to establish a regular post schedule.

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Aran Archos

now.. I don't usually write comments or reviews, but I felt that I had with this one because this really gripped me. everything from the story twist to the worldbuilding and characters just felt believable and was entertaining. and it's one I would follow to the end.

You are missed pyrowind where ever you are.

Rune Ralmeceo

Don’t usually leave reviews but if you ever publish ur name and this book will go in my epic pile! Color me pastel impressed :)


Hope it's finished some day

This was really shaping up to be a good story. Good characters, great plot, especially at the end. But two years and nothing new? Yeah this one is dead. 


One of the best stories I've read on here. The biggest flaw I see is that the story is in HIATUS! Give me more chapters! 


On on a side note, Grammar is a little lacking here and there with some sentences that seem to be missing words. Other than that, the story has been very immersive 


I'm disappointed in myself for not seeing this novel earlier. If you like VR novels it is a must read absolutely. Although it is on hiatus atm that is absolutely no reason to not read it. I can only hope Author decides to come back to this. Very good description the novel can seriously continue forever with how open it is and a prequel would even be interesting. Thanks for writing such an interesting novel I hope you come back.

Oskar Raeburn

7 chapters in and it seems to have ended, which my god is such a shame!! it literally ramps up the intensity with a huge plot twist at the end, definitly worth a read! if the authour sees this PLEASE CONTINUE! set up a damn patreon, sell the book or something! you could definitly earn money with something this high quality!

Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler


Pretty damn good πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘


Too bad there haven't been any chapters in a while, worth the read as it is though


This story is fantastic.  Needs a bit of proofreading and currently ends with a hell of a cliffhanger, but certainly worth a read.

James Kohut

I will join a patreon to fund more of this story. Please tell me there is more 


It’s been already a year since the last update truly a shame as the story was really good ... did something happen to the author ???