A note from Monsoon117

First time trying out this style of story. I will likely learn as I go. Hope you enjoy. Also, the system of the world was inspired by Randidly Ghost hound, which is an awesome story here on RRL. You should check it out.

Micheal and I were caving. He and I were bored on a Saturday morning, so we went out spelunking with some camping supplies. It was a day like any other, ordinary and sleepy. Caving gave our day a jolt of excitement though.

The dark, dank tunnels led to pools of water clear as glass. Weird yet fascinating creatures swam in those pools. Creepy critters squirmed on the walls. The air was humid and heavy. The hard stone gave us a firm footing as we climbed down, deeper into its depths.

We had been caving for over an hour when we stopped for an early lunch. It was basic trail mix with some water and jerky. Pretty bland, but not terrible. On that average and ordinary day, something bizarre occurred. In a surreal moment, a tiny blue screen popped up in front of my face. 

Schema Initializing. One minute until completion.

I squinted my eyes before turning towards Micheal. He glanced at me and said, 

"What in the hell is this?"

I shrugged, "I don't know. Looks like a screen from some game."

Micheal moved his hands in the air. I followed suit. My hand never blocked the screen, even if my hand was over it. It was like the screen existed on a different layer of a real life than my hand. Either that or it couldn't be blocked from sight. Hard to tell.

The message changed.

Schema Initializing. 30 seconds.

I frowned, "Alright, there's no way that Kelsey followed us and is setting up some prank. There's just no way."

Michael's eyes narrowed, "You're right. That's impossible."

Micheal and I cupped our chins as we said in unison, "Unless......."

I grimaced, "I mean, I wouldn't put it past her entirely."

Micheal nodded, "And she's done worse. Remember that time she put a handful of cockroaches into your toilet?"

I shivered, "Gah, that was the worst. I was only six, and she said they were trying to crawl up my ass and eat me. Gave me nightmares for months."

He and I squirmed as the message changed again. 

10 seconds left. Commencing countdown.

I gritted my teeth, "Get ready for the worst. This may be her best prank yet,"

Schema processing...5 seconds remaining.

Michael shook his hands, "Oh fuck, oh fuck."

Initialization complete. Welcome to New World.

As I read the message, the world quaked and the air writhed. It had come. Kelsey had really nailed us this time.


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Bio: Started writing off a whim before falling in love with it. Now I'm devoted towards writing stories that capture my readers in the worlds I weave.

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playr543 @playr543 ago

 Manipulation of the tables. The best thing for you to do I believe is just to create a draft and mess around until you get an idea of how they work.


    Monsoon117 @Monsoon117 ago

    Thanks for the help. I'll try it out.


    Mortismorte @Mortismorte ago

    if you highlight the table, there is table properties button in that row that shows up. I dislike their controls for tables (can't merge cells or anything unless you go into the html source.) so i tend to use komposer then copy/paste. (Edit: Highlight - select the whole table.)


      Monsoon117 @Monsoon117 ago

      I've tried using their drag functions along with the specific pixel editer for resizing the tables. I don't want the table to be 3 times longer than needed, but the tables won't change size. The built in functions have zero impact on how the tables look whenever I preview or save changes. I also tried looking up a forum about it, but apparently the function is working for others.


      Mortismorte @Mortismorte ago

      Used to be you could leave the size for the tables blank and it would auto-size, that broke an update or three ago, although if you use an external program it sometimes doesn't break the tables. If using an external html editor make sure the % width and % height are blank (not 0) and it should copy over fine, at least it does for mine. I used to use excel but had to stop because they do that full size (or almost) thing no matter what.

NuitBlanche @NuitBlanche ago

I don't know if you already edited the tables but to me it seems fine !

Anyway for this prologue it looks like a fairly basic opening but still funny the point about the joke of their friend, will have to wait for some more material to judge. Still, thank you.

The.Not.Really.My.Name @The.Not.Really.My.Name ago

Did you made the picture yourself or googled it? Nice picture, and if MC is or will become wraith with such looks, then it's gonna be fun, at least if he would have skills to match his looks.


And about tables... Use Open Office for them. Much easier than the tables on the Road. 


    Monsoon117 @Monsoon117 ago

    I googled it. gonna have to put some sort of credit thingy for the artist after the synopsis. Glad your pumped for the story.

    As for the tables, I may need to just write around them instead of trying to re-size them.

      The.Not.Really.My.Name @The.Not.Really.My.Name ago

      As I said, use open office and set writing in the middle. In the drafts its the same, but longer and a very bad call if you use phone...

      On the picture related note... Mc's a wraith... Right? Well after he transports he'll become one, right?


      Monsoon117 @Monsoon117 ago

      It will take some time for him to build into it. I like it when the power progression is mediated. 

      Thanks for the tip. Imma try it out in google docs. 

      DaRip74 @DaRip74 ago

      It looks lik daedric armor from skyrim.  Its an armor that needs a daedric heart to craft which could be said to be living.  Also the armor could be symbyotic/parasitic.  I would say it would  need to be a living carpace and not slime around, meaning it needs resources to grow and develop.  May be psychic with user.

Flashfyre @Flashfyre ago

Heres an idea for a plot twist : Kelsey really did do it!

Nomad1791 @Nomad1791 ago

Spulunking not caving. 

PiedPiper1 @PiedPiper1 ago

retards,a blue screen pops up in front of you,and waving your hand past it and your hand doesn't haze through it,are these guys stupid how could someone pull a prank like that, technology isn't that high of enough level to do that so how could it be a prank,it's just straight up illogical to go "must be a prank"


    Monsoon117 @Monsoon117 ago

    Think of it as if they haven't read any light novels or even really played any games. I know I'd be confused as hell in their situation.

    Besides, their is no logical conclusion to what they're seeing. At least, based on what they know. It's explained later.

Zemophobia @Zemophobia ago

I never understood why a lot of the characters in a post-apocalyptic lit-RPG story would think that a 'blue screen' in front of their vision was related to the intervention of someone on earth in any way.

Ashaman @Ashaman ago

I started reading. The first thing I noticed was "Me and Michael," and, "me and him," it simply triggered me. It is supposed to be ,"Michael and I," and, "He and I,".

I'm not usually a grammar nazi, this just got to me.

IsUnavailable @IsUnavailable ago

Thank you for the chapter.


Killashard @Killashard ago

Thanks for the chapter!